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Walt Thiessen

Walt Thiessen ("Tee-sen")

The financial crisis would have occurred WITHOUT sub-prime loans!

Walt Thiessen answers the questions to which you and your audience want to know the answers.

Did you know that...

  • ...Good loans contributed much more to causing the Financial Crisis of 2008 than bad loans did?
  • ...The Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Act signed into law by President Obama on July 21, 2010 GUARANTEES that there will be MANY taxpayer-funded bailout in the years to come (contrary to what the President pledged when he signed it)?
  • ...The U.S. Dollar, historically the most stable currency in the world over the past 100 years, has lost nearly 95% of its value since 1960?
  • ...The entire financial crisis was not caused by sub-prime mortgage lending, but rather was caused by the banking and monetary system as it has existed since 1913 (and even before that)?
  • ...All of our financial problems today are caused by three forms of legalized fraud?
  • ...If we made these three forms of legalized fraud illegal, the result would be to wipe out all poverty, create an economy that genuinely grows (without crashes), and gradually stop and reverse the pattern whereby the rich continually get richer while the poor continually get poorer?
  • ...There will be another major financial crisis in the Fall of 2011?
  • ...The FDIC does not have enough funds on hand to survive the coming crisis (thereby guaranteeing that the U.S. Treasury will end up footing the bill)?
  • ...Bernie Madoff's scheme was actually just a mirror image of what the Federal Reserve, the Banks, and Social Security do on a regular basis, with one exception? (You'll be shocked when you realize what that exception is!)

Walt has been a student of economics, monetary policy and banking practices for 30 years. He first began to question modern banking practices while working as a bank teller in the early 1980s. He has long known that the current monetary system must eventually lead to dire consequences, although he hoped it wouldn't happen in his lifetime. Unfortunately, the financial crisis of 2008 made clear that that hope was little more than a pipedream.

Angered by their deceptive treatment of the roots of the crisis by the politicians, the financial experts, and the media, Walt decided in November 2008 to write a novel to help the public understand what really caused the financial crisis. The result was The Money Suckers, which he published as a free online e-book in October 2009. That e-book has since been downloaded over 18,000 times. The second edition of the book is planned for publication in paperback form in August 2010. Walt is also the founder and creator of the Nolan Chart website, a political discussion site that invites and accepts contributed articles on political and news-related issues from writers all over the political map.

Walt is a riveting, interesting, and entertaining speaker who will stimulate tremendously high attention levels by your audience. He will explain to your audience in easy-to-understand terms what really is going on behind the smoke-and-mirrors lies being told by the talking heads. He is also available for return engagements. Call today to arrange an appearance on your radio or TV program or at your upcoming event: 540-428-2787.

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