Rick Perry Wants to Kill Your Daughter

Wow, just WOW!  I had a gut suspicion that Rick Perry was a bad guy deep down, but he managed to prove that he is both an idiot and an agent of the Anti-Christ all in one fell swoop in tonight’s debate.  I feared he was a Dominionist, but assumed he would masquerade his intentions behind the Conservative Holy Grail of Parental Rights.  Boy was I wrong!  Thank you Ron Paul for cutting that fascist’s candidacy off at the knees!  

To sum up what I learned during the debate:  Rick Perry believes twelve year old girls are nothing more than Slut’s in Waiting and it is the Government’s job to prepare them for their future extracurricular activity as the Whores of the High School Hallways.  Perry’s solution:  Give them a MANDATORY shot of Garadisil!  Then your daughter will either DROP DEAD or be PERMANENTLY DISABLED, or she will turn out to be a Cervical Cancer-free well-trained candidate to serve as an intern in Rick Perry’s White House. 

Rick Perry is against cancer?  Oh yeah, well if that was the case he would abolish all farm subsidies  for soy, GMO corn and processed grain products that are force-fed to livestock and put on the store shelves, school lunch menus and the Government’s Food Pyramid.  FAKE FOOD, enviro-toxins and vaccines and other drugs pushed on us by Big Ag / Big Pharma / Big Brother is what causes cancer! 

Dude, at the very least he could just push Birth Control Pills on little girls like the Liberals do.  Heck, at least the terminal effects of The Pill don’t show up for at least a decade on average, and Breast Cancer survival rates are higher than Cervical Cancer.    But come on, give a truly DEADLY shot to someone to prevent a disease (Cervical Cancer) that affects less than 1% of the population?  The Pill supposedly protects against Cervical Cancer, prevents any unwanted teen pregnancies that the Texas School System apparently is producing via its Whore in Training curriculum, and the long-term effect is less chance of those little slut’s having kids later in life because all the toxic hormones cause long-term infertility. 

As for being an idiot, as soon as that part of the debate went down I said “That’s it – Perry’s done!”  Come ON!  Even the Huckster (Mike Huckabee) never made such a mistake during a debate!  The Huckster actually managed to convince way too many Homeschooling families that he was pro-Parental Rights, but luckily there were enough intelligent Conservatives out there to expose his horrible record on taxation and Big Government anti-Parental Rights legislation.  So, yeah, although it may very well be true that Social Security IS a Ponzi-Scheme, I just cannot imagine that Rick Perry will be the so-called “front-runner” after this debate.  I just cannot see it.  Imagine the conversation at ANY Conservative dinner table tomorrow “Well dear, I still can’t stand Romney or Huntsman, so I guess we’ll just have to vote for the guy who thinks our daughter is a slut, that we don’t know how to run our own household and raise our own kids; so we might as well just roll the dice and shoot her in the arm with Gardasil and see if she drops dead.  I guess we just have to vote for Perry.”  

OK, just had to rant on this one!  Totally Twilight Zone, dude!



As for the side-effects of Gardasil, read any anti-vaccine website and the Gardasil DEATH and PERMANENT DISABILITY stories are insane!  Ironically, the vast majority of victims have been from liberal-leaning households, since conservatives have been against Gardasil from day one.  I just googled Gardasil Deaths and the very first link was to the CDC itself:


  1. CDC – Reports of Health Concerns Following HPV Vaccination  

[link edited for length]

Aug 8, 2011 – As of June 22, 2011 there have been a total 68 VAERS reports of death among those who have received Gardasil®


Needless to say the CDC won’t really admit that Gardasil is the actual cause of all the deaths – it could just be a “coincidence” that all these girls / women dropped dead soon after receiving the shot. 

Gardasil was only approved for use in 2006 – so 68 confirmed deaths (this does not include the serious disabilities suffered) in 5 years is an extraordinarily high number of deaths, especially for a vaccine that relatively few people have actually received.   And the FDA / USDA claims that raw milk is deadly!  More people have died from Gardasil than from toxic Chinese drywall, lead-contaminated toys, Melamine-laced formula and dog food and raw milk combined!  Yeah, we sure do need even MORE government regulations to “protect” us!

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