Free Money and Free Stuff is not the American Dream

Throw President Obama and his constituency over the “Fiscal Cliff.” The fiscal cliff affects all Americans and that is not good. It is time that America understands what Obama’s four year strings of trillion dollar deficits are doing. President Obama expects four more years of the same regarding yearly federal debt and that will cost all Americans. The post-progressives are going to be happy since the American people will have developed into a nation with social equality. However, the rub for the American people is that social equality will mean that everyone will have an equally low standard of living.

One way to wake the majority of the population up is to punish them even if it means punishing ninety percent of the American people. Yes, punish and an Imperial President or a majority Congress because of big government can manipulate and control the American people.  Therefore, through taxation each of the aforementioned can punish and regulate more and more the lives of the American people.  As ObamaCare and agencies regulations kick in people will wish that they had voted differently.  

America stands at the cross roads. President Obama won reelection and all that is left between him, and his socialist agenda is the United States House of Representatives. The “Fiscal Cliff” is real and those who are calling it a mere slope are absolutely wrong. Without a budget deal America will proceed over the Fiscal Cliff and that will affect everyone: the poor, the married, the middle class, the federal employees, college students, small and large businesses, and the world. Middle class families will see taxes go up three thousand five hundred dollars.

The most ironic thing about the fiscal cliff is all it means is that the countries federal deficit will raise by only five hundred billion, instead of a trillion or more. The American people in 2013 will end up after paying all the extra taxes—still billions of dollars in yearly debt.

The recession that America will fall into will actually help the American people with the federal deficit. The federal deficit already consumes six percent of the United States yearly budget. The reason why a recession is good is that it will keep interest rates down; and that means less interest will accumulate on the United States outstanding 16 trillion dollar deficit. One percentage point up on interest amounts to more government programs that will need to be cut in the future.  

The States in America will receive less federal funding along with the cities in the United States. That makes it hard to understand why the Democrats tell the States to except ObamaCare and the money at no cost to the State; that the federal government is going to pay for everything! The problem with this is that the treasury is only printing forty five trillion dollars of Obama money or what is called the free money a month.

The treasury because of “Operation twist” is printing 45 billion in Obama money each month. The Obama money; “The Fed is funding the mortgage purchases with money it effectively creates itself when it credits the accounts of bond dealers with funds in exchange for the securities.” The yearly debt of the federal government is still 500 billion for 2013. How is the federal government going to get the money for the States and the Cities? How can the federal government in good faith promise the people of America and their states and cities healthcare when the federal government can’t pay what it has already committed to pay?

At this point a person can see how the reader may be confused, especially when the government has all this “free stuff” for the American people. Perhaps, those that voted for President Obama can tell the American people how they expect the federal government to give them all of the free stuff that they want.

 Sarah Palin was right when she stated that the American people have a “choice between free stuff or freedom” and the American people voted for free stuff. True Americans will keep moving forward because the stakes are just too high. The key is to cut the head off of government which are the ever growing agencies in the Administrative branch. The branch just keeps growing. Congress created and pays for the agencies so it is Congress that can create limited government in America again.

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