Romney back to zero!

Social Conservatives opposed Mitt Romney from the very beginning. But, when the rest of the field faded and Romney seemed to be more conservative than we initially thought, well maybe by gones could be by gone. Than Romney fails to support Chick – Fil – A in a huge battle about Christianity and its practice by a business owner. Romney’s failure to stand with the Religious Right implanted doubts.

Now we find out that Romney supports the Gays against the Boy Scouts!

Clearly the Mormon faith is not what it claims to be if one of its own, a significant leader of that Church can support homosexuality.  So now what? Romney’s support for Gays against the Boy Scouts hit headlines the same day Beck’s show focused three hours on Sex Offenders. The guest host ranting and raving about people assaulting children!   But not a peep about Romney’s support for Gays. Was this show’s subject matter to distract conservatives from the headlines about Romney?  Don’t thjey see the connection?

There were many more doubts about Romney than his social liberalism.  He was the Governor of Blue State.  His father was the Governor of another blue state!  Obama’s own people tell us that it was Romney’s health care program they copied in creating Obama Care.  Than yesterday we here that a spokesperson for Governor Romney defended the attacks about Romney venture capitalism business, and the death of woman connected to the closure of a business Romney “saved” by saying that if the woman had lived in Massachusetts they would have had Romney Care!

This is the wrong guy!  Who’s going to be his Vice President?  I don’t care. If you picked Sarah Palin I would still NOT vote for Romney! He just doesn’t get it.

Why?  What will be better if Romney is elected?  Will he close the border?  Will he enforce EXISTING immigration laws?  Will he exploit conventional US energy resources?  Will he get us out of the Middle East?  Will Romney talk about AGENDA 21 and how it will steal American national sovereignty?  Will Romney set a goal of national self-sufficiency for American industry?  Will he take America out of globalism?

On every one of these issues he has been silent, or when he does speak, he indicates he is solidly part of the Bush – Clinton – Bush – Obama coalition. If Obama is now hurting the rich who put him in office, too bad. Now its your time to suffer your choice.

Tell me why we should vote for him?  Is Obama bad?  Terrible would be a better description.  But there is no way I am voting for a Republican IN NAME ONLY.  Only yesterday I wrote an article advising that conservatives must focus on the Congressional races. I did that without any knowledge of this new proclamation of support for the Gays by Romney!  So this new news just confirms what my gut told me from the very beginning, Romney is not the person I will vote for.  There is no choice presently at the top of the ballot for the Christian! No one.

We must take control of the US government through the Congress.  There is no way to get a conservative leader in the White House unless something totally unexpected happens!  Too much is going wrong to settle for the lesser of two evils. It’s time for the Tea Party, the Religious Right and social conservatives to ban together, abandon Romney to his fate by either sitting out the top race and focus on Congress, or….get a real candidate and take a shot.

This is not our fault. We did not pick Romney, we opposed him.  We gave him the benefit of the doubt after the field folded, but its only August and he is already abandoned us.  We are treating him as he is treating us.

Mark Vogl
Mark Vogl

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  1. paulbenedict says

    Romney supported the Boy Scouts right to do as they choose. The rest was fluff, but it does raise questions about how he will handle gays in the military.

  2. GeorgeDance says

    You probably would like Gary Johnson’s view of the federal government and the federal deficit, Mark, but I’d bet his stands on marriage equality and marijuana legalization would keep you from supporting him. I’d advise you to check out Virgil Goode and the Constitution Party.

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