Ron Paul Wins 5 Delegates in Pennsylvania; Romney Officially Has Zero

HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA – Ron Paul has won 5 delegates and at least 10, possibly 12, alternate delegates to the Republican National Convention in Tampa on August 27.  These “district” candidates were directly elected in yesterday’s primary per the tabulated official election returns with 99% reporting. 

The delegates are Tom Boggia (CD-1), Tom Martin (CD-5), Thomas Brown (CD-5), Anthony Antonello (CD-17), and Brian Dougherty (CD-18).  The definite alternate delegates are Seth Shoemaker (CD-4), Chad Nagle (CD-4), Dave Talley (CD-4), Mark Brady (CD-5), Nancy Price (CD-10), Holly Anderson (CD-11), James Sheets (CD-14), Andy Maul (CD-14), Chris Donatelli (CD-15), and Ben Bradley (CD-16).  Greg Sheeler (CD-17) may have won an alternate delegate spot since two of the winners already won delegate spots.  Tony Destro (CD-14) was listed by the Paul campaign as a write-in candidate and likely won the third uncontested alternate delegate spot for CD-4.  The state board of elections has not yet announced the delegate results, the results are below and the work I did to calculate each congressional district is in this rough Excel file for any wishing to download and doublecheck my work.

Ron Paul finished a distant second to Mitt Romney in last night’s primary election in Pennsylvania.  Ron Paul had 13% of the popular vote while Romney took 58%.  Even Rick Santorum had more popular votes than Paul.  However, in Pennsylvania the presidential popular vote is just a beauty contest – it means NOTHING in terms of which candidate the delegates will support at the Republican National Convention.

Pennsylvania sends 72 unbound delegates to the Tampa convention along with their alternates.  Three (3) of these are the head state party officials, and ten (10) “at-large” delegates will be decided at the state convention, tentatively set for June 10.  The remaining 59 delegates WERE determined yesterday by popular vote, 3 or 4 delegates from each of the 18 congressional districts.  Voters are permitted to vote for a maximum of three or four delegates on their ballots, but no delegate is allowed to have the candidate he/she supports appear on the ballot beside them.  The end result is that without campaign organization, the delegate and alternate delegate selection become a crapshoot.  The Paul campaign published its delegate list here. 

Since Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney do not appear to have published delegate lists, ALL of the remaining 54 delegates are unconfirmed and unpledged for ANY candidate.  It is even a possibility that some of the delegates already favor Ron Paul.  Realistically though, many of the winners are establishment GOP players and officials so it is likely that a majority of the 54 will favor Romney, the anointed establishment candidate. 

However, another monkey wrench for Romney is that since Rick Santorum, the former US Senator from Pennsylvania, dropped out just before the primary, many of the delegates may have been running to support Santorum and oppose Romney in Tampa.  Will they still oppose Romney and vote for Paul since Gingrich will also likely give up? The only way to find out the preferences of all these delegates would be to ask and/or sway them, which is likely exactly what the Paul and Romney campaigns are now engaging in.  Maybe the mainstream media will try as well, but best not to hold your breath.

Jake Towne ran as an independent for the 15th congressional district in the 2010 election cycle winning over 15,000 and one of the highest third party election results in the country.  His old campaign website is

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  1. Bob in Amherst NH says

    I’m as frustrated as anyone with the mainstream media’s treatment of Ron Paul, but the title of this article “Ron Paul Wins 5 Delegates in Pennsylvania; Romney Officially Has Zero” is misleading.  I’m not saying the MSM hasn’t done this a thousand times to Dr. Paul, but we need to be better than that.  Realistically based on the data, a better title would be “Ron Paul wins 5 out of 59 delegates”, and then if there are some “un-pledged” who actually support Ron Paul (which is possible) then let the number look better later.  Personally I’m fine if Ron Paul’s delegate count is mis-reported right up until the convention.  

    • shellback says

       I agree,to a point,Bob.I severely doubt that Mitt has 400 delegates,but the Ron crowd pumps Ron bigger than he is at every opportunity,and they pay for it without corporate backing on measly paychecks.That must be annoying to the richest people in the world.The odds are on Ron’s side though,there are more poor people every day.

        • Ja Ke says

          Haha they may seem bound. But you must be unaware of the Paul campaign’s strategy. We have may Paul supporters standing as bound delegates to all the other candidates, but that doesn’t stop them from abstaining on the first vote. As long as Romney doesn’t get the majority on the first round, all delegates become unbound – many will then vote for Paul. It may seem that this strategy may be a long shot – but if it were, why would the establishment feel so threatened by Paul? Just look at the fraud going on in these primaries/caucuses. It’s unbelievable. It wouldn’t be occurring if Paul wasn’t a real threat.

        • shellback says

           Really not sure how many Romney has.A lot of it depends on the RNC chairmans decisions to uphold the party’s own rules.I know Florida should have it’s delegates freed for running early.Arizona is another State that has similar issues.The chairman is a Romney pusher,but would cause contention within the party if he breaks the rules.

        • Jimmy Jordan says

          Who cares how many delegates that baby killer Romeny has. You Obama/Romney sheep are killing this country!

        • Bob in Amherst NH says

          lakawak – you must not understand the process.  Delegates are elected, and while there *are* some states where delegates are hard pledged to vote for the candidates proportional to the popular primary vote, those states are few and far between.  And even in those states (like Massachusetts) Ron Paul is getting his supporters into delegate spots.  Over the weekend Ron Paul took 17 out of 38 delegates in Massachusetts (maybe 19 actually) who will have to vote for Romney on the first ballot, but will switch to Ron Paul right after that.
          So far the states WON by Ron Paul include:

          and he’ll almost certainly win Maine too. 

          Those are based on elections that already happened, regardless of what the “news” says.  So no, Romney does not have over 700 bound delegates.

  2. lakawak says

    What an absolutely pathetic JOKE of an
    article…So…Romney officially has zero since they are all unbound. But Ron
    Paul has 5? Even though they are unbound? I hate to tell you…but all of
    Romney’s delegates are loyal Romney supporters. Romney makes sure of it before
    getting the word out to his voters whom to vote for. ( is Ron Paul
    who does NO checking up when someone claims to be a Paul delegate…which is why
    there ARE people who say they are for Ron Paul who are actually stealth Romney

    Seriously…the desperation of the RnPaulSuicideCult
    members is just getting sad now.

    • says

      “all of Romney’s delegates are loyal Romney supporters.”

      Indeed.  All 5 of them.  And only because they’re paid or they’ve been promised that they’ll get to kiss his ring.

      Let’s compare rally crowd sizes, shall we? 

      Just in case you weren’t sure, mine’s bigger.  =)

      The truth is coming out.  Dr. Paul won Minnesota.  He has half the delegates in Iowa and will probably win a lot more during the next phase of the caucus.

      To all Ron Paul supporters:  Don’t be discouraged!!!  Urge your friends and families to vote and become delegates for the upcoming primaries!  

      • lakawak says

        No…not all 5 of them, idiot.  It is Ron Paul who has AT MOST 5 delegates from Pennsylvania. Romney has the other 54.

        Romney won over 200 delegates last night. He will win many more in MAy, including winning over 250 from Texas and California alone. Then another 90 from NJ and Utah…and after doesn’t even matter. 

        But please…keep telling yourself tart Ron Paul is winning. It makes the suicidal thoughts stronger when he loses. Just like many of you delusional children gave into in 2008 when they killed themselves.

        • says

          You’re an idiot if you think that Ron Paul candidacy is the only thing that matters. What matters is the idea he has spread to people, and it will only get stronger in a couple of years… write this down on paper for yourself.. you’ll probably end up smacking yourself.

        • Jimmy Jordan says

          Are you retarded? You think this is about WINNING? LOL what a TV sheep. Turn off your TV my man. Your IQ is suffering.

    • shellback says

      Are you an actual Mittens supporter or are you like these illegals with fake I.D.’sRomney Supporters Paid to be Romney Supporters – YouTube► 3:28► 3:28 22, 2012 – 3 min – Uploaded by LifeLibertyNowYou need Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. … This is nothing new, as campaigns have been paying …,

      • lakawak says

        Just as long as you drink the KoolAid when Ron paul embarrasses himself again this year like he did in 2008.

        • says

          Not sure how he embarrasses himself when there are crapload of supporters this time around. Not to mention, the influence this will have on the party at the top and on the micro-scale in districts. Ron Paul is just as important, if not LESS, than the IDEAS he stand for. Ideas carry on through generations.

        • daddysteve says

          Why can’t they ever get more than one establishment troll to show up at an RP article? The supply of subs running low?

  3. kbth0mp says

    If Ron Paul cannot even win 5 states by the votes, this is a mute point anyway.  The rules say he has to win at least 5 states by the votes to get his name on the ballot at the convention.  Having maybe the most delegates in a state does not matter.  Having the most delegates does not mean he has won a state.  So these talks are really pointless until Ron can actually win a state by the votes.

    • Bob in Amherst NH says

      To be on the ballot at the convention, Ron Paul has to win a plurality of *delegates*.  It has nothing to do with the popular vote.

  4. says

    They may be unbound but it will be interesting come convention time. Paul has a lot more delegates than the media realizes and many of the “Romney delegates” are just posing so to avoid problems until convention time. They GOP wants to play dirty, that’s fine we will play by their rules and still win. Ron Paul 2012!!!

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