Conservatives, think past election day!

Those in control of the process have already got to Rush Limbaugh. Today, Rush said “Wait ’til the next four years if Obama is re-elected.”  Rush assumes the Court will sustain Obama Care.  Rush assumes a Republican Congress will not fight Obama after Election Day 2012, nor will the GOP win both Houses of Congress.  Rush is laying the foundation for conservatives to bend over and accept Romney.  Rush is telling us even today, that no matter the result of the primary, we conservatives have to do our duty, and once again accept the “lesser of two evils.”

First, lets look at the past. Can anyone honestly say that America is in its present state solely because of the Democrats?

Did President George Bush II attempt to seal the American Mexican border?  No. Did PresidentGeorge Bush II over commit US military forces in wars which have no real import to the US national security? Yes  Did George Bush and the Republican Congress attempt to “Drill baby Drill”?  No.  Did President George Bush call for the first bail out, 5 trillion dollars?  Yes.  Have you seen Republican Senators stick together and filibuster legislation like Obama Care?  Absolutely not!

So can we accept that the Republican Party is as guilty for our current national crisis as the Democrats? 

Now, I think some who joined and participated in the Tea Party saw that same series of problems.  I think Sarah Palin had great appeal, in part, because she took on the old boy network within the Republican Party in Alaska. I think Palin had great personal attraction, because like many of us, she was tired of the political insiders within the GOP robbing us of our voice in government.  We did the work then once election day was over, the conservatives were shoved into the closet.  She saw that the Beltway Republicans were as guilty of taking advantage of the Congressional perks and privileges as the Democrats.  Liberalism infests the GOP, not only in perks but policy.

So, if we can agree on this, then conservatives, what do we do if Romney wins the nomination?  Lets look at the four most likely scenarios;

a.Romney andboth Houses of Congress controlled by Republicans.

b. Romney and the House.

c. Obama and both Houses of Congress controlled by Republicans.

d. Obama and the Senate.

In my view, the very best outcome out of these four scenarios, for America is Obama and the Senate. If the House remains strongly held by the Tea Party controlled Republican Party…we will see deadlock for 4 years. Obama Care won’t be repealed but the House could block all legislation to fund it or enact it. The economy will continue to worsen, which it will anyway,but public anger will finally find its mark, Obama.

The very worst scenerio is if Romney wins, and the Republicans win both Houses of Congress.  Then the GOP will do all the things we have opposed.  Amnesty, higher taxes, continued globalism, and a continued sell out of America.  A Republican Congress with a conservative President could change the direction of the nation.  But a Gop Congress with a RINO President could ruin it just as quickly. 

Mitt Romney is wrong for the nation. He is NOT a conservative, he is not a Christian, and he is not good for our nation.  Look at the people who support Romney; McCain, Trump, Bob Dole, Beck, Goldman Sachs (Romney’s largest donor). George Soros, the Democratic King Maker said Romney is no different from Obama.

Now look at who has endorsed, or supported Gingrich; Sarah Palin, Fred Thompson, Herman Cain, Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann and the two Reagan’s, Nancy and Michael.

Real conservatives have to stop voting for the “lesser of two evils.”  We have to stop letting the tail wag the dog.

Why is Romney winning?  Because the conservative majority is divided by three candidates.  We are losing because we are not united. 

Maybe some of the conservatives really aren’t conservative?  When you look at the words Liberal and Libertarian, do you notice anything?  Do they look alike?  Aren’t libertarians ok with homosexuality and the use of illegal drugs?  Aren’t libertarians opposed to social conservatives and the religious right?  Does a 76 year old Ron Paul, a man who wouldn’t win a primary in his own state of Texas have any shot? Or is he in the game to keep conservatives divided? There is no question that some of what Ron Paul advocates is the right policy. He could serve as either Secretary of State or Secretary of Treasury and help dig us out of the mess we have gotten into.

But if Santorum and Paul refuse to get out, if Romney is eventually the winner, than Conservatives must really think about after November, 2012.

Conservatives need to start to consider splitting their ticket in November.  If the RINO’s are able to manipulate the primary to Romney, we need to start to look at doing the unthinkable and voting for Obama.  If conservatives sit it out, the GOP loses one vote for each of us who abstains.  But, if we vote for Obama our vote counts twice! Once, where the GOP loses a vote, and one where theObama picks up a vote!

Is the idea of voting for Obama easy to accept?  No.

Is it easy to offer, absolutely not.

But, look back to America since Ronald Reagan was President.  Look back.  When did we head in the wrong direction?  When did the troubles start?  I would submit it started with George Bush I in 1988.  (Bush did an excellent job ending the Cold War, but his post CW policies started what we have today. )  How far in the wrong direction will you go before you say, we are done with you GOP!  We are finished.  The Tea Party was a chance, but, it has been corrupted.  Sarah was our chance, but something happened to scare her away.  Was she human?  Did she make a mistake, one many of us have made?  Did she place her family above her own ambition, or the good of the nation?  I dont know.

If you listened to Rush today it was kind of a rehearsal for Rush to be a Romney backer!  Rush either knows, or senses, or has been told, we need to end this primary, Romney is it.  Rush believes in capitalism, but where he has not thought through the problem is that capitalism is a national economic model, not an international one.  We are the United States.  We can make an even playing field within our borders, but we can’t expect one outside our borders.  No the United Nations cannot level of the international field.  And they would not if they could.  America needs to be self sufficient, and we can be.  This is the best way to raise the people at the bottom of the earnings scale.  Don’t allow illegal immrants and trade with third world nations to devalue US manual labor.  Sarah and may be Newt see America needs a completely new direction, a reversal of todays economic and foriegn policies.  Mitt does not.    

Conservatives, we have been out “politicked” time and again. The Democrats and RINOs know how to play the game, we dont.  And look at the state of our nation as a result of being good republicans.  I will not do it one more time.

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  1. Bentree says

    The loss of the media has been the death knell of our Republic. They have decided, most importantly, who will not be the next President or Senator or Congressman. Sarah is the only person near the top with the intelligence, character and integrity to make a difference in our future. Just what impact? We shall never know because the left truly fears a politician of her integrity, intelligence and character. George Washington could never have been President in contemporary America. The American people, a majority of them at least, elected a Marxist miscreant because they believed he was the golden goose who would leave a golden gift on their doorstep, when in reality he has left a brown pile of stinking Marxism. They are either incapable of facing the truth or they are happy with it because their view of the United States no longer coincides with the Founders view.

    I had a young man come to the door, a purveyor of green tech, his opening was that the government owed me money and he was there to help me collect it. I told him that I wanted none of his money, there was no comprehension. I explained and he looked at me like I was crazy. When will he comprehend it? Most likely not until they have taken all his stuff and he is shoved into the shower.

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