Endorsement of Jefferson Davis of Mississippi for President

With the passing of the five northeast primaries on April 24th, the Republican Primary process is all but over.  A tiny percentage of Americans have rejected alternatives to Mitt Romneym but that tiny percentage has fixed the race.  Obama vs. Romney, aren’t you pleased? 

The political elite within the Republican Party have won the day.  A blue blood, past governor of a very dark blue state will be the nominee for President for the Republican Party.  (He will not win one state in the northeast in the general election.  But the northeast will once again, control the U.S. regardless of who wins in November.)  The nominee will be a man whose religion is NOT Christian, though his defenders attempt to say it is.  And while Romney himself claims to be Christian, we can’t really know that one way or another. 

Does he believe in a triune God, that Christ, the Father, and the Holy Spirit are all one God?  His religion does not.  In fact the Mormons believe there are many “gods” other than the three,  Father, Son, and Holy Sprirt.  Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism is believed to be a prophet, and it will be interesting to learn what he foretold as the news media (the guardians of Obama) investigate the Book of Mormon. 

This is important because President Obama has proclaimed to the world that America is NOT a Christian nation.  If you want to know what America’s future may be, based on a national rejection of Christ … take a look at the state of Israel in the Old Testament when it rejected God.  Are you ready, as a nation, to be torn apart?  

But Romney is wrong on much more than his faith.  He is wrong on his globalism, on placing the top priority on corporations, international corporations. He is wrong on a foreign policy that is set to defend a global market place, the global market which has stolen American jobs, technologies and industries.  Hey, Obama has done the same, so he’s no different on this issue.  That’s two in row, a rejection of Christ and a rejection of America.

Romney believes in socialism, look at Massachusetts and Romney Care.  The same as Obama Care only at the state level!  No big difference there. 

Romney has not said a word about developing US energy reserves.  Drill Here, Drill Now does not seem to echo through the Republican platform as gas heads to five dollars a gallon.  The price of gasoline would decline tomorrow, substantially, if the US would announce an intent to develop its own resources for use in the US only.

The American people don’t seem to understand that they actually are responsible for the dismal performance of this nation in terms of its economics and its moral fabric.  My generation, the “Me” generation has done dope, burned draft cards and avoided military service, allowed the US borders to disappear, allowed television to go from free, with worthwhile television programing based on the values of Christianity, to a television system which costs about 1200 a year and has nothing in terms of messages of morality or honor, instead gloriying human secularism.  Our television programing reflects the low values and  personal standards we live by.

Our public education system is failing, not because it lacks money but because it lacks focus on producing good Americans. We have atleast 1/3 too many colleges and universities.  We focus too much on pedigree and not enough on work. 

Four years ago I wrote in Jefferson Davis for President.  I did that because the Old Confederacy embraced many of the values our nation needs today.  Like every people, of every time, the Old Confederacy did embrace an evil,  in their case it was slavery.  Slavery was a sin then, it is a sin now.  Like abortion today where 50 million American souls have been prematurely murdered.  But, if you could use a black marker and delete those aspects of the Confederate Constitution addressing slavery, you would have a Constitution we desperately need today. 

In the Preamble to the Confederate Constitution the South called on God to the table of governnance by asking for His protection and guidance!  Of all that America needs to do today, this is the first and most important.  With it, everything else can work, without, nothing will work.

The rest of C.S.A. Constitution addresses many of the issues we face today including bail outs, huge government debts, earmarks, limits on the power of the Courts, the primacy of the states and the people in a republic.

So this year I will once again be writing in Jefferson Davis of Mississippi for President of the United States.  Join me.       


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  1. nasty916 says

    I will hold my nose and vote for the lesser of two evils, our voteing machinesin louisiana don’t have write ins.  We can not throw our votes away and let obam decimate this country we are forced to live in, worse than it is.  Only after secession and war will i vote maybe for someone i don’t have to hold my nose to vote for.  But, God holds the future!

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