The crack in globalism starts in the Middle East.

Globalism, the free passage of people, goods, money, technology, and ideas around the world, without consideration of national borders is globalism. And we in America were told there was nothing we could do about, that it was a force as powerful as gravity and unstoppable.  We had no choice, we had to accept it.  The Euro Union is a demonstration of the inevitability of globalism, and the United Nations is the ultimate expression of centralized power, and the fall of parochialism and nationalism and individuality, and God.

Oh, but there is this one small problem.  Not everyone in the world is ready give up their nationalism.  And the most inconvenient nation in terms of nationalism is Israel.  She’s not dropping her borders.  Andm she’s not going to surrender her heritage, history and faith in God.

And then there are nations like Iran.  This nation claims it is developing nuclear technology to meet its domestic energy needs.  What bomb?  Whose got a bomb?  Not me.  What would lil ole me use a bomb for?  Oh to obliterate Israel…ah, now come on you really think I would do that?  Let’s go smoke some hash and talk this out.  Are you sure you don’t have Perisan-phobia or something?  It’s going around you know.

Globalism has one huge flaw in its logic.  Globalism assumes that people, when facing a challenge, like starvation, or continued violence, or poverty, will patiently look to a massive world government, instead of trying to solve the problem as quickly as possible locally.  Globalism assumes materialism and greed are the sole forces at work in humanity.  The different faiths, well, they are just problems that we will erase in a global secular world.  We just won’t allow God to be discussed.  Sorry, you have to pick up your Bibles, and Torah, and Korans and go play in some other solar system.

And globalism sees no benefit to the different cultures and histories of the 200 plus nations on earth.  The individuality, and separate languages, and different value sets, well, …that just it makes it more difficult to sell a Big Mac.  So, its time to erase all that nationalism, and just kind of create one brave new vanilla world where all individuals are nothing more then a few bits of data in the computer known as carbon based life.

But, then there’s Israel again.  Little brat.  Won’t shut up.  Won’t allow itself to be wiped out of existence. Geez, you would think they were the “chosen people” or something!

America, wake up.  Globalism is just one more tool in Satan’s bag of tricks.  It’s about wiping out God, and Christ.  It’s about completely eliminating the uniqueness of each individual.  It’s about enslaving 6.5 billion people.  It’s about creating a global elite.

Sovereignty, the power to rule begins with God.  But secularists don’t believe in God.  Instead, they see sovereignty as a commodity to be traded.  It does not emanate from God through each individual, but instead is created by man, traded by man, controlled by man.  Your rights don’t come from God, but instead are distributed through a human collective.  You have nothing except what we give you.  We giveth and we taketh away!

America, you are losing your right to exist. You are surrendering it. You don’t think its your job as a citizen to preserve your rights.  Instead, your discretionary income and free time are paramount to you, nothing more important.

2012 as an election is not an election about Obama Care.  It is an election about the Christian character of America, and whether we will defend our nationality.  Will we surrender our sovereignty to some world ruling class or will we stand up and say…”no, not quite, yet.”

The Democratic Convention was clear. They reject God.  The action at the Democratic National Convention was not spur of the moment or something out of character.  Obama’s administration has conducted a relentless attack on Christianity and the Catholic Church.  It was President Obama who declared to the world that America is NOT  a Christian nation.  But it goes much further, a friend of mine, a career naval veteran wrote; “Obama campaigned, promising “change” in 2008. Here are just a few: “Dont ask, Don’t tell” policy in the military has been eliminated. Military Chaplains will be required to perform same-sex marriages. Bibles have been removed from military base exchange stores. If you are visiting someone in a military hospital, you can not bring a Bible in with you. Wow! He has kept his promise.” 

Obama foreign policy has already rejected Israel.  Obama Care and the bail outs are about nationalizing America’s private sector.  The entire Obama presidency has been an attack on American exceptionalism!  Fortunately, the American people have seen through the rhetoric.  Look at the pitiful responses to the Democrats, look at the elecetion results since 2008!  Americans made a mistake and they know it.  And come election day they are going to do what Clint Eastwood said we must do, “let him go.”  There is too much at stake, too many lives in the balance.  America’s future has not gone away, its just been put on hold.  As my daughter told me when she spoke about the mistake of voting for Obama, “I didn’t know my mistake would last for years.”

We can fix this. The problem can be solved.  It starts on election day.  Removing President Obama from office on election day won’t be the solution.  But, it will demonstrate that this nation knows what the real problem is, and with God’s help we can get back on the right track.

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