Tea Party should conduct debate, would Sarah and Michele do it?

A group of 150 conservatives are meeting at a ranch in Texas to see if they can come up with a consensus conservative candidate who could win the nomination.  Once again, folks want to end the primary season before it even starts!  This is kind of like deciding you want to end a four quarter, sixty minute football game after the first two minutes.  I am not for it.

But, one thing I am for is the Tea Party sponsoring a debate!  I believe that together, Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann should be the moderators, questioners, MC’s for a debate between the GOP primary contestants.  And I think the debate should be done in a different way than any thus far.  Time and the ability to get your message out is the single most important thing.  America is in real trouble.  Instead of doing one debate with half a dozen candidates, do several interview type debates, where two candidates face off against each other. And maybe you have to do a series of these, to allow candidates to match up with several opponents, and address a wide array of issues. 

We face real challenges. We face 17 trillion in debt.  We face a world of 200 nations who no longer look to the US for leadership, but instead we are in a world competitive to us.  We look at Radical Islam as a possible threat, but we dont look at the invasion of twenty million illegal immigrants as a threat to our national security in terms of cultural division, militant Latino anti Americanism, or the costs of the social services which must be provided to the poorest of people.  The American people need to learn how to shop for a leader! 

Americans need to learn citizenship.  We need to realize that we have now is what we picked.  Our government is failing because our people are failing as citizens.  We have allowed diversity to devalue citizenship. Heck we have a President we aren’t even sure is American.  We have foreign money in the electoral process.  We have surrendered governing ourselves. The Tea Party has seemingly disappeared, as if they are off stage until the GOP blue bloods select a RINO and then there will be an attempt to marshal grass roots support through the Tea Party.  Well I don’t know how many other former Republicans, who are now independent conservatives will rally to the Tea Party should a non-Christian be selected as the GOP candidate, but I will NOT.  Further, I am taking the next step.  If a RINO is selected, I will vote for the greater of two evils and vote for Obama.

Some are already surrendering to Romney. Callers to conservative talk shows pretend to be Tea Party people, or conservatives, but I reject this moderate effort to take away the primary process.  Tea Party, be who you said you were, us!  Do what you said you would do, represent us!  Don’t let “conservative” talk shows talk us away from conservatism and towards nominating one more McCain or one more Bob Dole. 

Think about this.  No one, not the main stream media, not the conservative talk shows, not the pundits, disagree with the reality that the Republicans are going to win both the House and the Senate.  We are going to have a Republican Congress. If we elected Romney as President, it will be the Republicans who destroy America by continuing down the neo-conservative road. Amazingly a conservative lke myself called Rush today to tell him, we will not vote for Romney, but will not vote for Romney.  For me, I would vote for Obama.  Let it burn.  Pit liberal against a Republican Congress and lock up the government ’til the conservatives can find a real candidate.

So Tea Party get a hold of Sarah and Michele and organize a debate.  Allow two very qualified, very popular conservatives to be the facilitators for the debate.  Shift this whole process to the right.  Ask, if we undo Obama Care, what will be left?  Will we revert to a pre-Obama Care health care system?  How will we separate from globalism and retake the American market?  Will God be invited to the governing table? Will we finally secure our border?  What are we going to do about our ballooning debt?

Tea Party you claimed to represent me, so get up and start representing me!  



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