Freedom Watch Finished But Here's Your Guide To Libertarian Media

Judge Andrew Napolitano’s libertarian television show comes to an end on February 13, 2012. The show began as an internet-only weekly show on Fox News’ Strategy Room in 2009 and was later bumped up to a weekly and then daily show on the Fox Business network. Prior to that, Judge Napolitano served as co-host of “Brian and the Judge” on Fox News Radio for 4 years, regularly guest-hosted the Glenn Beck program on Fox, and served as a judicial analyst on Fox News since 1998. Freedom Watch provided a welcome libertarian alternative to most television shows and featured libertarian guests that rarely if ever appear on any mainstream media program. Napolitano will continue to work for Fox but fans are disappointed about the show’s cancellation. Those looking for alternative libertarian shows may find they have more choices than they realized, and almost all of them are available for free over the internet.

Television Shows


In my opinion, John Stossel has the best libertarian show out there.  Stossel is a weekly TV show on the Fox Business network that covers a variety of topics from the libertarian point of view.  Stossel can be viewed freely over the internet with Hulu though the most recent episodes are delayed a few weeks behind the most current episode.  However, the newest episodes of Stossel are immediately available as a premium audio podcast in mp3 format for $1.29 an episode or $5.95 monthly or $59.95 for a yearly subscription.

The Larry Parks Show

Dr. Larry Parks isn’t among the more well known figures in the libertarian movement, but he should be.  Parks is an economist and author of What Does Mr. Greenspan Really Think, available for free in PDF format on the FAME website.  FAME’s purpose has been to “to provide and share information you should know about our financial and monetary system” and Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, and Dr. Edwin Vieira serve on the Board of Advisors and Dr. Walter Block of the Mises Institute serves as a foundation scholar.  Dr. Parks has also testified before Ron Paul and Congress in a hearing entitled “Road Map to Sound Money: A Legislative Hearing on H.R. 1098 and Restoring the Dollar” on Sept. 13, 2011. The Larry Parks Show is a local access TV show in the New York area and focuses on economics (Note: the first two videos on the website don’t seem to play for some reason – try some older episodes such as “Is Expert Opinion Reliable”).

Capital Account

Capital Account is a daily half-hour economics and finance oriented show that began on RT in fall 2011. It features the latest economic news, in-depth interviews, and features financial education segments. Strictly speaking, it isn’t a libertarian show and tries to show a variety of viewpoints, but at least two-fifths of the guests are libertarians such as Peter Schiff, Lew Rockwell, Jim Rogers, Jim Grant, and Michael Pento. In fact, Michael Pento was their very first guest and he made the argument to abolish the Federal Reserve. While I’m not sure if the hot host Lauren Lyster is a libertarian, the producer and occasional guest host Demitri Kofinas is – on twitter he recently stated “Ron Paul is the only person on the ballot, left or right, that makes any sense and has any level of sincerity.” I would highly recommend the episode where he interviewed former Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Alan Blinder. You just won’t hear the kinds of questions that were asked on any other television show.

Radio Shows

Jason Lewis

Jason Lewis is the libertarian-conservative nationally syndicated host of the Jason Lewis Show. Lewis is a Ron Paul supporter, advocate of Austrian economics, and favors a non-interventionist foreign policy. Lewis’s audience is mainly conservative and he does a good job of bridging the keep between libertarians and conservatives.  The show is aired 3 hours a day on weekdays and podcasts are available free on the website.

The Peter Schiff Show

My personal favorite radio host, Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff served as an economic advisor to the Ron Paul campaign in 2008 and is famous for predicting the economic collapse of 2008, as seen in the famous “Peter Schiff was Right” youtube video.  Schiff has become more well known recently and appeared on Fox News shows such as Greta Van Susteren and Mike Huckabee after testifying before Congress that he was punished by government for hiring too many employees and after he visited an Occupy Wall Street rally with a sign saying “I am the 1%. Let’s talk”. The Peter Schiff Show started as a local Connecticut based show but since August 2011 has become nationally syndicated by Radio America. Peter also began producing a minute-long daily commentary that appears on hundreds of stations nationwide. Peter’s show is 2 hours every weekday and focuses heavily on economics and finance but covers politics as well. The most recent episode is available for free for at least 24 hours on his website (look for the the word ‘download’ next to the green button) but access to the archives requires a paid subscription. Also see the Schiff Report Youtube channel

Bob Zadek

Bob Zadek has a local San Francisco based libertarian show that airs for 1 hour on Sundays. Audio archives are available free on the website.

The Jerry Doyle Show

The star of the hit former sci-fi television series Babylon V refers to himself as an “independent conservative” but he has enthusiastically endorsed Ron Paul for president in 2012 on his nationally syndicated talk radio show. Commercial-free podcasts are available for download with a paid subscription but the price is very cheap: $3 a month or $30 a year.

Radio Liberty

Dr. Stan Monteith’s daily 4 hour show has hour 1 aired on the GCN Network and the rest airs over various Christian radio networks. Monteith is a huge Ron Paul supporter and supports abolishing the Federal Reserve and avoiding foreign wars. Strictly speaking, it isn’t a libertarian show and covers everything from religion, politics, and conspiracy theories but there is good information available for libertarians if you’re willing to look for it. I recommend the Thursday weekly 1 hour interviews with Joel Skousen of World Affairs Brief.

Alex Jones

Alex Jones is a huge Ron Paul supporter but his in-your-face style and coverage of conspiracy theories isn’t for everybody. But there is good info that you won’t find covered elsewhere if you’re willing to sift through, and Alex has had many excellent interviews – even with people you wouldn’t expect such as Buzz Aldrin and Oliver North.

Larry Elder

Larry Elder calls himself a libertarian but does not favor a non-interventionist foreign policy and thus is not a Ron Paul supporter. He has appeared a number of times on Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch however and recently spoke positively about Dr. Paul. Elder’s show is nationally syndicated over the radio but downloading the podcasts requires a paid subscription.

Neal Boortz

Like Larry Elder, Boortz calls himself a libertarian but does not support non-interventionism and isn’t much of a Ron Paul supporter. And like Larry Elder, he has appeared numerous times on Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch. The Neal Boortz Show is in the top 20 most listened to talk radio shows. There doesn’t seem to be a podcast but clips are available for free on his website.

Mike Church

Church is a libertarian conservative who supports Ron Paul and favors a non-interventionist foreign policy. His show requires a paid subscription to Sirius XM satellite radio. However, videos from the “post show show” are available free on the internet

The Libertarian Solution

Weekly Arizona based libertarian talk show

Bonus: Harry Browne radio archives

Two-time Libertarian presidential candidate Harry Browne (R.I.P.) had a political radio show and an investment show.  I don’t have a link to the archives of the political show, but “The Money Show” archives can be downloaded here. Harry Browne also hosted the TV show “This Week in Liberty” on the now defunct Free Market News Network. If anyone knows where to watch download that, please post in the comments.

Internet Only Shows and Podcasts

Freedom News Hour co-hosted by Nolan Chart’s very own Walt Thiessen. Yes, it’s hosted on the “Progressive Radio Network” but don’t let the name fool you

The Jacob Horneberger Show Judge Napolitano’s friend and regular guest on Freedom Watch. Also available on YoutTube

The Ayn Rand Institute Youtube Channel. Also there is a seperate website for ARC podcasts & guest appearances on news shows

Reason TV Youtube Channel

Adam Kokesh Youtube Channel. Archive of his defunct RT TV show Adam vs. the Man also available on Youtube

Radio Free Market

Free Markets with Dr. Mike Beitler

School Sucks Podcast

King World News

Financial Sense Newshour

Freedomain Radio

Dave Champion Show

CATO institute podcasts and events

Progressive Radio News Hour is not a libertarian show, but the host does like Ron Paul and some of his regular guests are Paul Craig Roberts and Bob Chapman. The host, Steven Lendman, used to host the Global Research Newshour on and some of his articles are reprinted on

African American Conservatives is also not a libertarian show, but the host seems to be libertarian-friendly and really does her homework for the interviews. Check out the interview with Peter Schiff for example

Free Talk Live

24 Hour News Streams (all legit, not pirated) has an excellent and free cross-platform downloadable app that lets you watch news stations such as Russia Today, France 24, Al Jazeera, Press TV, and BBC World

CNN audio stream

Bloomberg Television

Bloomberg Radio


MSNBC (streams daily from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.) A few shows such as Rachel Maddow can be downloaded free as a podcast with iTunes

C-SPAN 1, 2, and 3

Fox News Live (not the same as Fox News)

Fox News Radio A mix of Fox News radio and rebroadcasts of Fox News TV shows. Even Freedom Watch was rebroadcasted once a week. Uses the same schedule as Sirius XM satellite radio Fox News Talk. Also available as an elusive downloadable Adobe Air desktop app which also streams some live events such as Fox News presidential debates

Republic Broadcasting Network (audio stream)

Genesis Communications Network (GCN) (audio stream)

Liberty Radio Network (audio stream)

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  1. says

    Thanks for the mention, Evan! The show I do on PRN is also co-hosted with Jake Towne and Gene Denardo, who are also regular Nolan Chart contributors. The link you supplied was to PRN’s page for our show. The show also has its own web site at

    Also, the Nolan Chart recently added the ability for contributors to create “video articles” and “audio articles”. Depending upon whether contributors take advantage of these new alternatives by creating their own YouTube versions for presentation here on the ‘Chart, I am also considering the possibility of creating Nolan Chart radio. This is still a largely back-burner project at the moment.

  2. Keith Smith says

    This guide doesn’t include Free Talk Live which is more popular than almost all of the radio shows listed.
    It is live from 7:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. seven nights a week.
    It has over 100 radio affiliates and a large online/podcast listening audience.

    It also doesn’t include the many pro-liberty radio shows and podcasts from New Hampshire, nor the many pro-liberty TV shows from New Hampshire.

    For example:
    Free Minds Radio
    Capital Access TV
    Free Minds TV
    Free Keene TV

  3. MootsaGootsa says

    With all these Libertarian shows I wonder why nobody heard of Gary Johnson.  His message needs to be heard.  I need him to be our next President.

  4. Stephen MacDuffy says

    Free Talk Live is not an internet only show or podcast. They are broadcast 7 nights a week on over 100 radio stations around the globe.

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