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Back on June 28th, 2012 an article here at Nolan Chart reported that the Confederate War College established a clock to help illustrate whether the environment within the United States was favorable to the idea of states seceding from the Union.  The original setting of the clock was 6 Pm, the point furthest from twelve o’clock.  This setting was to be the starting point, and it was stated that the clock was originally set as far away from twelve as is possible.

But a number of events have led the Confederate War College to call for the convening of the Committee to consider whether the national environment regarding secession has changed, and if so, to determine where to set the clock presently.

Interestingly, it is not only the Confederate War College that sees the possibility of secession as a possible political alternative to today’s political reality.  Just today Walter Williams published an article on Right Wing News that addresses secession, and its legitimacy.  Williams provides a brief historical summary of the origination of the concept at the time the Constitution was drafted.

The Confederate War College cites a number of events which leads them to believe it is time to consider resetting the clock;

a. The re – election of President Obama and the Democratic Senate seems to indicate that Obama Care will NOT be repealed.  Since no mention of repeal of Obama Care by the Republican leadership has been made with respect to negotiations of the pending “Fiscal Cliff,” it appears safe to assume that they have given up the fight.

b. A number of states have rejected participation in Obama Care and refuse to establish state insurance exchanges.  This leads to a Constitutional Crisis, and one which directly pits the sovereignty of the states against the federal government.  A Supreme Court decision in favor of the federal government would basically remove any state sovereignty thus changing the Constitution. 

c. A number of conservative talk show hosts have openly discussed the secession concept and movement in the states.  While the conservative talk show hosts have demeaned the efforts of those working on the petitions and dismissed the idea of secession, the reality that they felt they had to discuss it demonstrates just how serious the movement is.  A recent poll indicated over 18% of Americans support the concept of secession as a state right.

d. The widespread work on secession petitions across the nation, from north to south, east to west demonstrates the concept is not regional holdover of Dixie, but rather a modern day American solution to government oppression. 

Should you wish to communicate your thoughts and observations to the Committee members, feel free to leave a comment at the end of the article.  Remember the committee is deciding on setting the clock to reflect the political environment within the United States concerning the concept of secession and is not advocating for secession.

Unlike selecting a Pope within the Roman Catholic Church there is no smoke stack to observe to watch for a change in color to know the decision of the Committee.  Instead, stay tuned to the Nolan Chart for further news, or visit the Confederate War College and look for the Secession clock on its Home page.

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  1. says

    The talk of Secession as of late is not well thought out. Losing major Federal influxes of money like military bases and university grants, having to raises taxes to back your new notes since the markets won’t have confidence in the new nation without the Fed there, losing 1st Amendment protections because local legislators are redefining freedom, and the US citizens who live in the new nation but are loyal to DC are just just a few of the issues you would be dealing with. Getting rid of Obamacare is really worth that sacrifice?
    The Secessionist talk right now is little more than a reactionary fart in the wind.In time, you never know, that fart can grow into foul smelling breeze that repeats History.
    My question is about South Texas. I know Texas has the right to break up into 5 smaller states if it wishes. Since many families in South Texas have more in common with Northern Mexico than they do with the privileged suburbs of Houston-do Corpus Christi, Zapata County, Webb County, Hildago County, etc have the right to succeed from Texas if the wish to remain US citizens or join a new Mexican Nation?

    • Mark Vogl says

      Simply put, NO. Yes, Texas has the right to divide itself into five states, of the United States, but that action is very unlikely since most native born Texans are proud to live in the state. However, the question here is about the political environment within the United States, for secession of the individual states. 24 new taxes associated with Obama care and nationalizing 18% of economy…yes absolutely it would be worth the trade.
      But the clock is not about advocating secession, its about measuring and illustrating the reality within the United States.

    • says

      So the R of T has the right to succeed from the USA if it so chooses, but Zapata County and Corpus Christi don’t have the right to succeed from you? Nice.
      Are Latino voices along the border just as proud to be native born Texans as the gringos in Houston and Dallas? Just asking.
      And if it appears that los Nortenos want nothing to do with plans to betray DC, what then?

      • farmrdave says

        Russell Davis I think you have missed the point of secession. It is because may Americans still believe in the Deceleration of Independence and the Constitution and feel that we are entitled to live in a country where those limits are truly limiting on government. No one is betraying dc, it is dc who is betraying We the People.

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