The lesson of Ukraine

The lesson comes from more than just the Ukraine.  It come from Asia where powers there wrestle over resources at sea, or from the South Indian Ocean, where a jetliner apparently rests at the bottom.  The lesson is; human activities may not be independence of an Almighty God, but they are clearly not tied  to […]

No to immigration reform.

Immigration, what the conservative talk show hosts are missing is that the New World Order proposed by the Bush globalists has a long term objective of reducing national borders to insignificance, mere lines on a map.  This objective may take decades or more, but eliminating an  American exceptionalism and replacing it with an international character […]

America’s Asian Pivot: Full Spectrum Dominance in Asia

With America’s permanent presence in Europe after World War Two, America, partially*, abandoned the Monroe Doctrine and with it- America’s “foreign isolation and neutrality.”  In this respect, America’s security presence, the foundation of NATO’s military arm in Europe, created military stability and parity which prevented another great war in the European theater. With Obama’s pivot, […]

America’s Illusion of Vigor During its Demise

It is understandable that people see America as a strong and robust nation. Even the US version of poor people all have TVs and fill their grocery cart with plenty of food. Those lesser countries who hate us, do so mostly out of jealousy of our prosperity. America is a big country with almost endless […]

WHITE SWAN: United States of America 2014 and Beyond

Negative scenarios for America’s future, have been dubbed- BLACK SWAN- by the National Intelligence Council.  This author, however, believes in America’s WHITE SWAN scenario- where several factors will create a re-emergence in America’s pre-eminent global power- once again regaining the status of a hyper-power experienced from 1991-2006. At this time, some see a host of […]