SC Debate Audience Protests CNN Effort to Censor Ron Paul

On Thursday night, the four remaining Republican presidential candidates clashed in the final GOP debate prior to the South Carolina Primary.  Earlier in the day, Texas Governor Rick Perry dropped out of the race and endorsed Newt Gingrich.  It was a bitter-sweet day for the former Speaker as one of his ex-wives publicly accused him of asking her to agree to an open marriage so that he could continue his affair with congressional aide, Callista Bisek.

Gingrich was given the first question of the debate, asked by John King if he would like to respond to the allegation.  Newt offered a blistering rebuke of John King and CNN, suggesting that opening the debate on this topic was “as close to despicable as anything [he] could imagine.”  Some would suggest that a far more despicable thing might be a politician guilty of nearly half a century of serial adultery who markets himself as a “family values” Christian. 

Eventually the debate moved forward with Congressman Ron Paul hammering away with his signature message of smaller government.  On one point, even Paul’s detractors can agree.  Ron Paul does not change his positions to suit the preferences of the audiences to which he is speaking.  His is a message of consistency.  Before a crowd that strongly favored privileges for military veterans, Paul was asked if returning veterans should be given special tax breaks.  Congressman Paul didn’t pull any punches.  He explained why specific groups should not be singled out for special treatment.  Paul also pointed out the need to reform the government-run health care system to address the needs of military personnel returning home from deployments. 

Unfortunately, the debate quickly devolved again into a dog-eat-dog circus.  For the next 45 minutes, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum took shots at each other – hurling mud and fighting among themselves to rewrite their various histories of support for big government programs and unconstitutional legislation.  Congressman Paul was again largely ignored by the debate moderator – a repeat of his experience in the previous Fox News GOP debate in Myrtle Beach.

The problem facing Ron Paul is that the mainstream media (MSM) cares more about providing opportunities for inter-candidate mud-slinging than in providing an atmosphere conducive to a substantive exchange of ideas.  Paul has consistently come out ahead in forums that have favored intellectual debate on real issues, such as in his excellent debate performances in Iowa and New Hampshire.

In the closing minutes of the CNN debate, after continued refusal to extend an opportunity for Paul to speak (this time of the subject of abortion), the South Carolina crowd became angry and vocally protested with boos and jeers.  Under pressure, John King reluctantly ceded time to Paul.  For the second time during the debate, Paul pointed out to King that, as the only medical doctor on the stage, it should be natural to think to include him in the debate questions on health care.  Paul said:

“John, once again, it’s a medical subject. I’m a doctor,” drawing cheers from the crowd. “I do want to make a couple comments because I can remember the very early years studying obstetrics and I was told — it was before the age of abortion –  I was told that in taking care of a woman who is pregnant, you have two patients. I think that solves a lot of the problem about when life begins.”

Dr. Paul continued:

“I also experienced a time later on in my training in the 1960s when the culture was changing. The Vietnam war was going on. The drugs were there. Pornography came in and abortion became prevalent even though it was illegal. The morality of the country changed. The law followed up. When morality changed, it reflects on the laws. The law is very important. We should have these laws. Law will not correct the basic problem. That’s the morality of the people.”

With such honest and masterful answers, it is no wonder that the audience demanded more time for Congressman Paul to speak. 

Following the debate, Congressman Paul sent an email to his supporters touting his performance.  He wrote:

“My debate performance tonight is already turning heads. What the crowd saw tonight was my opponents savaging each other over and over in a desperate attempt to defend their Big Government records. Me?  I wasn’t touched once.  Because quite frankly, I can’t be. I’ve spent 30 years fighting against establishment politicians – like my opponents – to finally put an END to politics as usual.”

The brazen efforts by the MSM to silence Paul cannot be denied. And yet political pundits still pontificate in their spin rooms as to why Paul supporters behave like angry hornets.  Tonight, the audience in South Carolina sent a message to the media elite.  Ignore Ron Paul, and you’re going to get stung.

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Jake Morphonios has worked as a political consultant and campaign strategist for over two decades and is the author of “Organizing a Grassroots Political Machine”, used in the Steve Forbes 2000 Presidential campaign.

The Author with Ron Paul in South Carolina, 2009

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  1. says

    Thank you Mr. Morphonios for your fair and fact-based article. I agree that the MSM has an unacceptable agenda to censor Ron Paul’s ideas. Please note as futher evidence of this censorship the following article from Businessweek that discusses last night’s without one mention of Ron Paul (until the reader comment section).

    • Jacques666 says

      This morning I went to the Business Week / Bloomberg post you mentioned. There were a slew of posts all mentioning the lack of any mention of Ron Paul.

      I logged on 5 minutes ago. All those posts had disappeared. In fact, there were zero comments, except for the one I posted wondering where all the others went.

      Not too blatant, are they?

      • says

        jacques, those posts are back up now fortunately. im in the process of writing a letter to the editor of the article about how the authors  appear to have violated the Businessweek  journalistic code of ethics on numerious counts. This censorship of Ron PAul is out of control. I wish there were more we could do.

  2. Jacques666 says

    The “moderator” John King should trade in his journalism credentials for
    that of chief propagandist. He couldn’t have been more obvious in his
    dismissive style towards Dr. Paul if he tried. 

    I’m sure you also noticed the “visual” censorship as well. Multiple times during the debate, the camera view included a close up of only 3 candidates – EXCLUDING Ron Paul. When they did show a view of all four, it was a longer, less obvious view. Then at the very end, when they were showing the faces of each candidate, they finally got to Ron Paul, and BING! The image shot was cut off mid way.

    The reasoning is easy to see: Implant the thought in a viewer’s mind that there are only 3 real candidates running.

  3. says

    I doubt it’s a coincidence that John King, husband of Dana Bash, tried to largely push Ron Paul aside in last night’s debate.

  4. RisingStars says

    John King is married to Dana Bash (CNN) who consistently bashes Ron Paul. Now, last night King was the king of ignoring Ron Paul…

    But, to the point of abortion and the hypocrisy of Santorum: Ron Paul has been the most consistent and knowledgeable voice on the issue of abortion. Besides being a doctor who delivered over 4,000 babies, many people don’t know that “Ron Paul wrote a book in 1983 entitled Abortion and Liberty where he discusses the ramifications of the heinous act of the murder of innocents. Ronald Reagan’s Surgeon General, C. Everett Koop wrote the forward where he praises Paul’s thoughtful position on this issue and its impact on the natural rights of men.

    Ron Paul’s consistency on issues flies in the face of the hypocrisy of the other candidates. His stance is to return the abortion issue back to the States because he believes it is a State issue and not Federal. Thus, in one swoop, Roe vs. Wade would be overturned. Pretty clever, eh?

    But, Santorum who criticized Ron Paul for not voting at the Federal level on an issue, voted against “Right to Work” because it went against what his State did. This is where a shining light shows the difference between Ron Paul and Santorum. Ron Paul votes his convictions consistently, Santorum would vote against his convictions because as he said “I was representing my State…” And, what if Pennsylvania was for abortion or for gun control, I wonder what would Santorum have voted for? Would he have voted “his convictions” or “against his convictions to represent his State?” You know one thing for sure… Ron Paul always votes how he thinks and is not swayed by outside influences (like Santorum the lobbyist).

    BTW, I live in Texas and know someone who was delivered by Ron Paul when he was a doctor. Pretty cool to think that an ex-doctor and possible next President brought life into the world instead of taking it away. Ron Paul is very Pro-Life, which is why he is also against unjust and unconstitutional wars, though that is another topic, but on the point of how much this man cherishes life (liberty and the pursuit of happiness)!

    Ron Paul 2012. The only honest candidate there is.

    • Zhjunkie says

      You can say that John is the KING of ignoring Presidential Ron Paul and Dana keeps on BASHing Ron Paul to no avail. I guess these two married couples should stop the discrimination and propaganda antics and stop serving their masters for the good of the people. They are both an embarassment to public service.

  5. Brad Hudgens says

    Im sure Dana let John know that if Ron got too many questions he would be sleeping on the couch…

    Speaking Results…

    Santorum : 24

    Newt :  21

    Mitt : 23

    Dr. Paul : 16

    I guess he slept well………..

  6. Mlclark says

    I watched my local myrtle beach news and Ron Paul had whopping 2 or 3 seconds of airtime while Gingrich, who didn’t even show up for a rally had plenty of airtime .

  7. says

    It my interpretation of American law and the current activities by those who would deny Ron Paul equal exposure as a presidential cabdidate for 2012 that has afforded me this opportunity to post the following:
    Ron Paul’s Rights Are Being Violated according to –

    The Federal Candidate Access Law47 USC Section 312 (a) the Commission may revoke any station license or construction permit– (7) for willful or repeated failure to allow reasonable access to or to permit purchase of reasonable amounts of time for the use of a broadcasting station by a legally qualified candidate for Federal elective office on behalf of his candidacy.…
    Statutes and Rules on Candidate Appearances & Advertising according to the Federal Communications Commission Rules…

    4 Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (e -CFR)e-CFR Data is Current as of June 9, 2006…
    “the Commission may revoke any station license or construction permit”. 
    I think it is time that the Commission revokes MSM, CNN, Fox and any other media sources’ license or permit for violating Ron Paul’s right.  Enforce the law.

    Signed, The Right Thing To Do

  8. says

    thank you for such a great summary of the debate.  I am an australian who has hoped for the rise of Ron Paul politics so that our own service men are not being thrown into danger by following along with the American foreign policy.
    Your style of reporting has given me the best nuggets without having to wade through the other “politics as usual” that make my skin crawl.
    It is not only USA that needs Ron Paul, the world needs to return to people who are Statesmen as their Leaders, not politicians whose decisions are made for the best  populist sound bytes.

  9. maryantonette says

    It’s not only the MSM. It is the powers behind the MSM. Ron Paul is the only candidate who stands for “Business, NOT as usual” The seniors in Florida who vote for anyone else are voting themselves hefty decreases in the already low buying power of their savings.

    Ron Paul 2012.

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