Romney displayed courage and set a marker at the NAACP

I admit to being a Ronald Reagan conservative and I wish Sarah Palin was the Republican candidate for president.  But yesterday, Governor Mitt Romney walked into the NAACP Annual Conference and without equivocation announced that he would repeal Obama Care.

Think about that a minute.

He was booed.  He walked into the lion’s den and made a statement which he had to know would get him boos and he did it anyway.

The last President with that kind of courage was Ronald Reagan.

Up to yesterday I was writing in Jefferson Davis for president, unless Sarah Palin runs.  But, Romney went miles and miles towards winning my vote yesterday.

The Supreme Court gave Mitt a high hanging curve when they decided to uphold Obama Care.  The Supreme Court did not defend the Constitution.  The Supreme Court said we can be a socialist nation!  With that declaration, we the people are left with only recourse.  The only way to kill Obama Care is to elect a President who will repeal and a US Senate with 61 Republican votes for repeal.  Those are the standards.  That’s what it is gonna take.

In my view, yesterday answered one of those requirements.  Mitt Romney said he would repeal Obama Care, and he said it where the words would echo.

This is a character thing.  This is about a leader strong enough to walk in front of a firing squad and hold the line.  Romney went up in my opinion yesterday.  Now, I am listening.  Mitt I hope you are listening.  I hope you consider American energy self – sufficiency as a goal.  I hope you will consider Made in America as a campaign slogan.

If you rally the people you will have the Congress you need to change course, and energize America…and bring us back.

Interesting, that President Obama is not going to the NAACP.  But, Obama isn’t going to the NRA either.  

Mark Vogl
Mark Vogl

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  1. says


    Romney is a rich pariah who simply can’t identify with ANY
    average American through his fog of lies and network of havened money.  He’ll only continue to get booed out of the
    room by every group of minority and middle class voters he comes across.  His religion and wealth is highly elitist and
    everyone in this country has had it with his kind.  We’re telling Mitt he can’t buy this
    election!  Read about the role of his
    money and his Magic Mormon Underwear are playing in the polls at

  2. says

    So far, Mitt is still ‘Barry Lite’ to me, Brandt.  Yet Michelle made one quarter of a million clams a yr., doing ‘community organizing’ drivel for a Chicago hospital.  I read the other day how much Barry has ‘shaken-down’ from the capitalists, which he portends to hate, plus his fat, taxpayer salary.  The news report made me so sick & angry, that I couldn’t finish it, so I didn’t get Barry’s final, rake-in.  What’s left of the republic is ‘ruled’ by rich, fat cats.  The system is so skewed, how can a poor, or middle class CITIZEN-statesman make it to high office?   I cannot think of a recent one.  Barry, when he was a ‘pore’ boy, got a free, plush, ’round the world trip paid for by probably Middle East muslims.  He did it on a British passport. So much for pore Barry.
    The good guys?  If they can’t dig dirt on them, the media, and/or the parties will MAKE some, and make it stick, somehow.

  3. daddysteve says

    And Romney exhibited this “courage” why? To bolster his weak support in the minority community? No , to get white “conservatives” like Mr. Vogl to vote for him. Party liners would vote for Satan if he was running against a democrat.
    Look to Ron Paul for 30 years of real courage while in the Lion’s Den.

    • MarkVogl says

      Ron Paul, 22 years as a Congressman has passed one bill that turned into a law. One! And in the GOP Presidential Primary Paul did NOT win his own district! Paul is a fifth column to support Obama’s re-elect effort and that’s all. He has not foundation of support.

    • MarkVogl says

      After your party booed God three times at their Convention I can now understand why you think we would do, what you are doing. No we would not vote for Satan…but you all did. It is the continuous attack against God and Chruch which now defines your party. You are responsible for 50 million abortions, the murder of innocent unborn! Ron Paul, what a joke, in Congress for 22 years, passed one law. Very effective leader there.

  4. Gatspy says

    All you need to appeal ObamaCare:
     “House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan tells The Weekly Standard that
    Republicans will be able to “effectively repeal” Obamacare with a
    simple-majority vote in the Senate if they control Congress and the
    White House in 2013.” Quote from NPR. We do not need 61 votes like you stated above. I almost had a heart attack thinking that this guy is right and had to check it out myself. I liked the article though.

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