Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster

In a pluralistic society you would expect a plurality of views. So why is it that in all the U.S. mass media on all international matters we get only one? What about audiatur et altera pars?

The explanation of the war in Bosnia was that Milosevic for some reason decided to commit genocide. Was there any alternative explanation? Could it be for example that the Bosnian Serbs resisted being torn out of Yugoslavia and incorporated into Muslim Bosnia?

About Iraq we heard that there were weapons mass destruction. We did not hear from those who thought that there weren’t. (The Europeans probably new darn well that there were no WMD there.)

The standard narrative about Ukraine is that Putin is a diabolical schemer. Yanukovich was his “puppet”, and the people rightly ousted him. The evil Putin then incited the separatist movements in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine in order to occupy it. Are there any alternative interpretations? One could say for example that the EU/IMF demanded austerity as a condition of Ukraininan association with the EU. Russia offered a loan without austerity. President Yanukovich opted for the better deal. When demonstrations erupted, neo-nazi militias gained the upper hand and overthrew a democratically elected government. Today there are neo-nazis in the Ukrainian government. The Russian minority was alarmed and declared independence.

Not only did we not hear any alternative points of view, the point we do hear is buttressed by massive amount of fabrications. The lies about Yugoslavia would take volumes to describe. Regarding Iraq, Colin Powell’s performance at the UN, complete with radio intercepts and laboratory sketches, comes to mind. There can hardly be anything more absurd than the assertion that there are no neo-nazis in Ukraine, and that it is all Putin’s propaganda. Yet this what some major media outlets such as the New York Times pound daily into their readers. The lie is unprecedented in the sense that the events in Ukraine are unfolding in broad daylight. They want you to believe that what you see in front of your eyes is not really there. Even though in Yugoslavia the U.S. basically executed the Ustashist agenda, except for some isolated incidents, Ustasha did not operate openly and ostensibly. In Iraq the non-existence of the weapons of mass destruction was not apparent since they were supposedly hidden. In Ukraine the neo-nazis march on the streets, and occupy positions in the government including the security apparatus. It is important to understand that it was the resurgence of neo-nazism that prompted the Russians in Donetsk, Luhansk and Crimea to declare independence.

I do not know why the American media act in this manner. Are they all controlled by Rupert Murdoch or by the same clique? Did the neocons put their people in strategic positions? Are the journalists corrupted by America’s power? Is it what their advertisers demand? Or is it that the journalists and editorial boards simply do not care? Or do they believe that their audience only wants to hear the most simplistic explanations? Or is it that they care only about sensationalism – juicy stories such as genocide will sell more newspapers and attract more viewers. Is it group-think? Is there a pressure to conform? Is it a false sense of patriotism – do they believe they have to tow the State Department line? Are journalists afraid of being prosecuted for alleged leaks of classified information? Are they afraid they will not be invited to press conferences? Is it all of the above? Did the State Department, the Defense Department and CIA infiltrate the media? Apparently one ploy is that e.g. the CIA buys a newspaper in Australia while the Australian intelligence buys a newspaper in the U.S. What are all the intertwined links? What I do see is that the American media are a monolith – a massive disinformation juggernaut, the harbinger of the totalitarianism to come.

Since the end of the Cold War the U.S. imposed sanctions on Iraq, initiated four wars (Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya) and toppled the democratically elected government of Ukraine. They think that if they demonize Putin, and describe the democratically elected president as a “puppet” it gives them the right to overthrow a democratically elected government. The consequences have been disastrous. Libya is in chaos. Iraq is basically allied with Iran and Syria. In order to remedy that we now also need to start a war with Syria, and replace the Shiites with Al Qaeda. There are dozens of dead in Ukraine. People are being sadistically murdered. (The EU was interested in expanding trade; now they find that the U.S. pushes them to reduce trade with Russia, and possibly their oil supply will be cut off.) We achieved the impossible: we caused China and Russia to overcame their differences and form a counter-alliance with Iran. The U.S. policy to isolate China, Russia and Iran simultaneously failed to isolate them from each other. The sanctions on Iraq resulted in the death of 500 000 Iraqi children, from which the American public was completely isolated. Denis Halliday called it genocide. What was the point of that? The Serbian region Krajina, where the Serbs had lived for 400 years – longer than the United States has been in existence, has been ethnically cleansed. What was the point of that?

This is not what America used to be, and this is not what America was meant to be! Did the United States become to look like its Cold War adversary?

Are all these wars, sanctions and machinations in the U.S. interest? Well, should we have a debate about it that rather than putting the question off limits? The China-Russia-Iran alliance is certainly not in Israel’s interest. The three have been pressed together like the sub-critical pieces of U35 in a nuclear bomb.

But these wars, sanctions and disruptions would not have occurred without the media disinformation campaigns. The one-sidedness is justified by allegations that we are dealing with Adolf Hitlers. There are indeed no two ways about him, but we have had quite a proliferation of Adolf Hitlers lately. This Hitlerization not only precludes any discussion, it makes war the only option – the neocons start screaming “appeasement”, “Munich”, “Chamberain”! If you thought about it for at least ten seconds you would realize how childish this alleged Hitler scenario is. For example did Milosevic wake up one morning and said: “I think I will commit a genocide”? Out of the blue? For what reason? Did he persist in the genocide in spite of NATO threats of war? In fact there was nothing Milosevic could do to stop the genocide because it was happening in the virtual reality of the U.S. media. Similarly Saddam Hussein desperately tried to prove that Iraq did not have any weapons of mass destruction, but it was interpreted as yet another diabolical deception scheme that the evil man had concocted. Hitler had a realistic chance to win the war. In fact it seemed at one point that he would. But there is no chance that Serbia, Iraq or even Russia could win a war against the US/NATO. It should be obvious that it is not the case that these “Hitlers” are scheming against the more powerful adversary, but rather that the more powerful is seeking a pretext to attack the less powerful.

It seems that the Americans are fond of believing in monsters. The words of John Quincy Adams were truly prophetic:

But she [America] goes not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy. … The fundamental maxims of her policy would insensibly change from liberty to force…. She might become the dictatress of the world.

But that is literally happening now. The Americans should heed the advice of Friedrich Nietzsche:

Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.

The U.S. confrontational foreign policy is spearheaded by the neocons. How did it get that way? One plausible explanation is that most Americans do not care about foreign policy. The neocons are specilalized in it; they capitalized on the apathy of most Americans and filled a vacuum. They [neocons] are motivated ideologues, well organized and well financed. Neoconservatism has its roots in Trotskyism. Are the neocons doing on the international stage what the Bolsheviks once did in the Soviet Union? Was the starvation of Iraq a replica of the Ukrainian holodomor?

But why would Trotskyists make an alliance with neo-nazis [in Ukraine]? Well, the neocons/Trotskyists were playing on the “grand chessboard” against Russia. The Project for the New American Century, Brzezinski doctrine, the Wolfowitz doctrine declare the U.S. the world’s sole superpower with the exclusive right of pre-emptive strikes, and call for the suppression of any potential rival. In short, the doctrine declares that the U.S. ought to be the dictatress of the world. To that end the superpower needed to assert its influence in Ukraine. The neo-nazis were probably unintended – merely a byproduct of our meddling in the internal affairs of another country. But winning the chess game took precedence. When the neo-nazis gained power, the neocons made the fateful decision to embrace them. They cast their lot with the neo-nazis. And that is where they are!

Is it patriotic to tow the neocon controlled State Department line? The State Deparment that bombs people, kills people, starves people? No! The patriotic thing is to oppose the State Department that bombs people, kills people and starves people! Don’t be a sheeple. Become a dissident! Be engaged! Do the right thing! Do not outsource foreign policy to the neocons.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

[Author unknown]

Write to your representative. Demand that your tax money not be used to topple democratic governments. Demand that the U.S. not support the neo-nazis in Ukraine. Support the candidates that will clean the State and Defense Departments of the neocons. Tell your friends what is happening with America. Protest against wars of aggressions. Challenge the liars on-line.

Copyright © Thaddeus Hildebrand, 2014
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  1. Kevin C Caffrey says

    It is not as if you have to worry about the neoconservatives dealing with the Ukraine. President Obama and the foreign policy of “Wait and see” leaves the situation in the Ukraine up to the Ukrainians. This is until Putin is given enough of an excuse to go into the Ukraine and take the whole thing, which is not far off from the way things have developed there. I do not understand what Yugoslavia has to do with the Ukraine. President Clinton was very reluctant to get involved with the situation in Yugoslavia. The Europeans made it into a NATO deal and Clinton bombed the hell out of Milosevic from a distance. American stealth bombers were free of any sort of chance of being taken down. The height of the bombing is why the Chinese embassy was hit. I accept much of what is written above, but fail to see how it is completely the fault of the American media. There is only one neoconservative being groomed right now and that is the senator from Florida Marco Rubio. The largest problem America faces now besides the economy is foreign policy. The rest of the world is walking all over areas that were once thought to be off limits due to a perceived American strength and will. America went from the Bush Doctrine of Preemption to the Obama Doctrine of “walk all over America please.” Being the country with the greatest military by far and the greatest sea power ever the United States does not have to chase monsters. The monsters need to fear America to the point that they act in a manner that is in America’s best interest or they understand that we will blast them back into the Stone Age. The idea of building democracies and democratic societies is idealism and America has for the most part been operating on a foreign policy of realism. America needs to get back to its realist heritage.

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