Sarah speaks for the right!

“In a Facebook post this weekend, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin defined the GOP primary as not a battle between Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney but one between “the GOP establishment vs. the Tea Party grassroots and independent Americans who are sick of the politics of personal destruction used now by both parties’ operatives with a complicit media egging it on.””  This is the lead paragraph in a story by Tony Lee in his Daily Events Column, a part of Human Events Publication.

I am stunned. I can’t believe it.  A real conservative publication, at last.  Or at least from this article it sure does look like one.

Sarah Palin is the voice of much of the Republican Party!  She should be our nominee!  She should be President of the United States!  But may be, as  a non-candidate she is even more effective as a voice for an America that wants the original Constitution, original capitalism, and a reliance on our Christian God instead of Washington, D.C.

Florida is a super important battle ground today.  It is abundantly clear that the RINO power brokers of the north east want to end this primary before America gets a chance to get in the game.  They want a Romney win in Florida to end the primary.  Romney has spent more than thirty million dollars so far, fifteen in Florida alone.  Florida is a key state because it is located in Dixie, but very large parts of population are immigrants from New York, Jersey, and much of the northern mid-west!  So it looks Southern, but underneath, there’s a lot of Yankee blood which most Americans don’t know.  I always call Florida the sixth county of New York City…south of Staten Island!

If Romney loses in Florida the entire Republican Primary system becomes important, and America gets a voice!  But what many political pundits don’t want to say is…even if Romney wins, even by double digits, he outspent Gingrich five to one, in a state where he should have alot of support…what’s the big deal if Romney does win?

Conservatives no matter what happens, hang on.  Send donations to Gingrich, or Santorum, or Paul.  Don;t let this primary season end in Florida. Further, start the conservative mantra “no more lesser of two evils” now!  That has been the argument of the RINO’s and moderates since the first George Bush.  We picked George Bush I twice ( 1 – 1), Bob Dole once ( 0 – 1), George Bush II twice ( 2 – 0 ) (lost both Houses of Congress while he was in office), and John McCain once, ( 0 – 1 ). 

Our nation is 17 trillion in debt. We are spread thin in wars all over the world that have nothing to do with our own security. Our borders are wide open, we are invaded by 20 million illegal immigrants drawing education, health care, depressing wages, living in squalor.  We have lost our industrial base, are energy dependent when a Congressional Report says we are the world’s leader in energy reserves, oil – gas – coal.  Our economy is pillaged and raped by globalism.  The boys from Yale and Harvard, New York City and Boston have destroyed America…

We cannot accept Romney, and we must say “No more lesser of two evils.” 

If we can’t have Sarah, than lets unite behind Sarah, let her speak for us, but we have to vote.  Sarah says support Gingrich…than we support Gingrich.  Let Sarah deal with Newt. 

Glen Beck has sold out.  A Mormon who pretends to be a Christian, he has sold out. Rush is Rush.  I think he doesn’t want Romney, but he can’t or won’t burn bridges.  Hannity is a Yankee from Long Island.  Though he flies over it all the time, he doesn’t know the heartland!

Floridians strike for the Cause!  “No lesser of two evils!” 


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  1. PaulTard says

    No lesser of two evils? 

    Are you saying that you think Newt would be a good thing for this nation? The guy who advocates ripping up the Constitution? The guy who is almost as much of a RINO as Romney? Wow….

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