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A mainstay of internal GOP politics is that when it’s all said and done, conservatives have now here else to go.  I wrote about this sad condition in a recent article titled “Why Confederates are taken for granted.”  The concepts and ideas within the article were strong enough to win a telephone interview with Southern Nationalist Network.  The comparisons between political conservatives, and the Confederates of the modern day Southern movement are obvious and demonstrate the collapse of true democracy in America.

Ever since Barry Goldwater’s disastrous run for the White House against Lyndon Johnson, conservatives have been both the majority of the Republican Party and the black sheep.  Northeast moderates whose states long ago turned tail on the GOP, have diluted and poisoned the conservative pool.  The northeast had been outflanked in 1994 when Minority Leader Newt Gingrich engineered a conservative revolution, took control of the House of Representatives and eventually forced Bill Clinton to accept a balanced budget.  Newt won a tremendous victory for America, forcing Clinton to reverse himself on two vetoes of a balanced budget.  Clinton, ever the politician, than took credit for the balanced budget!  LOL, look at today.  Balanced budget?  Balanced budget isn’t even in the political dictionary inside the Beltway now.

But with that victory Newt destroyed his own political future.  Shortly after this victory, the northeast House GOPers engineered a coup against Newt.  And once out of Congress, Newt has been blackballed by every possible special interest.  He is the man who threatens your money…so he can’t get a vote.  

Wall Street, not Main Street, has been the center of the GOP strategic thinking since Newt’s day, even though Wall Street has no problem dumping tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars into the Democratic coffers.  Obama was a recipient of big Wall Street money.   And U.S. corporate board rooms are filled with re-elect Obama buttons!  They just aren’t out yet.

The pending Supreme Court case which is to be decided before the election is a very important election game factor.  If the Court decides against Obama Care, one of the biggest election draw backs to Obama disappears.  But if it is sustained, Obama Care becomes even more important in the mind of the electorate and will drive the race wide right… maybe.

If the Court sustains Obama Care there will only be one last chance to repeal it, and that will rest with the voters in November.  Conservatives will see little real choice.  It’s impossible to trust Romney, but he and a Republican Congress (House and Seante) would be the only remedy for the socialism hanging over the head of America.

Why does corporate America and Wall Street support Obama?  Obama care!

American business does not see the big picture in terms of politics and freedom.  Socially liberal, they are in the forefront of feminism and Homosexual rights.   Secularists, they don’t care about morality or the First Amendment protections for the church.  Freedom of speech isn’t really in their bailiwick either.  They have enough clout to say what they need to say for their own interests, the rest doesn’t matter to them.  But Obama Care does matter to them.  In the rest of the world, business doesn’t carry the burden, the cost of health care, the nation does.  With Obama Care business dumps a huge cost on to the government.  Yes, it might mean additional taxation on corporations, and less disposable income for their U.S. customers to spend on them. But looking at a global market, America is not the only place they can sell their goods.  Globalism has taken nationalism out of the corporate board room.  Worse, it has made nationalism even more evil than before because it limits markets and investment opportunities.

If Obama Care survives the Court decision, Romney’s stock will fall faster than Dole’s or McCain’s after they were nominated.  Wall Street, in cahoots with the main stream media will slice and dice Romney faster than those knife commercials on the paid programming channels.

If Obama care does not survive, than I believe Romney will be elected. But only because he is a proponent of state run health care and the corporations, Wall Streeters and socialists will see mandatory state health care programs as the answer.

The conservatives have no play in any of this.  They are an assumed voter block for the GOP and they won’t go anywhere.  That’s the expectation any way.  But, there may be some unknowns yet.  Sarah Palin is still here.  And for the first time, conservatives have called Rush, Hannity and others to say they would vote for Obama if Romney was the other choice!  Startling.  But not as crazy as it sounds.

Girls don’t like to be taken for granted, and neither do conservatives.  Hell hath no fury as a woman’s scorn may be tested in this election.  Conservatives may attempt to earn that reputation also.

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