Rush has lost some credibility…

Rush is much more complex, much more “connected” than he appears.

Did you ever notice how he takes vacations, or leaves his show at the oddest times?  And how he is coincidentally in Hawaii when Obama is!  What’s that about?  I see Rush as a power player, but not the independent we hope he is.  It’s almost like, at critical times, he has to get his marching orders from somebody.

I believe Rush started as an American populist conservative, twenty years ago, or however long ago he started.  And I absolutely believe he is a great communicator on par with “Ronaldus Magnus.” And I believe he is an American at heart, not a globalist like the neo-conservatives, the Bushes, the Romney’s the Kennedy’s and the Clintons.  But I am also coming to believe that Rush is controlled, that one or more very wealthy, very influential people guide Rush, and the rest of the conservative talk show hosts.  Now Rush is much more nuanced, much more subtle in his changes of direction. Unlike Beck, who is a screaming maniac, or Hannity who is in New York, the Mecca of liberalism, and whose conservatism is based on the US – Israel alliance,  Rush is more politically astute, and like a glacier turns more slowly than the others.  But, he turns.

Rush is now trying to take from Newt, without giving it to Romney, and so he is now highlighting Rick Santorum.  I think Rush knows that Romney is another Dole or McCain. He can’t win.   Many conservatives like me, social conservatives, political conservatives, populist conservatives have had it with the “lesser of two evils” arguement which is the mantra of the RINOs.  We wont go down that road again.  Obama is bad, he is wrecking America, but Romney, Bush are the same thing, and so if we are going to crash, lets vote for Obama, hit the accelerator and obliterate this nation and start over.

I think Rush knows this, because of the email he receives from regular people every day.

So now, Rush may be shifting his emphasis towards Santorum. 

But for me, Florida is too important to change horses now.  Rush’s decision to shift now, just days before the primary, could harm Newt, but not give Santorum Florida. Instead, Romeny will win, if Gingrich doesn’t. And when that happens the blue bloods will once again say the Republican primary is over. They will change focus, and try to drive Santorum out. 

The Tea Party, and real conservatives need to stick with Gingrich through Florida in the hopes that it will demonstrate Romney can’t win.  Once that happens, we will have shifted the Republican primary to the right. Let’s drive Romney out.  Let’s end the sole RINO – Globalist out of the race so that the choice will be left between Gingrich – Santorum – Paul.  And yes, still hoping somehow Sarah Palin sneaks in!

Florida could change this race and the real choice in November.  Florida you could put the stake in the heart of liberal monster in the GOP.  Mitt Romney could be vanquished and we could work on getting it right, on the right.

Rush, I don’t know who guides you?  I don’t know if I am wrong, and you some scheme you are hatching yourself.  But I do know that the conservative talk show hosts have not been what I had hoped for.  They are not Tea Party.  They are not America First.  They are not Pat Buchannan.  They are George Bush..both of them.  They are not emasculating government; they are not for State’s Rights.

So whatever you all are doing, know we are not just listening, we are thinking.  


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  1. PaulTard says

    Dude…seriously…you are a hypocrite. For a guy that 3 weeks ago didn’t think Gingrich was worthy, you sure to have a lot of support for him now…It’s sad that you follow your hive queen so closely that you’ll vote for someone who is completely opposite of what your party states that it stands for.

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