Ron Paul continues to garner nothing in terms of votes.

There are two America’s; Ron Paul represents neither of them.

In this primary Ron Paul has one role, one played by another Texan several years ago, Ross Perot. 

No they are not saying the same things, it’s not about that.  It’s about dividing the conservative America in order to ensure that the liberal America wins.  Perot was about beating Bush and getting Clinton in the White House.  It worked.

Paul is about not allowing a consolidation of conservatives around one candidate other than Mitt Romney.  He is there to ensure that Romney gets the nomination.  And so the libertarian will assist the most central government candidate to win the GOP nomination!  Why not?  Fits a man and group which has nothing but chaos as their central model. Except that in the end, instead of furthering their ideology they will be assisting the most statist GOP candidate, one with a record of creating Romney care and governing in a very socialist – liberal state.  If its about consolidating Gay gains, well than they can say they have accomplished something. But, if its about anything of real signaficance to the nation, sorry libertarians but we will still fight wars in the middle east, our borders will still be wide open, a one world government will still be on track. 

For all the words spent on Paul, he simply does not represent more than a handful of Americans.  He won’t win a state and normal pulls single digit support.  At 76 he is too old to be President.  There is just too much to be done.  Too much will be required of the next President.

But for argument’s sake, let’s say some catastrophe happens which wipes out all the GOP candidates but Paul. And let’s say that Obama underestimates Paul and drives America even closer to bankruptcy and Paul wins.  Then what?  He has no agenda with any support in the Congress.  The Republicans will take the Senate and make headway in the House.  But in the end you would have a President who knows nothing about governance.

In the hoopla about Paul, what has he done? What legislation has he written that has passed and become law?  What has he championed that has gotten through both Houses of Congress and a President’s signature?  Silence?  Do I hear silence?

Because he has done nothing.  The epitome of a backbencher, Texas has wasted itself in Congress with Paul. He has led nothing.  What has his district gained by his service?  Paul may be the example of what a libertarian wants from Congress, but the other 94% are seeing no representation at all from Ron Paul.

He won’t quit. He will continue.  And should his votes be pivotal to Romney getting the nomination, only then will we see Paul for what he is, when his son, Senator Paul is selected for V.P.    

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