Dixie says no to Romney!

Despite outspending Gingrich and Santorum combined, Romney could not get thirty percent of the vote in either state, and could not beat either candidate.  Romney’s two and half million dollars war chest for these two states barely kept in the race.  Only money is making this McCain – like candidate viable in the GOP primaries.

The secret is out.  Governor Romney is the neo – conservative’s candidate, which means he is not conservative at all.  The father of Romney – Care, the proto type for Obama Care and a northeast Republican which translates to red dog Democrat Romney just isn’t the man to beat Obama.  And 2/3’s of Republican voters from New England to Alabama have repeatedly said it through their votes.

Considering the tens of millions spent by the Romney and the continuous pro Romney slant of the Obama mainstream media the Republican voters have repeatedly sent a clear message, NO.  Why?

Because our nation is like a train racing at 100 miles per hour towards a bridge that has been washed out by deficit spending, liberal social policies ( as evidenced by the Law student attending a 45,000 dollar a year Law school who goes to Congress begging from free contraception for herself and attacks on the Catholic Church ), and continuous attacks on capitalism and the policies which made our nation our great.

Recent polls by the New York Times and the Washington Post tell the story of a nation which rejects President Obama’s policies and blame those policies for the nation’s troubles.  While Newt Gingrich calls for American energy independence Obama’s Administration applauds higher fuel prices at the pump.  While Santorum defends the First Amendment and the right for Americans to practice their own faith, Obama attacks the Catholic Church, 27% of the voters in November!

Mitt Romney’s past is just too close to Obama.  Both attended Ivy League Schools.  Both are backed by big money globalists, both believe the government should take one sixth of the economy, the difference being Romney believes the states should do it! 

A third party candidate is a real possibility if Romney gets the nomination, and one that could bring real excitement to the race and who has real credibility with the Tea Party and large portions of the American electorate is Governor Sarah Palin.  Palin has a record.  In her third year as Governor of Alaska her approval rating by all voters was over 80%!  She beat the large oil companies on behalf of the people of her state, while simultaneously throwing leaders of her wn political party in jail for corruption.  Palin is waiting in the wings and the Republican base is waiting for her with open arms.

Rick Santorum and Newt are both good men.  But neither has been able to connect solidly with GOP conservative core.  Both do better then Romney though, and there’s still plenty of time.

But one thing that is helping the Republicans is the continued primary race.  Had a candidate clinched the Republican nomination early they would have banished to a news void until the Convention. Obama would be dominating the news and the Republican message would be nowhere to be found.  But as this race extends it continues on the front page of newspapers and in television news programs.  Sunday talk shows must cover the primary fight and so are deflected from being solely Obama cheerleaders!  The primary fight is an ally to the right.  And if the candidates go to Tampa with no clear winner that will make the Republican Convention an interesting thing to watch…more television coverage!  Less coverage and promotional time for Obama.

The fight in the GOP is not bad for America, but quite the contrary is good for a nation perilously close to being a has-been in history.  Dixie is part of the counter – revolution.  The South is still a region with its own mind.  God Bless the South!   



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