Earth to Allen West: We're Broke!

In a recent news article on NewsMax (Article), Allen West was quoted as saying:

“When I was looking at the debate Thursday night, and a certain candidate for president stood there and said he didn’t see any problem with Iran getting a nuclear device because everybody has one, I’ve got to tell you, that’s not the kind of guy you need to have sitting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”

Earth to Allen West!  We are broke.  We need to stop the spending.  This position represents more of the same and is destroying our country.  When will the Democrats and Big Government Republicans wake up and realize this?  They do what they do to try to protect the citizens but they fail to reason out that we also have to be able to put dinner on the table as well.

What is so wrong with Ron Paul?  Although nobody wants Iran to have a bomb, what are we going to pay to make sure they don’t?  I’m telling you that we can’t afford to continue this way.  Ron Paul is right that we just don’t mind our own business.  We continue to incite hatred towards us, resulting in an ever growing military “bubble” that will burst.

I would much rather have Ron Paul in the White House taking a different approach with the goal of PEACE rather than WAR.  Peace is the only thing that will bring us prosperity.

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