Romney displayed courage and set a marker at the NAACP

I admit to being a Ronald Reagan conservative and I wish Sarah Palin was the Republican candidate for president.  But yesterday, Governor Mitt Romney walked into the NAACP Annual Conference and without equivocation announced that he would repeal Obama Care.

Think about that a minute.

He was booed.  He walked into the lion’s den and made a statement which he had to know would get him boos and he did it anyway.

The last President with that kind of courage was Ronald Reagan.

Up to yesterday I was writing in Jefferson Davis for president, unless Sarah Palin runs.  But, Romney went miles and miles towards winning my vote yesterday.

The Supreme Court gave Mitt a high hanging curve when they decided to uphold Obama Care.  The Supreme Court did not defend the Constitution.  The Supreme Court said we can be a socialist nation!  With that declaration, we the people are left with only recourse.  The only way to kill Obama Care is to elect a President who will repeal and a US Senate with 61 Republican votes for repeal.  Those are the standards.  That’s what it is gonna take.

In my view, yesterday answered one of those requirements.  Mitt Romney said he would repeal Obama Care, and he said it where the words would echo.

This is a character thing.  This is about a leader strong enough to walk in front of a firing squad and hold the line.  Romney went up in my opinion yesterday.  Now, I am listening.  Mitt I hope you are listening.  I hope you consider American energy self – sufficiency as a goal.  I hope you will consider Made in America as a campaign slogan.

If you rally the people you will have the Congress you need to change course, and energize America…and bring us back.

Interesting, that President Obama is not going to the NAACP.  But, Obama isn’t going to the NRA either.  

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