If you are a Palin Patriot what should you do now?

Sarah Palin was my hope for America!  And while her future was uncertain I was unwilling to listen to the babble of Republican Primary.  I was set on Sarah.  For me, she was the answer, and I honestly believed I would be able to cast a ballot, whether it be Republican or Independent for Sarah.  Sarah seemed to have that rugged American personality which had not been corrupted by special interests and assimilated into the neo conservative view of globalism.  Sarah appeared to be an America First candidate, one with an inherent optimism based on what she knew of America and our history. 

When I read the headline stating her decision not to run it was like having the wind knocked out of .me.   My first emotion was disappointment, my second was futility.  America is collapsing and it’s not just economically.  We are not an America of Christian values, our President has denied we are a Christian nation.  I said to myself; I will just sit this one out, let America burn in its own selfishness and wait for the only remaining political answer, secession!

And, if Sarah was driven out of the race by the “politics of personal destruction” then we deserve every evil which happen to us.

But then God got into the act.  This morning while preparing for Mass I turned on CNN, to see first Herman Cain and then Michelle Bachmann interviewed by a heavy set liberal woman named Candy. 

My first impression of the interview questioning was the obvious bias in every word said by Candy.  Her point of view had two purposes, one to create tension between the half dozen Republicans running for office and secondly to demean first Herman and then Michelle.  No questions were asked which attempted to find out the issues and positions of either candidate.  Instead questions were intended to establish false realities, or to minimalize the political potential of either candidate.  Candy did her best to walk these two Republican conservatives into discussions which could not help them with the electorate.  And in every case the two were smart enough to avoid the purpose of the question.  At one point, in obvious frustration, Candy said to one of the candidates, “would you admit you have avoided the question?”  The answer given seemed to say; no, I just didn’t answer it the way you wanted me to!

This was my first time to listen to either of the candidates for any extended period of time and I was impressed by both of them.

Herman Cain is for real.  He has lived, risen in the business community, has life experience and seems to have a solid intellectual and character foundation.  And one great advantage for Cain is that he is an African American and can speak to issues of race without having to couch his terms in apologies and understatement. Cain also knows business and knows the American economy cannot be engineered to take off through government projects. 

Michelle Bachmann is very sharp in her interview skills and knows her views on governance.  She also knows politics.  My great worry about Michelle is that Congresspersons normal don’t have a large enough electoral base to translate into at least a statewide start.  Michelle has an advantage over Herman in that she knows what being elected to office means.  She knows the connection between office and constituency and policy.  And she has an understanding of legislative politics that only someone serving, or their staffs, can know.

Where Herman and Michelle are equal is that they are both excellent thinkers and speakers and they both seem to have a solid conservative philosophical base.

So this morning when I woke up I was sitting out the GOP primary, and by the time I got into the truck to drive to Mass I was reinvigorated by the choice of these two Americans.  Thank you God.   




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