Why you shouldn't consider a President Perry if you really care about small government!

Forget the abysmal environmental record, the rigged numbers regarding employment, and the shallow demagoguery that should shame every decent Christian who sees it. The real reason you can’t call yourself a small government conservative and work or vote for a President Perry is his record regarding guilt and innocence under his administration. It is a model of corruption, incompetence, and dangerous abuse of power that no sane person would wish to apply to the Federal government!

The Death Penalty is probably the most egregious act of power a State, any State, can commit. Never is the collective will of a tax-funded bureaucratic collection of insulated tyrants more naked than when it chooses to extinguish a human life. And I have been on both sides of this issue. I can completely empathize with the outrage of the family of a murder victim and cannot say that I wouldn’t join their ranks if something horrible like a murder took away someone close to me. But I also do not approve when the State commits the exact same crime. What’s more (I know I’m going to sound like a Libertarian saying this, but I’m not), when the cruel brute force of something like the State takes an innocent life, it shows all of us what an unthinking monster deserving of restraint it truly is.(Now the question of whether or not Private Enterprises display the same characteristics is one for another day)

The administration of the State of Texas by Rick Perry provides us with a textbook example of how this unthinking monster needs to be restrained when it comes to not only the Death Penalty but the protection of the well connected and guilty.

In 2004, Cameron Todd Willingham was executed by the State of Texas for alleged arson in a fire which took the lives of his three daughters in 1991. The evidence that the fire was arson were based on the techniques used by the local authorities in Corsicana, Texas. While he was on Death Row, a fire science expert got a chance to look closer at the case and determined that there was no evidence for arson. The report was sent to Rick Perry’s office and the request for a 30 day stay so the evidence could be reviewed was denied. Cameron Todd Willingham was executed as a direct result of this inaction.

Texas Forensic Science Commission was formed by the Texas legislature to investigate bad science in murder investigations and abuses of power. They hired two independent experts and determined that there was no evidence for arson in this case.

Perry’s response?

In October 2009, when the commission was about to accept a verbal report of one of these scientists, Perry removed Commission members and canceled that presentation.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t need to go any further!.Turning a blind eye to that inaction and coverup by Rick Perry, while at the same time mouthing Fox News talking points about “freedom”, railing against “Obamacare”, and listening to a carefully rehearsed Heritage Foundation presentation about Liberty makes a joke out of anyone who supports Perry. That’s because that kind of behavior is exactly the kind of abuse of power that the Founders wanted to prevent. And turning a blind eye to it can only bring about a tyranny by empowering people like Perry more.

But wait, it gets worse! We’ve seen how a State headed by Rick Perry treats the innocent, how does it treat the guilty?

The legal tradition of Separation of Church and State usually receives lip-service and derision in far right circles. And to be fair, it is a good idea made of legal precedent, not actually in the Constitution. The Constitution only mentions religion twice and neither mention is a positive one. The State of Texas recently experienced a national headline making case that illustrates the need to separate Church and State.

FDLS leader and convicted child molester Warren Jeffs was recently sent away for life in spite of Rick Perry’s actions not because of them. The members of the FDLS church were in charge of many aspects of life in those small rural towns. Call the police on Warren Jeffs? Hah! That’s just not going to do a lot of good when then the judge, the sheriff, the deputies, the administrators are all members of the FLDS.

In an upcoming book-Profit’s Prey (as of this writing it is available for e-book release) by private investigator Sam Browers (the lead investigator who is responsible for bringing down Jeffs), it is revealed that the initial 2008 raid of the FDLS’s YFZ ranch resulted in every Texas Child Protective Services official that had anything to do with the case being either fired or reassigned. The molested child “wives” were then returned to their molesters. If that action did not come from the Governor’s office then it can not be an excuse that he knew nothing of it. Complicity or Ignorance-both are equally as foul when dealing with the raw power of a State!

I’ve seen in my own line of work accused thieves and accessories to theft be fired just for proximity to a case. The reason is usually that they were either participants or too stupid to see the obvious. Either way, they don’t belong in that position. The same standard has to be applied to Rick Perry when it comes to firing public servants so as not to embarrass well connected supporters.

The returning of molested children to their molesters is flat out inexcusable! Government small enough so it can’t enforce the prosecution of institutionalized child rape is nothing to be proud of!

With Rick Perry’s Texas, we have a proven record of the innocent being persecuted (and in this case killed) and the guilty being protected. That is exactly the kind of behavior that we never want to see in an elected official. And now we have him being endorsed as a “Tea Party” candidate? We can expect exactly what we got from the last Texas governor to be installed in the White House if we turn a blind eye to this proven record of State abuse.

Oh and come to think of it, the last time we believed a Texas Governor who promised a small government we had –

A CIA agent exposed for blatant petty political revenge. And a presidential pardon of the political hack responsible.

Voter Machine Fraud in the reelection campaign that was never completely investigated.

An attempt to privatize Social Security that was followed by an admission that privatization would do nothing to help solvency.

Money delegated to fix the levies in New Orleans after decades of crumbling diverted to foreign affairs. Then we had Hurricane Katrina flood the city who then had to endure two weeks of anarchy, death and sewage water.

A National ID act passed so as to take Driver’s License standards away from the states.

A politically motivated firing of US Attorneys who were prosecuting Republicans while at the same time ignoring prosecutor misconduct against Democrats!

An expanded deficit three times (a lot of which is no-bid military contracts) that of what Obama spent to deal with the mess he inherited.

Private contractors murdering civilians in an occupied territory.

Appalling conditions in Walter Reed hospital. It shows the degree to which people like our Texas Governors actually “Support the Troops”.

Torture at Ahu Grahib and other shadow facilities that did not reveal any worthwhile information. (They are brazenly lying when attributing this to finding Bin Laden). This was followed by no prosecution for the bureaucrats in charge.

The ignored warning in August 2001 that there was an attack planned by Bin Laden in the USA.

A projected tax surplus spent and this country needing China in order to keep our economy going.

The record of ex-Texas Governors in the White House actually being small government speaks for itself. And Rick Perry is so “small government” that he-

Took Texas from $49 billion in spending when he entered office to $90 Billion in spending now.

Maintains a higher Debt to GDP ratio than California-Perry’s Texas rate is 22.9% with debt per citizen at $10,645 and Left Coast California (Pelosi’s home) is 18.7% with $9932 in debt per citizen.

Has doubled the state debt. Can you imagine what the US debt will look like if he gets a hold of it?

Has maintained that he has a track record of not raising taxes when in fact he has raised taxes significantly. This claim is a bold faced lie that he knows gullible fools will believe without checking.

So, Rick Perry is small government in talking points and campaign slogans only. And he has a proven record of covering up for the guilty if they are well connected while ignoring the victims and killing the innocent then covering up his actions.

Are my fellow Americans that easy to mislead that they can seriously consider this man as a potential president? This kind of political monster is so evil that I could find myself voting for Obama just to keep him out of office.

And I think that is just what Obama is counting on. A national replay of Reid vs Angle.

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