Republican moderates all in for it enough?

Mitt Romney, former Governor of Massachusetts, isn’t even in New Hampshire today, with the primary coming up Tuesday.  Romney strategists may think they have a large enough “assumed” lead in New Hampshire that their candidate could move on to a much more conservative state, South Carolina.  But smoke signals from the deep woods of New Hampshire may be signaling a surprise for the liberal governor, father of Romney Care, from the northeast.

First, Ron Paul’s polls indicate he as it 24% and climbing.  And Rick Santorum is reported to have broken into double digits and could be surging in New Hampshire after his surprise showing in Iowa.  And now, vote counters in Iowa are reporting Romney may not have won Iowa.

Oops, is it hanging chads?  Or was it just wishful thinking on the part of the liberals in the GOP?

Ron Paul is not the typical conservative Republican.  He has a solid foothold in the libertarians, who are, social liberals.  They are for legalizing drugs, and homosexual rights, and a bunch of other stuff not normally associated with a conservative. In addition, Paul is anti-United Nations, and not beholding to Israel.  Paul appeals to alot of folks who could be stay at home citizens. 

Santorum on the other hand is your more traditional social conservative.  But, he’s from Pennsylvania, he knows the peculiar aspects of politics in the northeast, which would include unions, which Ron Paul, could never know.  And union members can’t be happy. Their jobs have fled the nation.  Their children won’t make their livings, like their parents did. 

Gingrich is also an effective force anywhere in the nation.  Besides being smart, and probably the most complete candidate with respect to understanding the issues, where we are in history, and what America faces in the next decade, Gingrich should have some connections from his time as speaker.

So maybe Romney knows what we will learn come next Tuesday, that he isn’t as solid in New Hampshire as the polls originally showed.

One has to start to wonder, did Romney know in advance his initial advantage would evaporate the weekend before the primary?  Were the numbers in the early polls his peak strength, and would those number shrink as all the other candidates swarmed into New Hampshire in the week after Iowa?  If Romney were not in New Hampshire, than any declines, even substantial ones could be blamed on the scheduler and the staff, and not be pointed to as evidence of Romney’s unpopularity in his home region!

The moderates have come out of the closet for Romney.  Just this week, John McCain, the Republicans’ last sacrificial lamb endorsed Romney.  But are there enough moderates and will they stay with a man who the longer he runs, the more we realize he is a Bush clone, buying the nomination with his own money?  The economy appears to be improving slightly, but the hard decisions, whether to repeal Obama Care and withdraw on the promise of national health care, or how to finance such a huge social promise is something which will shake up whatever recovery is happening.

For me, Republican moderates have never made sense. They should just move to the Democrats and stop causing chaos in the GOP.  And, for conservatives it’s time to win within the party, or sit out the general election. The “lesser of two evils: argument is worn out, and has placed the US in its current quandary.  

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  1. jay says

    Thanks, man. I enjoyed that. There is spin, and then there is SPIN. Have you seen the South Carolina numbers? And by the way, Romney’s still up 24 in NH in a poll released today.

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