The United Nations will monitor election, do you feel 3rd world

Photo voter ID has been struck down by America’s Courts making voter fraud more possible.  But don’t worry about that because the United Nations will be monitoring our election!  Don’t you feel better?  I don’t.  This is America, we don’t need the United Nations at our polling sites and we certainly don’t need intrusion in our national soveriegnty by the UN!

In one sense President Obama has presented to the people of the United States of America the most important choice since Fort Sumter. In 2008 candidate Obama made a partial presentation to the people of this nation. He promised national health insurance. He talked about the “redistribution of wealth.” President Obama left little doubt that he was a socialist who wanted to be the architect of change for our nation. He was young, inexperienced, but articulate. He talked about hope and change. The American people gave him the benefit of the doubt. Some Americans saw Barack Obama as an opportunity to take a step towards full assimilation of African Americans into the American people. Many people saw Barack Obama as a continuation of John Brown’s fanaticism, and Lincoln’s commitment to universal equality. But others, others closer to candidate Obama saw his candidacy as the next step in Marxism. This was an opportunity to reject the Founders of the American Republic, significantly reduce the powers of the Constitution to limit government power. The candidacy of Obama was a real opportunity to destroy nationalism and work towards a one world government.

Many Republicans had worked towards the creation of the New World Order. It had been President Bush I who had created the idea of a New World Order. President Clinton and Bush II had continued down the road to the surrender of U. S. sovereignty. America’s international border with Mexico was left wide open. Open enough that some twenty million illegal immigrants have flooded into America. Much of the cost of America’s social safety net is being spent on non Americans. And the neo conservatives and the CEO’s of international corporations told us globalism was unstoppable! We lost hundreds of thousands of jobs, factories closing. The great American industrial base auctioned off to Third World nations. The Labor unions responsible for the welfare of American workers were complicit in the great treason practiced against the United States and her citizens.

Governor Romney offers a less Marxist option. He is our only choice. But we must realize that his promise of an energy independent North America is different from an energy self sufficient United States of America. Romney is not running towards a one world government, but at this point he does seem to be walking towards it.

The American people have a responsibility. Our responsibility is not to vote, or even to choose Governor Romney to change our nation’s course. I believe that will happen. But our responsibility as citizens goes well beyond voting. The American people must recognize there is a clear and present danger to the Constitution of the United States and our national sovereignty.

We learned this week that the United Nations will be monitoring our election! Can any American accept that we are now seen as a Third World nation where our election must be monitored by the United Nations? Is this an imposition on U. S. sovereignty? Do we now trust the United Nations with securing our individual liberty? Is our national government supreme, second only to God, or are we now “earthers”?  Have you surrendered being an American?

Our duty does not end on Election Day with our vote for Governor Romney.  We must choose Tea Party candidates and other nationalists who will embrace our Constitution as the supreme law of the land.  We must embrace of American nationalism.

After Election Day we must force a discussion of the role of United Nations, Agenda 21 and globalism.  Will Rush Limbaugh join us, or will he side with Sean Hannity and others who defend the neo conservatives and globalism! Is it time for a new Mr America in America?

God works in mysterious ways, and I would suggest that it is not by accident that we face issues which define us as a people in the Sesquicentennial of the War for Southern Independence. It may come to be that secession is the only way to preserve the original intent of the Founders. That is what our first secession crisis was all about, and it seems that it could be the cause for a second half on the question of secession. We can prevent the Constitutional Crisis which could lead states to consider secession as the only answer. Obama Care must be repealed as the imminent reason for secession. But after that we must work towards rebuilding the United States into the model of a world composed of two hundred separate nations.

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