Pro Life Litmus test for White House needed!

Governor Christie says he is Pro Life! Ok Governor, let’s see how Pro Life you are?  Please provide a list of official actions by you, as governor of a state, to block, obstruct, or stop abortions in your state!  What have you done?  Not words, not speeches.  What have you done?  How many abortion centers […]

The lesson of Ukraine

The lesson comes from more than just the Ukraine.  It come from Asia where powers there wrestle over resources at sea, or from the South Indian Ocean, where a jetliner apparently rests at the bottom.  The lesson is; human activities may not be independence of an Almighty God, but they are clearly not tied  to […]

Where is the US in the 21st Century?

Between technology, new political and economic realities, and chaos and exhaustion within the United States, our national character and our place in the world are clearly not those of the “Leader of the Free World.”  Is it liberal to want a calm re-evaluation of our national interests and our own priorities?  Is it liberal to […]

American exceptionalism, let us be a City on the Hill

Can the United States finally break out of it’s “super power” mentality and finally get back to the original visions for this grand nation. America’s Founders were not interested in America replacing England or Rome.  This nation provided a unique opportunity for man to start over, a fresh start without the burdens of long established […]

Advancement, not progress, is the American way

Words do matter.  Words also can deceive, the Left are masters of deception.   Remember “You can keep your insurance and you can keep your doctor.” The Left has attempted more than once in American history to paint a more friendly, benign, high minded policy direction through the term “progress.”  They appeal to the American people by offering […]

Was Bridgegate a test – did Christie have the nerve to use government against the people?

As Bridgegate continues to be revealed, one has to wonder why?  Why did Christie’s people do such a stupid “Watergate” type event? President Obama and his administration emanated from Chicago politics.  Chicago was the home of Capone, and machine politics.  President Obama and his administration have flagrantly, repeatedly and blatantly used the powers of government […]

“Noah” how to lose money attempting to de-value Christianity

Movies based on the Bible have normally been real successes.  Whether you consider “The Robe” with Richard Burton, or Mel Gibson’s “The Passion” you see the highest in terms of truly remarkable stories, portrayed to energize the highest nobility of man.  And usually, these movies are financial successes that provide a real opportunity for movie […]