Sarah Palin, could she be …

It’s only in the modern era that Presidential nominations have been locked up before most American voters even tuned in.  So this year, for the nation, the Republican Primary is kind of a return to older times, when all Americans counted, not just the few power brokers.  The race has been a very rich blue blood from New England ( where he would not carry one state in the general election ) and a group of three, Newt, Rick and Ron scrambling for the 60 plus percent of Republicans who won’t be bought! 

And now, a new card is thrown into the game, Sarah Palin coming off the bench to be the choice at a divided GOP Convention!  And with just a hint, she will stir the pot and drive the media nuts!  Hurrah for Sarah.

In one of my most recent columns I told you about a conversation I had with a friend who had attended CPAC.  He told me that Sarah had been the closing speaker, and the best.  And he said, she had indicated she was not out of the game, and he even predicted she would be the horse to mount for the General election race.


That’s the only verb that describes this possiblity.  Did the Governor from Alaska out fox the pundits, the consultants, and the power elite in the GOP to dance right around all the murderous press that she would have had to endure?

Looks like this lady is not someone to play with.

I have been a Palin supporter from the beginning.  For me, she was the choice by lengths.  None of the rest of the candidates have her charisma, her grit, her unique character.  For America, in this time of crisis and cross roads, there is only one person who can truly change the course of the ship of state!  And that’s Sarah.

So is this for real?

We can’t know.  She did not hint towards jumping in now.  She hinted that she could be the one to pick in a brokered convention. 

But this does provide a ray of hope.  It provides one more reason NOT to vote for Romney.  But it also provides a reason to go to the polls and vote for anybody other than Romney.  It does provide a real reason to be involved.  For the grass roots, make your choice from Newt, Rick or Ron but do it and be there on Primary Day.  Don’t let Romney buy you, or win because of apathy. 

America does not have one flat tire.  We have four flat tires, a blown engine, no battery, and a leaky gas tank where fuel is running …and may ignite if it hits something electric or hot.

We need someone with a renewed vision of the old America.  Yes,  the old America. The one that put a man on the moon.  The one that on Decemeber 25, 1991 won the half century Cold War liberating 500 million souls in 13 nations!  We need the old America that when I was born was unquestionably the wealthiest, most powerful, most successful nation in the entire world.  And we need someone who knows why all that happened.

Sarah proved in Alaska she could be an executive.  She went against corruption in her own party…and beat the oil companies at the same time!  In her third year as governor her approval ratings in Alaska were over eighty percent!!!! 80 percent!  

So… we wait. But now, on the horizon, we see a light.  So GOP grass roots, get to the polls, and pick anyone but Mitt!!!      



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