How Medicare Screws Seniors

Tuck away the many horror stories of the wrong limbs being amputated, things being left in surgery patients, terrible infections picked up in hospitals and totally wrong diagnoses.  More relevant is a bureaucratic hospitalization horror that far too few Americans covered by Medicare are aware of. Odds are that you do not know a key […]

Hate the Super Rich

There are times when hatred is a needed, logical and moral stance to take.  Evil, injustice and corruption are fine examples of what to appropriately hate.  For the overwhelming majority of people it is now rational to hate the super rich, notably the thousands of billionaires holding most of the world’s wealth and wielding power […]

Fat Man Talking – Governor Christie Sinks

After having many positive views of New Jersey Governor Christie mainly because he seemed like a better kind of politician, maybe being someone the public could actually trust, I now see him as just another untrustworthy, dishonest politician. As a political junkie I have followed very closely the whole bridgegate scandal.  Today I closely listened […]