Has Romney bought your vote yet?

Alabama and Mississippi, two states in the heart of Dixie are up for grabs tonight.  The polls before voting showed Romney, Gingrich and Santorum all in the 30 percents, with Ron Paul in single digits.  What does Romney have?  Money!  Early reports indicate Romney won neither state and may have come in third in both with Rick Santorum winning both and Newt coming in second in both!

In these two states it is reported that Governor Romney spent 2.5 million dollars.  That is twice as much as Newt and Rick combined!  And yet, Romney, spending four times as much as each opponent is only in a neck and neck race, and more than 60% of the Republican voters will vote against Romney.  He has been running for months, spending tens of millions of dollars and barely winning primaries in his backyard states in New England.  He just isn’t catching fire with the GOP voters.

I can’t believe the pundits who say Romney can beat Obama.  He won’t be able to buy your vote then.  Obama will have at least as much to spend as Romney, and Obama will have the main stream media.  If Romney wins, he won’t have the conservatives, and he won’t be able to say why he is different from Obama.  In many things he ain’t much different.

Mitt Romney of Massachusetts will not win one New England state.  Rick Santorum could win Pennsylvania and maybe other states in the Rust belt.  Mitt Romney’s religious faith will come under scrutiny by the main stream media, and America will get a real lesson Mormonism, Joseph Smith, multiple partner marriages and the prophecies of Smith!

Mitt Romney as governor of Massachusetts created the proto type to Obama Care.  He is just one more Dole – Bush – McCain candidate.

Both Gingrich and Santorum have stood their ground on issues.  Gingrich built the conservative revolution of 1994 and was thrown out of his Speakership after he forced a balanced budget deal with President Clinton.  Gingrich is hated by the left because he beat them.  Santorum is hated by the left because he knows America is in a Culture War and that the fight for America and our future starts there.

While many would argue that this is a fight between conservatives and moderates with in the GOP, I would argue that this is about whom do you want to be in the White House if the Republicans win both Houses?  Do you think the pendulum needs to reverse? Do you think we need to become energy self-sufficient.  Just today, in Gilmer, Texas (oil country), Congressman Louie Gohmert told a Rotary club that because of new finds and new technologies America could be oil self-sufficient.  Gohmert said; ” In discussions with people in Utah who have been doing prepatory work there I have been told there are three trillion barrels of oil there which could be extracted at 60 dollars per barrel.”  That’s forty – eight dollars cheaper than today’s prices!

Newt Gingrich has called for an energy independent U.S.! 

Mitt Romney is a globalist.  He, like Bush – Clinton – Bush - Obama, is centered on globalism, and therefore has priorities which have nothing to do with America.  Newt is American. Santorum is American. The two of them did not go to Ivy League Schools, and they don’t belong to the globalists.

It has been apparent throughout the primary that the elite want Romney.  The same people who got us where we are now want Romney.  Are you doing well now?  Do you agree that the Republicans have been as much a part of the problem as the Democrats?  Do you see our 16 trillion in debt as a combination of both parties?  Then stop letting them buy you.  Cross Romney and Paul off, listen to Newt and Rick and make a choice.


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