Ron Paul continues to garner nothing in terms of votes.

There are two America’s; Ron Paul represents neither of them.

In this primary Ron Paul has one role, one played by another Texan several years ago, Ross Perot. 

No they are not saying the same things, it’s not about that.  It’s about dividing the conservative America in order to ensure that the liberal America wins.  Perot was about beating Bush and getting Clinton in the White House.  It worked.

Paul is about not allowing a consolidation of conservatives around one candidate other than Mitt Romney.  He is there to ensure that Romney gets the nomination.  And so the libertarian will assist the most central government candidate to win the GOP nomination!  Why not?  Fits a man and group which has nothing but chaos as their central model. Except that in the end, instead of furthering their ideology they will be assisting the most statist GOP candidate, one with a record of creating Romney care and governing in a very socialist – liberal state.  If its about consolidating Gay gains, well than they can say they have accomplished something. But, if its about anything of real signaficance to the nation, sorry libertarians but we will still fight wars in the middle east, our borders will still be wide open, a one world government will still be on track. 

For all the words spent on Paul, he simply does not represent more than a handful of Americans.  He won’t win a state and normal pulls single digit support.  At 76 he is too old to be President.  There is just too much to be done.  Too much will be required of the next President.

But for argument’s sake, let’s say some catastrophe happens which wipes out all the GOP candidates but Paul. And let’s say that Obama underestimates Paul and drives America even closer to bankruptcy and Paul wins.  Then what?  He has no agenda with any support in the Congress.  The Republicans will take the Senate and make headway in the House.  But in the end you would have a President who knows nothing about governance.

In the hoopla about Paul, what has he done? What legislation has he written that has passed and become law?  What has he championed that has gotten through both Houses of Congress and a President’s signature?  Silence?  Do I hear silence?

Because he has done nothing.  The epitome of a backbencher, Texas has wasted itself in Congress with Paul. He has led nothing.  What has his district gained by his service?  Paul may be the example of what a libertarian wants from Congress, but the other 94% are seeing no representation at all from Ron Paul.

He won’t quit. He will continue.  And should his votes be pivotal to Romney getting the nomination, only then will we see Paul for what he is, when his son, Senator Paul is selected for V.P.    

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    • E Mazur says

       And like Harry Browne said, when you vote for the lesser of two evils, you convince the powers that be that all they EVER have to offer you is an evil candidate b/c they know you’ll vote for evil

  1. says

    He is considered the father of the Tea Party. He put forth an idea that is more powerful than a president and will shape elections and dialogue for many years to come.

  2. Sterling Bushnell says

    i guess we should consider our selfs lucky if that disaster takes out the rest of our federaly elected officals along with those other 3

  3. says

    This is a pretty worthless article. Ron Paul is about repealing laws, auditing the FED, and changing the thinking in this county so we don’t become a European style nanny-state. Our income tax law was 400 pgs back in 1913, now it’s over 60,000. We need more legislators who pass less laws and quit adding to our ridiculous bureaucracy. The EPA and DHS need to go, they are worthless. The Department of Ecology is forcing my little town of 18,000 to pay $40 million out of pocket to upgrade a sewer system that function perfectly fine – all during a recession mind you. Where’s the common sense in government? There is none, surely passing more laws will not put us in better circumstances.  

  4. says

    Ron Paul represents the intelligent ,well informed part of america!!! lets  pretend we live in reallity for a second. the only reason Ron Paul isnt getting votes is because the media has stopped covering him!!! since america is too lazy and stupid to actually read anything ,of course hes not going to get the majority of votes. why is it that nobody wants to talk about the federal reserve except ron paul? well its because it could get A PERSON assasinated!!!   ron paul has balls of steel and knows alot more about the economy and foreign policy than all 4 of the choices we currently have!! How
    APPALLING that we as Americans–whatever THAT means anymore–would buy
    into the asinine concept that Ron Paul is ‘unelectable’ and actually
    consider voting for a disgusting, phony-ass, money-grubbing demonic
    monster like Romney, a STUPID, sanctimonious, psycho-windbag like
    Santorum, or a political career criminal like…well, take your pick
    from the rest of the herd–especially Obama. It
    frightens me to live among those of you whose heads are so far up your
    derrieres that even the Jaws of Life could not find that infinitesimally
    tiny cinder you think is your brain…STOP talking about the lesser of
    evils, and start thinking about the ABSENCE of evil–Ron Paul–before
    it’s too late. Call my vote wasted if it makes you feel better about
    your foolishness and your inability to accept your own disillusionment.
    I’m voting for Ron Paul. If you don’t like it–lump it.

  5. says

    Ron Paul will very likely be the ONLY candidate besides Romney with plurality of delegates in 5 states to be nominated on the floor of the RNC for contention as a candidate for the GOP nomination.  Gingrich WON’T have enough delegates, and Santorum likely will not.

  6. United Fates Of America says

    The author implies that the act of writing and passing legislation equates to success in Congress.  Success for whom? 
    Consider this.  If you want to have “success,” as defined by the author, you need only write legislation that takes liberty, property, or power from Americans and transfer it to government.  That is the fast track to being a successful congressman.  On the other hand, tying the meddling hands of government or returning liberty to the people will be met with the utmost resistance from the majority of congressional servants. 

    To say this reflects badly on Paul’s leadership is to divert attention from the many, who have abandoned the mandate of preserving the rule of law, and place the blame on the few following the rulebook–The Constitution of the United States of America.  Paul’s lack of success is an obvious symptom of an overwhelming cancer that needs to be cut from our Republic.

  7. mnolan13 says

    The author is an idiot.  Romney may be a centerless, moderate hack, but it is Newt and Santorum who are the leftists.  Romney can’t win a general, but neither can the other two.  If the Republican party is bound and determined to have a lefty in the WH, it’s gonna be Obama.

    A conservative would know that defending the Constitution is the job of the President.  The author assumes that the job is to get a lot of stuff passed, and growing the government.  I say that the author should go back to the Democrat party, and leave conservatism to actual conservatives.

    I’m voting for Paul.  I’m focusing my ire on fake, liberal Republicans.  There’s not a chance that the flip-flopping Romney, the lying uber-Catholic who pimps steroids, WWF porn, and doesn’t even tithe Santorum, or the converted to Catholicism by adulterous oral sex Newt will EVER get this conservative’s vote.  If that means that Obama wins, so be it.

  8. Doc3 says

    Dr. Ron Paul is the only fiscal conservative in the race. He is not a religious or social conservative. He wants to cut the size and cost of the Federal Government that has grown like a malignant tumor. Dr. Ron Paul has nothing n common with Ross Perot and it is dim articles like this written by minions of the statist Republican Party that are desperately trying to distract from Dr. Paul’s message. As more people leave the Democratic and Repulican Parties to register as Independents the more chance there is for a third party to form that represents Americans that want smaller government, less debt and spending and restoration of liberty through less Federal government.

  9. Buster000 says

    Gay gains, one world government??? Mark, what have you been smoking today??? Are you off your meds??? You say Dr. Paul knows nothing about governance. Compared to whom, Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, Obama, Bush??? Maybe Ross Perot? This upcoming election is not just about changing the presidency, it’s also about removing all those corrupt politicians still holding office who are coming up for reelection this year as well. With that said, if successful, President Paul would have a whole new and willing congress to work with – a majority of which would finally represent the American people (God willing) rather than themselves, big business, or (gulp!) “party leadership”. Just an fyi, I am voting for the candidate who will best represent the American people, period! – and it ain’t Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, or Obama. As a life long conservative republican, I will be voting for Dr. Paul regardless of what those corrupt, circumventing party rules, ballot-box stuffing, self-serving, vote stealing GOP leaders want. WAKE UP. This is America not Russia. Ron Paul 2012!

  10. Bentree says

    Mark and you didn’t think they were paying attention. They have opinions and seem to be very liberal like in their hatefulness. Very telling.

  11. says

    So if you joined the government and didn’t “get anything done” by failing to raise taxes or increase spending or taking away more of our freedoms or enacting more draconian economy destroying regulations because you were the one honest guy there, you would consider yourself a failure? Maybe YOU would, but not Ron Paul or any other descent human. Ron Paul
    couldn’t “get anything done” as a congressman because the country was awash in counterfeit money and times seemed good. But now that the truth is out and it was all a con, the people are realizing Ron Paul was right and if elected president he would get the support of congress and the people.

    • says

       he also promised to veto every unbalanced budget…imagine holding everybody accountable. ron paul will sweep the garbage out of government and the people will put enough pressure on congress to make sure it happens…

  12. josephle2k says

    People often say that what this country needs is for people in Washington to stop fighting and just get the job done. To achieve that, we need more “bipartisanship.” I disagree. If two parties with two sets of bad ideas cooperate, the result is not good policy but policy that is extremely bad.

    What we really need are correct economic and political ideas, regardless of the party that pushes them.

    For more than 100 years, the dominant views that have influenced our politicians have undermined the principles of personal Liberty and private property. The tragedy is these bad policies have had strong bipartisan support. There has been no real opposition to the steady increase in the size and scope of government.

    Democrats are largely and openly for government expansion, and if we were to judge the Republicans by their actions and not their rhetoric, we would come to pretty much the same conclusion about them. When the ideas of both parties are bad, there is really only one hope: that they will continue fighting and not pass any new legislation. Gridlock can be the friend of liberty.

    Some argue that what I say can’t be true because Republicans are fighting with Democrats all the time, and legislation still gets passed. True, but all the fighting, despite the rhetoric, is only over which faction will control the power to pass out the benefits. The scramble to serve various special interests is real. Yet when it comes to any significant differences on foreign policy, economic intervention, the Federal Reserve, a strong executive branch, or welfarism mixed with corporatism, both parties are very much alike.

    The major arguments and “hotly contested” presidential races are mostly for public consumption, to convince the people they actually have a choice. Republicans have been great at expanding the welfare state and running up the deficit despite their campaign promises. Democrats remain champions of foreign adventurism despite their effort to portray themselves as the peace party.

    We have had way too much bipartisanship that promotes an agenda that has ignored constitutional restraints and free market principles. Many Republicans will argue that they stood strong against Obama’s expansion of government-run medical care. It is true that they did, and that helped perpetuate the belief that the two parties are radically different. But we must remember that when Republicans were in charge just a few years ago, the government still expanded its role in medical care, and in very similar ways. The biggest difference is that the Republicans didn’t advertise it.
    So-called moderate politicians who compromise and seek bipartisanship are the most dangerous among the entire crew in Washington.

    Compromise is too often synonymous with “selling out,” but it sounds a lot better. Honest politicians who state that their goal is total socialized medicine (or education, etc.) are met with a greater resistance; while people who favor the same thing but sell it as moderate bipartisanism slip by unnoticed. They are the ones who destroy our Liberties incrementally, in the name of compromise and civility.

    Incrementalism can only be justified if we regain some of our Liberties and if the size and scope of government shrinks. The medical care debate of 2010 concluded with the radicals being held in check by the moderates who got them to back off from a
    single-payer system—i.e., socialized medicine. Yet the result was that we again moved significantly closer to that position. President Obama and the Congress agreed on a tax bill in late 2010 that retained some existing tax laws plus expanded unemployment insurance so that people could continue to stay off the labor rolls—and this was sold as a bipartisan “tax cut”!

    Moderates are somehow convinced that they are the saviors of the country, rescuing us all from the effects of philosophical differences. In fact, philosophical differences are healthy because they lead to the clarification of principles. Genuine progress is going to require more confrontation, partisanship, and serious and honest discussion of the truth about government, the economy, and every sector of American life. It also needs politicians who can hold strong to their beliefs and do not compromise their core values. How sad a state we are in when it seems like such a stretch to expect that from a politician! We need to bring back some understanding of the idea of Liberty and what it means.

    • Bentree says

      Scanning, scanning, actually I’m scanning for something I
      would disagree with, the joy of my life, something to disagree with that is. Your
      comment describes the nature of the Washington
      culture perfectly. Subversion of the Founders Documents coupled with the
      pragmatic capitulation of the citizenry, we are on that short walk from the
      cattle car to the showers.

  13. says

    one of our biggest battles is getting his msg to the million’s of people that get there information from mass media with this sort of so called reporting…i for one was blind and had no idea how much power the mass media has over us not to mention the big corporations pushing there agenda threw puppets with no common decency for country. as we obviously disagree with this reporting the real challenge is getting to the minds of the people who still rely on msnbc,fox and cnn for there sole information source…times are really bad when a decent man like ron paul the only veteran candidate running who dedicates his life to government to bring such an urgent msg to the american people.who will not even take secret service because of the amount of money it cost the american people or publicly states that if elected he will only take 39,000 as pay gets demonized!
     thankfully times are so bad that we are forced to pay more attention and now are aware of the treacherous reporters like yourself    filling the masses with an agenda that if ever succeeded would never include the likeness such as yourself….and only then will you find out it’s to late.but ron paul even fights for your liberty’s to report such trash. imagine that…this will be the first time i am voting because i finally found a candidate worth a vote and that man, that patriot…. is ron paul.

  14. Dwight Johnson says

    Thanks for this textbook example of paranoia: you think it is all about you. As far as you are concerned Paul is only interested in ruining things for right-minded people like you. According to you, there is not a chance that he really means what he says, and that a lot of people agree with him. “There are two America’s”. Not even close. There are a lot of people ready to shake off serfdom, and work for real freedom. It doesn’t end with Ron Paul. From here it only gets bigger, because the oppression by the few is starting to really annoy. It will get much worse when the Bernanke Bubble bursts, and the Great Depression will look like a day at the county fair.

  15. Dwight Johnson says

    Ron Paul is rejected by many because he represents Natural Law, the law that inspired the Declaration of Independence, as well as the federalism enshrined in the US Constitution. But Natural Law has been rejected. Federalism was slowly killed in the US, most decisively when “preserving the Union” became more important than the long-accepted right of states to secede. The income tax turned federalism on its head, making it possible for the “federal” goverment to go around the states for funding, and making the states beggars for whatever crumbs they could snatch from the hands of the new masters in DC. This can only change when Natural Law is again recognized, when the human person becomes more important than any government, when the principle of subsidiarity is given more than lip-service, when government gets its just powers from the actual consent of the governed.

  16. says

    This article was written by a big-government tool. His mind is clouded with statism. I say that because it’s obvious he assigns his own rationale to Paul supporters, who do not share that rationale. We won’t vote for a vp. We won’t vote for central planner. We will vote for Paul.

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