Iowa, you must think of our nation's future!

Iowa is not one those states that dominates the news around the year.  But every four years, Iowa gets a real chance to lead, when the primaries roll around.  This year the Republicans have a large field of announced and unannounced candidates.  Sarah Palin is not running, yet.  But she certainly has imprinted on the GOP base, and Tea Party, and were I in Iowa, and able to write in my choice I would write in Sarah’s name. 

Would that hurt other announced candidates?

Certainly.  It would hurt Bachmann, and Paul and maybe Santorum.   And they all have their strengths, but they aren’t Sarah.  It would not hurt Romney and Perry, they are the blue bloods, moderates, kind of Bush clones, and if Iowans vote for them, they will prove they aren’t too sophisticated when it comes to judging character. 

Mitt Romney most recently sounded American and populist…for the moment.  Being the former governor of a bluer than blue, union state, on the American east coast, with the Boston Harbor, Romney is not a Heartland type person, not a nationalist, but a globalist who believes in world trade (meaning the export of US jobs).  Romney is not a Tea Party candidate; he just can read music and sings loud. 

In addition, Obama’s denial of the Christianity of the United States demands this election be a referendum on our national Christian character. We must nominate a Christian, a real Christian.  Sorry Mitt, you don’t fit that.  And, besides that, this is the governor who believes in state health care…which is no different from national health care…just semantics.  But massive tax increases are still going to have to pay for it.  We simply can’t afford it, while we face a 17 trillion national debt.  

Governor Rick Perry needs to get zero support in Iowa so we can eliminate him.  He did not defend the Texas border, did support a Trans Texas corridor from Mexico to Kansas City which would open the flood gates for another Mexican invasion of the American heartland!  Perry had not shown any Christian tendencies until recently, and that’s because his political advisers know the potential vote of the Religious Right.  Iowa, please, end Perry’s candidacy by ignoring him totally.

That leaves Gingrich, Bachmann, Paul and Palin.  Gingrich will pick up strength in larger east coast states; he doesn’t need a win in Iowa.  Michele Bachmann does, and so do we conservatives!  Michele would be an excellent V.P. choice for any of the male candidates.  She is just a good person, a good Christian.  Iowa step up and support Michele.

And there is Ron Paul.  Congressman Paul is right on so many things.  He brings the common sense of the US Heartland to the issues.  Paul is wrong on legalizing drugs, and on homosexuality, but he is right on a lot of other issues, including reducing engagement overseas, and slashing the federal government.

The decision to write in Palin, if done by a sufficient number of GOP primary voters could be the event which might bring Palin out of the closet.  I am still hopeful.  Sarah has been my choice from the beginning. She is a Ronald Reagan type personality.  She is a real person.  Her Alaska roots instilled in her the individualism and frontier spirit which used to dominate America.  Her fight against the oil companies, and against party insiders in the Republican Party are clear examples of her courage and leadership.

In any event, Iowa, it’s your turn.  You can make a statement at the caucus.  Please do your responsibility as a citizen!  Please exercise your right to help govern America.


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