Obama's Birth Certificate Manufactured

In a stunning development, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced today that his investigators believe the long form of President Barack Obama’s  birth certificate, posted on the White House website, has been manufactured via a computer and is likely a forgery. The press conference (see it here) included lengthy video presentations detailing how the investigators reached their conclusion.

The investigation also found inconsistencies with the official date stamp of Barack Obama’s Selective Service registration card and, critical rolls of micro-film, requested during the investigation, were reported back the Sheriff’s department as missing.

The video narrator pointed out that inconsistencies and issues within the birth certificate were “far to problematic” to cover in a single press conference. At the conclusion of the video tape presentation, noting how the date stamp and registrar’s stamp can be manipulated to various areas of the certificate, the narrator concluded, “…for if the date stamp and registrar’s stamp, which are placed on the document to give it authenticity, are fraudulent, then the document is fraudulent.”

The question and answer session held after the video presentation quickly deteriorated into a bi-partisan affair with particular reporters drawing conclusions that were not made by the investigators and other reporters implying the investigation was driven by an agenda. The Sheriff, at one point, received applause from most of the audience after putting down an over-zealous reporter.

The investigators also mentioned they had been able to determine the make of the computer used for the forgery and that they believe they have a person of interest directly related to the deception.

The Sheriff also made it clear that, although the document is a forgery, that does not mean the President had anything to do with the forgery. He has not decided yet, what law enforcement agency, if any, should take over the investigation.

That is as objective of an account as I can present.

I saw the press conference. Here are some of my thoughts. There is no question in my mind the birth certificate is manufactured. None. I agree with the Sheriff’s department, however, that does not mean Barack Obama was directly involved. It is, however, a crime. It appears to me that Obama’s Selective Service card is highly likely to be a forgery, too. I also believe that the Sheriff’s department has more evidence than they are letting out. During the rumble with certain reporters particular comments made lead me to believe this. The investigation was referred to as “on-going” and as was noted above, they mentioned they have a “person of interest”, and at one point, a retired government employee that interacted with Obama and Bill Ayers was said to have “been interviewed” and has agreed to come forward.

Clearly, there will be more to come.

A final note, in a very creepy moment, we were informed that Andrew Breitbart, who died this morning, had a telephone interview a few days ago, with an investigative reporter close to the case.

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  1. daddysteve says

    Will it “rock the world” if no one reports it? Even Fox is complicit in this.


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