Why Was a Neo-Nazi Appointed to the Top Security Post in Ukraine?

Andriy Parubiy was appointed the Secretary for National Security of Ukraine. Parubiy is a founder of the Social-National Party of Ukraine. “The party combined radical nationalism and neo-Nazi features.” Since then at least two incidents occurred where people (Russians) were intentionally burned alive. One such event occurred on May 2 in Odessa, another one on May 9 in Mariupol. The police did nothing to prevent these atrocities, and most likely it was actually Parubiy himself who orchestrated the monstrous acts. Cruelty is nothing new to the Banderovtsy. Why was a neo-nazi appointed to the top security post in Ukraine?

The American elites have a tendency to demonize foreign leaders. It is an obsession that borders on madness. They wage smear campaigns and hateful propaganda. This is not normal conduct with respect to other states. Why would the United States want to have diplomatic relations with a country ruled by the devil himself? One target of demonization became the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Apparently he has done some truly horrible things! Let us just take one example: he imprisoned members of the rock band Pussy Riot! In reality Russian prosecutors obtained a court conviction of hooliganism for desecration of a church. My guess is that if you did that in any church in the U.S. you would get five years for trespassing. What would happen if anyone did this in a mosque in any Muslim country??

It is not clear what the end objective of this hate campaign is. Bombing Russia will not be as easy as bombing Serbia or Iraq. What the perpetrators did achieve thus far is the destabilization of Ukraine and the installment of a neo-nazi regime in Kiev. They arbitrarily decided that one faction of the Ukrainian political spectrum was “pro-western” and “democratic”, while the other one was not even though it had won the elections. So now Ukraine is run by neo-nazis. Why did we meddle in the internal affairs of another country? The post of the Secretary for National Security went to Andriy Parubiy. If the majority of the Maidan protesters were peaceful why has the top security post been given to a neo-nazi and not to one of the peaceful people?

But Putin is supposed to be the villain in this scenario, so the War Party just continues their original narrative. The neo-nazis are just Putin’s propaganda, they are not really there, and everything is Putin’s fault. The State Department, and most American media are brazenly misleading the American public, about what has just happened. Just like they invented <200 000 missing Albanians and weapons of mass destruction, here they are denying <the existence of what is there in <plain sight. The U.S. establishment is hectoring about the annexation of Crimea just to distract attention from the neo-nazi putsch that precipitated it. Apparently the Crimean Russians were supposed to wait until the same fate befalls them as their compatriots in Odessa and Mariupol.

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