Limited Government Response to Ron Paul Detractors

What many folks miss is that the things they see as important are better protected under a paradigm of limited government than they are in the current climate of each side battling for it’s very existence because the unlimited power available to their ‘opponents’ should they grasp the spiked club of government from the ‘good guys.’

In a limited government paradigm such as was intended by our Constitution, no such existential threat can manifest, so people have to figure out how to co-exist with their neighbors rather than constantly demanding that the Nanny deal with those neighbors for them.

That which is subsidized will increase….our failed experiment in liberty failed because the limits on the growth of the power available to elected bureaucrats have been eroded and fallen away. 
The paradigm of ever-escalating power and oppression subsidizes divisiveness, fear and hate…of fellow Americans and fellow humans. 

While we defend and enable that paradigm of unlimited power for elected individuals the various things that individuals feel strongest about or feel are most important are under constant threat. This is no way for an intelligent species to advance.

It is time to take responsibility for the mess we are in…even though it’s roots started before many of us were born, blame fixes nothing. Humans are limited in their ability to influence outcomes by the fact they, we, can only act in the present.

It is time to act in the present in ways that will not result in more of the same hate, fear and power-blind growth of government and of power for elected bureaucrats.

In the 1940’s Ludwig von Mises wrote the most thorough and elegant rationale for limiting the power of bureaucrats (government elected officials and employees).

This brilliant work is 135 pages of the most enlightening foretelling of the the mess we have now and how it has been created by a lack of limits on the growth of government at every level from town councils to the Suit in the Oval Office.

Read it online for free here:
Bureaucracy, L.v.Mises

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