Christie: Remorse Done; Bully Back

Details on the Gibson, Dunn and Cruccher report, intended to exonerate Chris Christie of all Bridgegate blame, stands out as a heavy-handed attempt to not only verbally exalt Christie but also attempt to steer attention to Bridget Kelly and Bill Stepien. It appears to be dramatized, prepared and calculated to cover all probable prosecution bases […]


Popularly known as one of our weakest and unsuccessful Presidents- although the “perception” may be true- much of it is a result of myths- and incorrect information- whereas- Ronald Reagan’s overall great image in American politics- is also due to many myths. Jimmy Carter did not entangle America in foreign conflicts- Jimmy Carter did not […]

The Obama Misery Index

Remember Jimmy Carter? The United States was in a state of disrepair, things were not going right and everyone knew it.  There were no secrets, and even the mainstream media reported it.  A term was coined, the Misery Index.  And it was used often.  And even with that, Carter still had a solid liberal following, […]

Obama Legacy; extended unemployment benefits!

Today, January 7th, 2014, the United States Senate once again is considering a resolution to extend unemployment benefits. President Obama says he meets a lot of people…is he kidding?  Where, on the golf course?  Does he meet a lot of people when he is on vacation in Hawaii? Has there been one Obama initiative to […]

Conservatives once more into the breach…in 2014

Despite a growing movement to form a new second party, it seems we conservatives are stuck in an endless battle within the Republican Party.  The 2014 primary season will be the RINO progressive Republicans whose chief spokesman appears to be Karl Rove vs. the Tea Party, the Religious Right, and Buchanan wing of the Republican […]

Human Action and Fear in Politics

First, my disclaimer. This is a layman’s view; it is neither a scholarly nor reference article. If you want exact quotes and context I recommend reading several of Ludwig von Mises and Murray Rothbard’s works. Ask me if you’re interested. The Axiom of Human Action is simply this: Human Action is Purposeful Behavior. From that […]