Which minority is the right one?

An historic day!  How many times did you hear that on Election Day 2008?  May be you voted for Obama because it was historic!  May be you voted for Obama because he was black?  May be you did that out of guilt?  It did not matter that where he was born was in question. It did not matter that no one had ever heard of him.  It did not matter that he was talking blatant socialism with the redistribution of wealth and national health care.  Nope, none of that mattered.  You felt relief, a degree of pride, America was what it said it was, an opportunity to all.  See a black man won a fair and open election!  Never mind that the GOP picked their weakest candidate.  John McCain was an old white man, with no ideas, no foundation with executive experience, no national leadership experience.  Never mind that he had to be foisted into that spot through a Republican primary process set up to select a non-contender RINO.  Nope, Obama won, and what’s fair is fair.  And a minority won, isn’t that terrific!

Now it is four years later. Let’s see are you better off today than you were four years ago?  Are your children?  How ’bout the grand kids?  Do you see growth, opportunity and prosperity in the American economy?  Did billions and billions in new debt fix the problem?  Does your child look forward to the opportunity of flippin’ burgers at Micky D’s? 

Did we leave the Middle East?  Are the wars over?  I know Obama’s cutting the Army by a full Corps, 80,000 men, but do you think America’s Armed Services have been withdrawn?  Can we still protect ourselves?  We aren’t at the border!

Is America energy self-sufficient?  Did we drill baby drill?

Hummm, no?  No to every question.  Boy, …well, we elected a minority, at least we can be proud of that!  Right?  Does it matter that not one federal budget has been adopted in Obama Presidency?

But wait, didn’t Obama deny that America is a Christian nation?   Does it matter that 80% of Americans identify themselves as Christians, but hey, we are not a Christian nation! 

Now, Mitt Romney looks like the probable winner in Florida after he outspent Newt, 15 million to 3 million dollars.  Romney has trashed Newt, claiming Newt was guilty of ethics violations as Speaker of the House.  He doesn’t tell you RINO’s and Democrats filed 84 ethics violations against Newt, and all but one was dismissed.  They don’t tell you the one he was found guilty on was purely technical in nature.  The entire negative campaign against Newt is based on falsehoods and exaggerations.  But you know what, with all that negativism, did Romney tell you what he would do if elected?  Gingrich has been criticized for too many idees…too many initiatives to improve America.  Newt is too smart to be President.

So what are Romney’s ideas?  What is his grand strategy…listen…silence. 

But, here’s the key, Romney as a Mormon is a politically correct minority, like Obama.  He is not a Christian, though Glen Beck (another Mormon) does everything he can to confuse the issue, and lead people to believe Mormons are Christians.  So here we go again, lets prove how fair and open America is…GOP choose a Religious minority.  Right?   

We could have had a real minority. We could have had a white conservative woman from Alaska.  We could have had Sarah Palin.  Now there’s a minority!

Or we could have Libertarian Ron Paul, a real minority, one that doesn’t get 3% of the people to call themselves Libertarian. 

Limbaugh tells is that the mainstream media is saying a Romney victory in Florida pretty much ends the GOP primary!  Florida do you like being bought? 

Does Romney’s outspending by five times his principle opponent Newt five to one deserve your vote?  Do you like being bought?  Are you ready for the costs associated with national health insurance?  That’s where Romney, the author of the proto type of Obama Care, will take us if he should accidentally defeat Obama.

But Romney is not supportive of all minorities.  In Florida, Rush reports Romney is behind the Congressional redistricting process in Florida. This process is controlled by establishment Republicans who are going to write out African American, military veteran, Tea Party Congressman Allen West. His Congressional district elimnated, despite the fact that Congress is gaining two seats!  So being a conservative black who is a voice of the Tea Party,…well for Romney and the RINO’s that’s not the right minority!  

Former Arkansas Governor Huckabee endorseed Romney recently.  But, four years ago, Huckabee said Romney’s attack ads distorted and lied about him.  Huckabee was and is a RINO camouflaged as a Southern Christian.  But, HUckabee is  from the same state as Bill Clinton!  The point here is that Romney seems to have no problem lying in ads about opponents.  He is doing that in a 15 million dollar campaign avalanche in Florida, and he will continue to do it til Newt collapses. 

But, as a former political operative, I see this fight running to the convention.  And as a conservative, if we do not persevere, I will vote for Obama, and will call on all other conservatives to do the same.  No matter how bad Obama is, …what’s worse a Republican Obama (Romney) in the White House, with a Republican Congress, or the real Obama and a Republican Congress grid locked for four more years?  

Romney and a Republican Congress can pass amnesty, consolidate and entrench national health care, keep the wars going, and continue globalism which has devasted our economy.  Obama and a Republican Congress will just fight.  Which is worse?

Or we could get a conservative Republican leading Congress, and wow, we might actually seal the border, end debt financed government, and take steps to create energy self sufficiency!  That’s the choices  

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