Using simulation to teach history …

My experience as an infantry officer taught me the value of simulation as a teaching tool.  Simulation is used in teaching the most basic skills of being and infantryman, all the way to preparing for global wars.  Simulation allows the mind to think through what is being done.  And it allows the mind to consider […]

Science is proving a place for God

If it was not from the science community no one would believe it. But with all our colleges and universities, with all the work done to place telescopes in space, science is admitting we know next to nothing about the reality we live in. Most recently, on well developed shows like Through the Wormhole, we are […]

Is Russia nation building?

A significantly weakened United States, that has no real military alternatives for what is occurring in Ukraine, is pretending to be a player in something that is beyond both it’s reach, and it’s national interest. What is occurring in Euro – Asia is a clear, undeniable statement that the world is NOT ready for a […]

Pro Life Litmus test for White House needed!

Governor Christie says he is Pro Life! Ok Governor, let’s see how Pro Life you are?  Please provide a list of official actions by you, as governor of a state, to block, obstruct, or stop abortions in your state!  What have you done?  Not words, not speeches.  What have you done?  How many abortion centers […]

The lesson of Ukraine

The lesson comes from more than just the Ukraine.  It come from Asia where powers there wrestle over resources at sea, or from the South Indian Ocean, where a jetliner apparently rests at the bottom.  The lesson is; human activities may not be independence of an Almighty God, but they are clearly not tied  to […]

Where is the US in the 21st Century?

Between technology, new political and economic realities, and chaos and exhaustion within the United States, our national character and our place in the world are clearly not those of the “Leader of the Free World.”  Is it liberal to want a calm re-evaluation of our national interests and our own priorities?  Is it liberal to […]

American exceptionalism, let us be a City on the Hill

Can the United States finally break out of it’s “super power” mentality and finally get back to the original visions for this grand nation. America’s Founders were not interested in America replacing England or Rome.  This nation provided a unique opportunity for man to start over, a fresh start without the burdens of long established […]