Clinton Global Initiative (C.G.I.) indicative of US problem

The problems America faces are really big.  I won’t list them here because if you read America Today you can probably recite them from memory.  If you can’t, you should be reading America Today more often.  Suffice it to say that poverty, chronic under employment of American college graduates, a drift from Christianity towards secular humanism, unsecure borders, treasonous policy choices by Presidents of both parties, 16 trillion dollars in national debt, and a new world order absent US leadership all combine to threaten the continued existence of the Constitution and American nationalism.

So you would think former Presidents would have enough to think about, consider, ponder and write about.  Nope.

Right now more than one thousand leaders from around the world are meeting in New York City to attend the Clinton Global Initiative.  This meeting is so important that both President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney will be attending.  (You may want to click on the blue words above and study up on what this is.)  This meeting is not about improving the United State of America. Former President Clinton did not organize this global gathering to address poverty in Chicago, or the collapse of American industrialism.  Nope, they won’t talk about our unsecure border, or how the world can repay America for winning two world wars and freeing almost 500 million people at the end of the Cold War.  Nope, this meeting is about redistributing what’s left of the American carcass to the rest of the world.    

I am not going to write an article to tell you about something I only learned about a couple of days ago.  The site is self – explanatory, at least as an introduction.  Clearly it is significant if both Presidential candidates will take time from their busy schedules to attend it.  However, to demonstrate the significance of this initiative look at a comment by Wal Mart’s CEO about C.G. I.; 

“At Wal-Mart, what we appreciate most about CGI is that each participant makes a real commitment to improve the world and then delivers on that commitment. This approach ensures that all of us who step forward are in fact making a difference and living up to President Clinton’s vision. We look forward in the years ahead to continue working with President Clinton and CGI as we broaden and accelerate our commitment to being a more sustainable company.”

Mike Duke, President and CEO, Wal-Mart

What is troubling for me is that American leaders are meeting with world leaders and placing the troubles of the world over those of the American people.  The argument will be made that a better, safer world, means a better safer America.  Do you buy that? Are jobs leaving America, an 8 plus percent unemployment rate, and college graduates flipping burgers improving the United States?

Annually the United States of America spends close to 500 billion dollars to purchase overseas oil.  If that annual purchase was spent here in America developing and refining our fossil fuels we could separate from the world market, stabilize our own prices at the pump and reduce our trade deficit by half a trillion dollars per year.  And all of that money would go either to American land owners American workers, or to the federal government who owned the land.  It is a huge pivot point for America’s twenty –  first century economy.  Mitt Romney had briefly mentioned this as a part of his plans for the future, but his attendance at C. G. I. has to make you wonder whether he really has set a goal for energy independence by 2020?    

In addition, a large portion of these oil imports come from the Persian Gulf, and specifically Saudi Arabia.  And the connection to the world market forces the U.S. to endure the price fluctuations which come with tensions between Iran and Israel, or coup d’états, or terrorists actions.  In addition, with the end of the Cold War and because of the Bush – Clinton – Bush – Obama policies rapid expansion of world development has placed an ever expanding competitive demand on fossil fuels in the world market.  We have literally helped create a world situation contrary to our own best interest.  And both parties are complicit.  You and more importantly your children and their children with live with this legacy.

Who would have thought that to be a reasonably knowledgeable citizen you would have to be fluent with international economics, foreign relations, and the concept of one world government in order to know the real threats to the United States?  The Tories of the Ivy League and the United Kingdom have gone a long way towards punishing “the colonies” for our upstart revolution.  But alas, that is where we are today..

In my last article I said that in order for America to resolve its issues, we needed a united and large electoral mandate.  I wrote the  problems were just too large and too complex to be sorted out in a Washington divided by party.  I said that if we did not elect one party overwhelming to control Washington, that the problems would not be solved.  But now we have to consider if we do give one party overwhelming power, regardless of which one, will they sell us out to one world government?

It seems we may be back to square one, where a revival of Christianity and nationalism, and the introduction of the idea of secession are the only real answers in the long term.  Governor Romney is too wealthy and too “inside-the-beltway” not to know about the one world aspirations of many including the Bush’s and Clintons and Obamas.  Is Governor Romney quiet on these issues so as not to scare away the ruling elite before Election Day?  Or is he silent because he has bought into the concept of a Post-Cold War “New World Order” where America is merely a bridge to one world government? 

These issues are not addressed in the main stream, or on conservative talk radio because the money behind all of it is international, not American.  As we get closer to Election Day things are not getting simpler.   Coming soon I will have an article about the “New World Order.”  Much of what I will cover was written by an Air Force officer and you will be concerned after you hear it.


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    TOO FUNNY! It takes serious lack of basic Economics to push the B.S. that “we can produce our own oil” and not be affected by GLOBAL prices!!! Let’s remember, Exxon, BP etc. own the Oil drilled in the U.S. NOT the Government. These companies will sell to whoever, whenever they like. Or are you saying you want to implement some form of Socialist control on US Oil and dictate price and destination?

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