American exceptionalism, let us be a City on the Hill

Can the United States finally break out of it’s “super power” mentality and finally get back to the original visions for this grand nation. America’s Founders were not interested in America replacing England or Rome.  This nation provided a unique opportunity for man to start over, a fresh start without the burdens of long established […]

The American Dream, President Obama, progressives don’t get it

America is like a patient in ill health.  And President Obama and the Progressives are like doctors, thinking they can provide the medicine that will clear up the illness.  They don’t understand, they have no fundamental grasp that the spiritual and physical are integrated, intermixed, cohabitating in the same place, working together, sharing good health, […]

Obama Legacy; extended unemployment benefits!

Today, January 7th, 2014, the United States Senate once again is considering a resolution to extend unemployment benefits. President Obama says he meets a lot of people…is he kidding?  Where, on the golf course?  Does he meet a lot of people when he is on vacation in Hawaii? Has there been one Obama initiative to […]

America’s Illusion of Vigor During its Demise

It is understandable that people see America as a strong and robust nation. Even the US version of poor people all have TVs and fill their grocery cart with plenty of food. Those lesser countries who hate us, do so mostly out of jealousy of our prosperity. America is a big country with almost endless […]

Conservatives once more into the breach…in 2014

Despite a growing movement to form a new second party, it seems we conservatives are stuck in an endless battle within the Republican Party.  The 2014 primary season will be the RINO progressive Republicans whose chief spokesman appears to be Karl Rove vs. the Tea Party, the Religious Right, and Buchanan wing of the Republican […]

Unfettered: Capitalism, Limbaugh, or Both? Whom will you follow? Whom will you listen to — the red-cheeked fat man on the left or the kindly-looking ascetic wearing the pope hat on the right? Since his choosing in March of this year, Pope Francis has become somewhat of a spiritual rock star, charming Catholics and non-Catholics alike – many of […]