The American Working Class Can't Afford “Green Energy”

President Obama is on his way to killing the coal industry in the United States. Before Barack Obama became President he was quoted, stating that he would, “bankrupt the coal industry.”  The United Mining Association states that 50% of electricity used in the United States comes from coal. To put that into perspective according to UMA each person in the United States consumes 3.4 tons of coal in a year. The United Mining Association states that the demand for coal in 2010 was 1.05 billion tons, and ninety percent of that coal was used in the United States. The United States has the most coal reserves in the world with Russia second, and China third. Coal is the cheapest source of electricity in the United States. UMA argues that for every employee in the coal industry that Obama puts out of work, another 3.5 individuals will lose their jobs somewhere else in the American economy.

The point that the reader will be left with after reading this article is that President Obama and his “double-down” philosophy for “Green Energy” is costing the American coal industry billions and those billions are costing the American people more for electricity.  The Mining Association (UMA) argues that coal workers are skilled labor; and that once the coal workers move and change their lives it is difficult to find and train quality workers after the Obama policy for the coal industry fails [emphasis added writer’s opinion].

If President Obama wins the election, then in four more years a new presidential administration may not be able to set America on the right energy track again. The new President will have a hard time putting humpty dumpty (American Energy Policy) back together again. America after another four years of President Obama will have to revamp the energy sector and that will cost the American taxpayer billions of dollars. Green Energy is thirty years out for the American free enterprise system in terms of its development with cost effectiveness. The Obama administration from a public policy perspective should have performed a cost-benefit analysis concerning the Green Energy market. Secretary Steve Chu and the President knew that their policies [The Chu Plan: explains paragraph] acknowledges that the federal government is pushing green energy faster than the free market is ready to accept it.

The American people are not ready to lose thousands of jobs and pay billions more for energy  just so the President can tell the United Nations that he is doing everything in his power to meet expectations for carbon emissions. The President first should worry about the coal workers and the national debt of sixteen trillion dollars before he worries about the United Nations and the international community. Does it really matter if the President must tell the United Nations that he can’t meet the seventeen percent drop in carbon emissions that was promised? Mr. Chu believes that in creating artificially higher costs for fossil fuels that people will use less. This is true, but Mr. Chu should be worried about the welfare of the American people more than the welfare of the international community.  

 The secretary of Energy Mr. Chu is willing to have thousands of Americans lose their jobs in the worst recession since the Great Depression. Secretary Chu argues in his “The Chu Plan” that it does not matter, nor does he care about American jobs or the cost of living for Americans. Tripling the costs of fossil fuels for the rest of Americans is a good domestic policy according to Secretary Chu. How can any person with common sense not think that Mr. Chu is doing the job that the Obama administration wants him to do? This Presidential election is about the road that America will go down. We will be either a socialist nation under the Obama administration or a Romney freedom and liberty America.    

In this writer’s opinion the most tragic thing about President Obama is that he doesn’t care about losing billions on bad green energy investments. People in the coal industry and other fossil fuels are losing their jobs, while the American energy sector wastes good money for green energy losses. It seems that the green energy losses do not matter to President Obama because they will be offset by regulating and charging the Coal Industry more to do business. The new costs for doing business are forcing businesses out of business. President Obama has beaten and broke the back of the coal business. There are too many regulations on businesses and the cost of doing business is too high. It is obvious to anyone watching the presidential campaign that somehow “Hope” is dead in this secular world. The global citizen (Obama) has spent too much money and now the world is sick. Yes, the old adage lives on “If America sneezes the world catches a Cold.”

The diagnosis does not look good. America can’t help the world, because we are sick ourselves in debt. The National Debt Clock as this paper is written marches closer to sixteen trillion dollars. That amounts to over fifty thousand dollars for every Man, Women and Child that lives in America. President Obama is no longer about “Hope and Change” his campaign is about “Hype and Blame.” It is incredible how intelligent and masterful the United States Constitution is written, because it understands and makes allowances to control the inherent difficulties of human emotions and greed. The 2010 elections meant losses for the Democrats and President Obama seems to be acting a little more defensive all of the time.

In 2010 the House of Representatives won a Republican majority. This allowed for changes in the House committees that control the various cabinet departments and agencies. The new House committee for the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy where told that they were being put on a tight leash. Broder did some research and discovered: “A House subcommittee voted on Thursday to strip the Environmental Protection Agency of its power to regulate greenhouse gases,” President Obama vowed that he would veto any legislation that was placed on his desk that would restrict his cabinets from regulating coal and other fossil fuel industries. It is a good thing that President Obama was put in check like he was by the new Republican House of Representatives. Here are a few facts about the differences between fossil fuels and green energy. It will take 1.3 billion GE wind turbines to take the place of the forty eight percent of electricity that coal power plants produce in the United States. GE Wind Turbines are not cheap they run one million dollars per mega-watt. This means that a 1.5 mega-watt GE turbine would cost 1.5 million and two million if it is installed.  

There are times in someone’s life when unbelievable pain and dismay rush through the body. A time when a person realizes that their dreams are shattered. And then this same person looks around in disbelief only to see many other men and their families who worked, loved, and cared for each other being thrown off the cliff like granny. The title of the article is Obama Regulations kill Ohio Coal Mine Hundreds of Jobs Wiped Out.” President Obama is a global citizen .This is evident by his own acknowledgement. This is a quote from an Obama speech at the Berlin Victory Column: “No doubt, there will be differences in the future. But the burdens of global citizenship continue to bind us together,” In this writer’s opinion, President Obama wants to go down in history with love from the United Nations, and a reputation as the man who took America down. President Obama would then be paralleled only by Mikail Gorbachev who took down the Soviet Union. Global citizens are secularists that despise Nationalism or love of Country; secularists also despise all things American, like the American flag, patriotism, and God. Secular idealists are wolfs that are wrapped in sheepskin. This is what the head of Murray Energy, a subsidiary of Ohio American Energy had to say about President Obama:

There will be additional layoffs, not only at Murray Energy, but also throughout the United States coal industry due to Mr. Obama’s ‘War on Coal’ and the destruction that it has caused to so many jobs and families in the Ohio Valley area and elsewhere,” said Mr. Murray.  “Both Mr. Obama and Vice President Joe Biden stated that there would be ‘no coal in America’ prior to their elections,” said Mr. Piasecki.  “They are making good on their intentions while they destroy so many lives and family livelihoods in this area for no benefit whatsoever,” he concluded.”

The American people must begin to worry about the future of our country. In a Washington Post article  Gattuso points out that President Obama and his administrative agencies have created 106 regulations that add up to 46 billion dollars in costs to business. Former President Bush had 28 regulations with a total regulatory cost to business at 8.1 billion in the same three year time period. Americans are losing high paying jobs for no reason other than the warped ideology of our President. Prices on fuel, food and many other items that move by truck are going up and costing Americans more money. The extra money spent on necessities means that Americans do not have much discretionary income. This greed and corruption is only the beginning of President Obama’s Green Energy cronyism and what is being called green corruption. America does not have the luxury to worry about clean energy at this juncture in American economic history. This is not the Great Depression; in fact this recession economically will have a greater toll on America for decades to come.

During the Great Depression the American dollar was still backed by gold. The way that Obama is running up trillion dollar yearly deficits and printing trillions of dollars without any back up except the American peoples word will catch up to America very shortly. This country cannot stand on paper. The floating world exchanges and national abstract numbers will only float for so long. The housing bubble in the United States is nothing compared to a federal government bubble. When the government is no longer valid to the rest of the world, then America will end up like Greece. And when that bubble bursts one can only hope that they live in a good neighborhood with good friends, and a large arsenal. The riots will begin quickly. The people will want their ‘Free-stuff” and when they can’t get their free stuff from the government. It will be revolution time in America.  


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  1. says

    The individuals who will invent the next great energy breakthrough can’t invent it because they can’t compete with the massive subsidies given to political supporters of the politicians in office. So not only do we get expensive energy we get no innovation on the horizon.

  2. says

    Denial of climate change or especially whether humans are causing the rapid growth of, look around and pay attention, is not a reason to stop innovative industries from developing which would cause economic growth
    in many area’s, which is exactly what those parroting, especially elected officials, are doing and have been for some forty years here at the same time we started shipping our experienced innovative trades off to other countries along with the alternative energy sources we had started developing!

  3. JamesB says

    The entire premise of this article is wrong. It isn’t Obama support of “green energy” that is reducing the need for coal. It is free market forces, because of fracking the price of natural gas has plummeted. Natural gas, not coal, is the cheapest way to produce energy in America. Because America has a free market system, many U.S. utilities are switching to the lower cost option. Just google “coal vs natural gas” to read about this transformation.

    • Kevin C Caffrey says

      Free Market Forces these are not the days of Adam Smith. Obama and Dr. Chu in the Energy department want to kill coal. The United States has more coal than any country on earth (Russa two, China three). China is putting up a new coal plant every two weeks to generate electricity. If you think after all the regulations through the seventies till today are coal is fine and we do not need to be hit like we were with cap and trade (sure didn’t pass, but they figured out another way to do it through EPA regulatory mandated law: in my opinion, the coal we burn is clean enough. We had these same difficulties in the 70s and 80s when natural gas was going to be-“-this, that, and all that jazz.” People who had gas put in their homes paid out the back end. Never put all your eggs in one basket. Burn coal, more coal and use natural gas for home heating etc., Oil for the cars. And sell the rest of the oil to China and we could probably figure out a way to piggy back oil and coal exports to China. After all the Islands America held onto after the Spanish & American war were kept for the purpose of haveing coal stops, for our ships. Early 1970s Nuclear killed by environmentalists and regulations. All your other green items will never create anything more than instillation and service jobs. China is going to eat us up in manufacturing, because they do not kiss the backend of the United Nations. China tells the United Nations to screw and no one can compete with China. Everything has costs and cost benefit anaylisis is needed in America today.” !6 trillon in debt, ( That is right on the numbers) lets see if I spend one million dollars a day since the Birth of Christ that would mean I spend 700 billion”. I would still have 300 billion to go just to hit 1 trillion. On that 300 billion, well that will be our interest for maybe 18 months. We have major problems in this country.

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