Will liberal media bias hide the importance of US foreign policy?

In many ways America’s role in the world illustrates the state of the nation.  After the Cold War (1945 – 1991), the place of the United States in the world shifted.  We went from Leader of the Free World, to just another nation, among 200.  The European Union formed, the deutschmark and French frank disappeared, the Euro came to be.  And this new Confederation, where many one worlders placed a lot of their hopes, has stumbled along.  Economies teeter, events in a small nation like Greece seem to have the potential to wreak havoc on the European Union world economy.

In 1991 the United States stood as the sole Super Power in the world.  Today, after Bush –  Clinton – Bush – Obama the United States looks more like the old Austrian Empire of the early 1900’s, all huff and puff with no energy or national aspirations.  We live on the glory of our past.  But as we know from the ending of the movie Patton, “all glory is fleeting.” 

In Asia, states like the People’s Republic of China, India, Indonesia, and Pakistan have taken on a new importance.  And nations like Russia, (the former Soviet Union) remain active rivals to the interests of the United  States.  The New World Order looks more like the old world except that the United States has been “declawed” by international corporations and the “ruling elite.”  Globalism, Global Warming, radical Islam, and “diversity” have all worked their magic to destroy American nationalism.  Our economy suffers not only from the unknown, the impending taxes of Obama Care, and trillions in debt, but in a failure to be America!  All that America created from 1945 to today has been squandered.  The technologies we developed were sold off cheap.  Hi tech did not blossom in the Unitred States, but rather was transferred to the Third World where labor is cheap and environmental regulations are absent.

America needs protectionism to rebuild itself, but the international corporations here in America stand stalwart against rebuilding American industry.  The “old money,” which is really new money, won’t get out of the way and allow a re-invention of the American workplace.  We bet all our cards on high tech and college, and we lost.  50% of last year’s college graduates are out of work, and one third of all college graduates working work in jobs requiring only high school degrees!  There are no high wage blue collar jobs on the horizon.  It’s a scary thing when health care appears to be the one booming labor market in America. 

President Obama is and has been a continuation of a series of President’s who have guided America steadily downward.  Let’s look at what Obama has done to weaken the United States of America:

a. Conducted a global “Apology” tour.

b. Proclaiming to the world that America is NOT  a Christian nation 

c. Articulated a policy of separation from Israel.

d. Rejected the Canadian pipeline and made America more dependent on foreign oil, refusing to develop American resources, and promising to close down all American coal plants. 

e. Just today announced America’s change in policy towards a global United Nations sponsored treaty to reverse the 2nd Amendment.

f. Refused to secure the U. S border against the tide of illegal immigration.

President Obama’s foreign policy achievements ended with his winning the Nobel Peace Prize for being a “community activist”.  America has been absent in the world.  But we have been absent, not because we were healing our wounds and rebuilding our nation, but because we have a leader who stands with the “Arab Spring” and world socialism.

President Obama has proposed unilateral nuclear disarmament and cutting 180,000 soldiers from the Armed Forces.  And what message does it send to the world that our nation’s credit standing has been reduced for the first time in our nation’s history!  What does it say to the world when they see that our government has not passed a budget in three years!  What do those massive failures say to the world?  These are not personal secrets, like, when you can not make a car payment,  These are well known facts.  President Obama’s failure to lead within the beltway has portrayed the United States of America to the rest of the world as the newest Third World nation!   

Tonight’s debate may be significant if the American people wake up to realize that we look like a clown to the rest of the world.

Mark Vogl
Mark Vogl

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  1. sanitychecker says

    Ever notice that complaining conservatives never talk about conservative media bias? It’s there anyway, but they just ignore it.

    Of course, liberals do the same thing in reverse. They see conservative media bias all over the place, while turning a blind eye to liberal media bias.

    Bias is bias, regardless of whether it’s liberal, conservative, or whatever.

    • Mark Vogl says

      I don’t deny conservative media bias; will Rush Limbaugh or Mike Savage be allowed to moderate a debate? The diffrence between conservative bias and liberal bias is that conservatives announce theirs! The mainstream media pretends objectivity, but a review of the videos of the debates would clearly demonstrate liberal bias on the part of the moderators, even the first one.

      • sanitychecker says

        Really? I don’t ever remember such an announcement. Refresh my memory as to the details regarding when and where it happened.

  2. Bruce_DM_McDonald says

    Very weird “article.” Its title states a U.S. “Liberal Media Bias” as if it were a fact and the author not only makes no attempt to prove its premise he also fails to discuss the media at all. Misspelling France’s former unit of currency, the franc, is embarrassing. The rest is a predictable regurgitation of right-wing talking points.

    • Mark Vogl says

      If all you are worried about is spelling, no wonder our nation is in the toilet. Tragedy, catastrophe, bankrupt, socialism, are all those spelled right?

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