Hey RINOS! Heres the Science: Bachmann IS Correct!

Honestly, this rant is not aimed at just the UBER ANNOYING Republican Elite; in reality ALL politicians and the media are 100% at fault here, and YOU, the American People are the DELIBERATELY BLIND VICTIMS of their fraudulent tactics.  That being said, if I hear ONE MORE so-called “conservative” or “Tea Partier” bash Bachmann for pointing out the FACTUAL SIDE EFFECTS of Gardasil just so they can defend Rick Perry, I am so going to go steal me some vials of Gardasil and shoot these Media Elites in the eye with it! 

Top Targets (Lino (Liberty-In-Name-Only) Talking Heads):  The entire staff of The National Review, and (proof of End Times here) Rush Limbaugh!

So, you want to talk “Science?”  How’s this for a SCIENTIFIC FACT:  Gardasil is NO ORDINARY VACCINE!


It is NOT like all other vaccines – it is NOT a dead or weakened version of the pathogen as all previous vaccines have been.  No, it is in fact a Lab-created MUTATION of the HPV that causes Cervical Cancer – it is NOT the natural HPV virus that Merck is injecting innocent children with.  It is a FRANKEN-VIRUS!

It has now been PROVEN that the actual vials that children are being injected with contain this Franken-Virus DNA.  And, the Genetically-Engineered Viral DNA itself has been found in the actual blood cells of a Gardasil victim more than TWO YEARS after she was injected.  The altered HPV DNA is circulating in her blood cells, NOT HPV antibodies as would be the case in someone who has effectively fought off a case of HPV (genital warts), or like would be found in the blood of someone vaccinated for MMR.  The whole idea behind how vaccines are supposed to work is that they trick your body into creating antibodies against a pathogen just as it would if you had actually gotten sick (Chicken Pox, for example).  Vaccines are NOT supposed to leave the actual virus floating throughout your blood supply for the rest of your life!

What are the side effects?  Well, for starters, the CDC itself ADMITS that at least 68 girls have DROPPED DEAD in the USA alone from receiving Gardasil in the past five years.  This does not include the 6 girls who dropped dead in India before Gardasil was banned there, or the hundreds of parents all over the world who claim that their daughters have also DROPPED DEAD! 

As for causing disability:  THOUSANDS of girls have been PERMANENTLY DISABLED.  These disabilities range from long-term comas to paralysis to extreme Auto-Immune diseases to, yes, AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS, which are labeled as something else because the victims are “too old” to be labeled ASD according to the government.

Other LIKELY side-effect:  Permanent Infertility.


 It NEVER UNDERWENT LONG-TERM TESTING AT ALL before the FDA “approved” it for human use!

Gardasil has only been in use for 5 years, and the vast majority of victims (recipients) are very young (ALL under age 26), and therefore have not even tried to conceive.  So, I ask you, is my hypothesis “valid” if I come to the conclusion that it is highly likely that Gardasil will cause permanent infertility, especially if injected into pre-pubescent children (both boys and girls now on Big Brother’s radar) due to the FACT that it is a Genetically-Engineered version of Virus DNA that the human body not only cannot fight off (because humans didn’t evolve to fight Franken-Viruses), but that has now been PROVEN to remain in the human body and MUTATE / ALTER human DNA?  And, considering that it is engineered to affect the CERVIX, and the cervix is kinda, well, required in order to conceive, then doesn’t it stand to reason that if you MUTATE THE CERVICAL CELLS that there will be no next generation?  Just sayin!

Oh yeah, regarding mutated genes:  Guess what the newly revealed “side-effect” of Gardasil is?  This one sure is a hoot!  Turns out that GARDASIL IS ACTUALLY CAUSING CERVICAL and THROAT CANCER!  And guess what?  It is causing Cervical Cancer in the population LEAST LIKELY to get it:  YOUNG “healthy” girls!  That’s right – the Government is mandating that we shoot up innocent children with a BIO-TOXIN to supposedly “protect” against a disease that only affects (before the invention of Gardasil, that is / was) 1% of the population and most of them ages 50-plus, and it turns out that the “vaccine” is actually CAUSING the disease it was meant to prevent!

Not for nothing, but contracting Monkey Pox sounds like a big bowl of cherries compared to this!

Oh yeah, just in case you think I am some crazy “Conspiracy Theorist” (I know you do, but hey, at least my grandkids won’t have to worry about dealing with your grandkids’ propaganda, since your grandkids won’t exist ;), there is one other person out there who knows about and has warned the FDA about (a futile endeavor, indeed) the DANGERS OF GARDASIL.  Who would that be, you ask?  Well, it just happens to be a “Scientist!”  And no ordinary scientist either:  The LEAD RESEARCHER (Dr. Diane Harper) behind Gardasil at Merck warned against its use before the FDA ever approved it.  I’ll just let you take your time digesting this little tidbit of info along with that “healthy” plate of Franken-Tofurky and BT-corn chips dipped in Agave “nectar.”  Don’t forget to skip that evil salt though!  Hey, don’t worry!  Senomyx has a solution for all your nasty salt and sugar cravings!



Update:  Apparently there is now a Twitter War being waged online by some author who has Cervical Cancer.  I am not on Facebook or Twitter (attempting to retain at least some of my brain cells / concentration ability), so I read about this via NY Mag. 
[link edited for length]

Ayelet Waldman apparently contracted HPV and hence Cervical Cancer from her husband.  She is now going on a rampage about “Conservative Nutjobs” whom she believes are against Gardasil because it promotes sexual promiscuity.  Well, that may be one legitimate argument against it, but in my opinion it is the least convincing argument against MANDATED VACCINATION.  No, most “Conservative Nutjobs” are against ALL MANDATED PROCEDURES that negate PARENTAL RIGHTS.  TRUE Conservatives and Libertarians are AGAINST MANDATING ANYTHING!!!  And, the WAY Rick Perry did it, via Executive Order, only made the situation that much worse.  SANE Conservatives understand that Rick Perry is just a wolf in sheep’s clothing when it comes to TRUE LIBERTY.  The Gardasil debacle is the most obvious, glaring (via his obnoxious “I am God – you will do as I say” smirk) proof of his true self.  Rick Perry doesn’t give a RATS CANCER-LADEN ARSE about protecting the Individual Rights and Liberties of a single person on this planet.  Rick Perry is NOT trying to “prevent cancer” like he says.  Rick Perry is nothing more than a self-absorbed politician who will do and say ANYTHING to get elected.  Rick Perry is the Ultimate Power-Monger who can out-lie any other politician in history.  And that includes Barack Obama – an amazing feat if there ever was one, that is for sure!

And, last I checked (forgive me for not wasting all my waking hours reading all the “Nutjob” blogs out there), Conservatives have NOT been claiming that only sluts who sleep around can contract Cervical Cancer, as Ms. Waldman seems to believe they are.  In fact, I have yet to hear ANYONE put the blame on any Cancer victims AT ALL.  What I have heard are a LOT of LIES about the “safety” of Gardasil and other vaccinations by the media and pundits who claim to be “relying on Science” and yet the SCIENCE is the very REASON I am 100 MILLION PERCENT AGAINST GARDASIL!

So, Ms. Waldman, you can add this to your Twitter Feed:  In response to your Tweet “If it makes one woman get her kid vaccinated, it’s a good thing, you prudish prick.”  I say to ALL PARENTS:  Do some research before you take Ms. Waldman’s advice.  You can start by reading the horror stories of the girls whose mothers’ deliberately CHOSE to have their daughters vaccinated because of a family history of Cancer – ask those mothers whose innocent daughters are now DEAD or PERMANENTALY DISABLED, if getting the Gardasil shots really are a “good thing.”

And, not for nothing, but any true “Conservative” with half a brain CANNOT argue that being vaccinated against MAYBE 2 of the strains of HPV that cause Cervical Cancer will actually lead to “innocent girls” becoming whores; at least not as long as AIDS and other STDs still exist, and most certainly NOT if they are holding Bristol Palin up as a “role model.”  Sorry, you just can’t dance your way out of those stars!

Oh, just in case you are all into gossip like everyone seems to be nowadays, try googling “Rick Perry Gay.”  That came up as I was trying to type “Rick Perry G_ardasil.”  Seems there are tons of “rumors” around Texas that Rick Perry and his wife are on the fritz due to his following in the steps of another Great Talker, Bill Clinton.  Just thought it was hilarious, especially since I read that AFTER I posted my last article, in which I was actually being facetious (although my “dry humor” does seem to fly past many – sorry).

Some links that may be of interest:


IMPORTANT NEW INFO – Why hasn’t the media reported this AT ALL?!?!
[link edited for length]
SANE Vax Inc. Discovers Potential Bio-hazard Contaminant in Merck’s Gardasil™ HPV 4 Vaccine
Gardasil victim found to have HPV DNA in her blood 2 Years Post-Vaccination
13 different vaccine vials – 13 different lots of Gardasil from around the world tested
Results – 100% contamination with HPV Recombinant DNA.


Important update on NEW Federal Vaccine MANDATES.
[link edited for length]
New Yorkers take note:  Write to your legislators NOW – they plan to MANDATE GARDASIL for ALL 6th graders and there is NO OPT-OUT in the bill!!!

The following website LOOKS like it is created by a bona-fide “Conspiracy Theorist.”  That being said, it claims to be PRO-vaccination, but only for SAFE ones.  It does have a lot of links to great information, but you have to scroll through the whole thing to find them – annoying.  Sometimes plain old black type on a white background truly does serve a purpose!

Here is a link to a sound-bite of Sean Hannity trying to have Bachmann clarify her statement that Gardasil causes “Mental Retardation.”  Is it just me, or is Bachmann’s response not 100% legitimate?  She only states the facts that she was given – She is not a doctor or scientist (duh), and this is what the mother of a victim told her.  So WHY is the blogosphere going NUTS on her?  And she also highlights Perry’s un-trustworthiness.  She didn’t say ANYTHING WRONG, in my opinion.  The kid obviously suffered some side-effect that changed her personality – Bachmann only repeated what the mother told her. 
Note how Hannity tries to defend Perry by asking Bachmann if she truly believes this is a serious reason not to trust him.  Slick move, Hannity, but luckily (and this is why I like Bachmann), she stood her ground firmly without batting an eyelash:  Rick Perry CANNOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, be trusted!  (my summation).  Here’s a tip to both Hannity and Bachmann – do your OWN research!  And the CDC CANNOT BE TRUSTED!  Who do you think funds the CDC / FDA?  Big Pharma / Big Ag – aka:  Merck and Monsanto!  Man, these people have been drinking WAY TOO MUCH Senomyx-laced Kool-Aid!
Oh, BTW: Gardasil has Aluminum in it – Aluminum breaks the blood-brain barrier, so yeah, it CAN cause “Mental” disorders.
[link edited for length]

OK, I can’t take it!  Here are links to the Bachmann-bashers (on the Left):
[link edited for length]
[link edited for length]
Read through the comments.  Now, think to yourself WHY are these people SO MAD at her?  Well, I was just taking a break and thinking about how the time has finally come that I MUST get my water tested (after all, I come from the same Isle of Long as Hannity and O’Reilly, and SOMETHING must be causing their blind ignorance), and I thought about how off the wall pissed the commenters are because she revealed or, in their opinion, is “misleading” the country into being anti-vaccination.  Then I realized the truth – THEY are also victims and just DO NOT want to admit the truth!  OMG!  That is why they all say “She’s not a scientist!”  NO DUH!  But NEITHER ARE YOU!  And, deep down they realize that fact and just cannot face the fact that they have been duped.  So, now it is with a great sigh of relief, that I am no longer worried about the entire country being rendered disabled /  infertile – I am now FULL OF GLEE!  In 100 years from now there will be NO MORE IDIOTS DESTROYING THE COUNTRY!  My descendants will be happily living along with the Amish just like our Founders intended – with Liberty and JUSTICE for ALL!  THANK YOU MERCK!!!

These are the only links I have on hand.  You can search for many more Gardasil horror stories.  I did have a really good website to link to on the SCIENCE and history of vaccines, but annoyingly it is on my old computer.  If I can get that old data I will update the link here.  I actually flipped-out over the whole Rick Perry / Gardasil thing because of what I thought was “old news” about Gardasil.  It was on that other website where I first read direct first-hand accounts from the families of girls (early victims) who had dropped dead or were permanently disabled.  Most of the families were very “liberal” (teen sex is ok, free birth control for all), or had serious histories of cancer in the family.  It was based on my recollection of reading those INSANE BUT REAL horror stories that I wrote my last article bashing Perry straight from my head (heart?), without actually doing any research.  This article was actually inspired by so-called “conservatives” on Fox News Bachmann-bashing, at the same time that I received a link to the Sane Vax Gardasil test results.  I STILL cannot believe the FDA / CDC / Media is STILL being absolutely SILENT!

I may be a Vegetarian, but I’ll Defend to the Death your Right to Eat Meat!


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