Race card may be only card he has to play…

The Obama Re-election campaign doesn’t have much to point to as far as accomplishments. 

The economy?  Nope, wouldn’t go there.  One in three college graduates holds a job that requires only a high school diploma!  Inflation continues to devalue earnings, retirements and housing equities.  Gasoline prices continue to soar as Obama blocks development of huge domestic oil reserves on federal lands.  The trade deficit soared last month. So the economy is not a card Obama can play.

Foreign relations?  Nope.  Too be honest foreign relations are so far down on the issues of concern to the electorate that even he did do something, which he hasn’t, it would matter much.

Illegal immigration?   Absolutely nothing has happened one way or another.  A war, a truly violent war is occurring on the US – Mexico border and Obama has done nothing.  Only the governor in Arizona seems to have any real grasp of what is happening there.  Perry in Texas is doing nothing again…as governor.

Women’s issues? Well if you call an attack on the Catholic Church, followed by an attack on independent churches concerning what they must do in terms of moral issues, then yes, he has something to offer to the atheist feminists.  But, if you are a Christian feminist, well then you might be somewhat upset by Obama’s persistent assault on Christianity.

Gaining control of federal spending? You gotta be kidding!  This one isn’t even on the Democrat scorecard.

So it looks like the race card is the only card in his hand.  And he plays it over and over again.  This time his aim is at a Mexican who shot a black student.  Imagine if the Mexican had been Anglo?  Then the gloves would really come off.  But, because a minority shot a minority Obama takes the position that we have to look at the laws which allowed this/ Translation…that pesky Second Amendment is the cause of this trouble.

The shooting in Florida is not about guns.  It’s about Florida law.  And whatever happened there, this issue is important enough for someone to make a real effort to do a thorough investigation and explain what occurred. 

We need to know why the student was walking in a gated community?  Was he going to visit relatives or friends?  Had he been there before?  Is there any evidence of past disputes between these two men?  Was the black armed?  How far from the man with the gun was the other man?  Are there witnesses to the event?  If there was an abuse by this neighborhood watch leader it is important to get to the bottom of it.  But it is not a FEDERAL issue, it is a state issue.

One of the great threats of modern communications is that it lends itself to making an incident Borneo of utmost importance to Podunk USA.  It isn’t.  Only God has sovereignty of the entire earth.  And the authors of the Constitution attempted to protect liberty by severely limiting the power of the federal government.  The Democrats have worked to tear down the wall of separation of powers since before Franklin Roosevelt.  And the Republicans have not been far behind.

Still, this issue, this event helps illustrate just how weak Obama’s re-election hand really is.  He has nothing.  He does the African American population which traditionally votes above 90% for Democrats.  But once you get past that demograghic you find Obama is in trouble everywhere else.  His greatest achievement, Obama care, is something a large majority of Americans oppose.

This is why the Republican Primary process is so important.  Obama can be defeated, and the primary process needs to be used to develop a solid consensus for America’s future.  Our future is bigger than a repeal of Obama Care.  We need a conservative plan to rebuild America’s industrial base and economy. This plan needs to incorporate a full development of US energy resources, including domestic oil finds and a goal of energy self sufficiency as articulated by Newt.  We need to re-embrace our Christian character as a people as articulated by Senator Santorum.  We need to remember the promise of America for the future generations.  We need to seal our borders.  Once that’s done, we can resolve the illegals issues. But sealing the border comes first, and addressing the drug war on the Mexican border.

America has one thing in spades…potential!  We have always been a land and a poeple that unleashes the potential of the younger generations.  We think “out of the box” as a habit.  Yes the 21st Century is a different world.  And yes, America is no longer the stand alone Super power.  But, unlike China, or Brazil, or other potential rivals the US has a tradition of rapid adjustment to new opportunities.  Its time to shelve a social theory conceived in the 19th century, socialism, one that has repeatedly failed, and return to our foundations of Christianity, capitalism, and limited government.  Obama is the anti-thesis to this prescription. 

This most recent tragic incident helps illuminate why President Obama needs to join Jimmy Carter as a one term experiment that failed.     


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  1. ronp12 says

    The writer needs to check their copy for errors prior to posting.  Beyond that, it appears to be a promotion of Rick Santorum as a replacement to Obama. Because we want a leader who promotes evangelical Christians instead of people of a particular race? Pandering to ‘groups’ is not the job of the President of the United States. Any ‘group’. Constitutional law and the Bill of Rights needs to be adhered to by anyone running for Presidential office. A clear understanding of and adherence to the scope of the federal government, state government and the individual as the 3 entities addressed under law, is the basis for determining the best candidate. Neither Obama or Santorum are proven to have a clear understanding of or adherance to the law of the land and the defense of ‘individual’ rights under law.  

  2. mnolan13 says

    Santorum is a big-government liberal who would give Obama a run for his money on federal spending.  Santorum is a non-tithing Catholic who panders to uninformed Evangelicals.  Santorum has argued for his clients to be exempt from federal steroid laws, has voted to double the size of the DoE, became a lobbyist when he was beaten like a red headed step-child for his seat, and has endorsed Ron Paul if you want to see the size of the government shrunk.

    Big-government liberals like Mark here would like us to believe they define conservatism.  Mark couldn’t identify a conservative value if his life depended on it.  He’s still fighting a 150 year old war, and demanding that we wage infinite undeclared war in SW Asia and Africa.

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