Can Herman Cain Win the Election?

The Hermanator is his trademark name, and he has brought failing companies from the brink. He is what the U.S. needs now that we sit on the brink of economic collapse. However, with very few people having heard of him, and the number of other Conservatives running the numbers are against him. All fans of Cain can hope to do is get his name out there so that everyone knows what a blessing he would be for this country. Cain first came on the scene when President Clinton was discussing his version of the Healthcare bill. (Slate

Most elections, voters have desired someone with experience in the Whitehouse. Now though with the Tea Party Movement, someone with little or no experience is appealing to voters. Tired of the politics as usual route, and looking for someone who will listen to what the voters want. Herman Cain entered the race, because like the voters he represents he wants something different from the policies that have come from the Whitehouse in the last two years.

His main campaign slogan Common Sense Solutions, is speaking to many voters who want common sense brought back to Washington. Critics will tell you that he cannot honestly answer how to handle the situation in Iraq, and Afghanistan, however his response of waiting until he has all the facts is the kind of response that we should demand of our politicians. Remember that one of Obama’s campaign promises was he would get out of Iraq, yet two years later we are still there.(NYTimes) Obama did not have all the facts about our situation, he spoke without knowing, and later could not come through on his promises. With Herman Cain, we can expect a candidate who will not make empty promises. He will speak when he has all the facts, and in a factual manner. Something that is new to Politics. An honest politicians does not seem possible, with Herman Cain we have a chance though, mostly because he is not a politician.  (Fox News)

In his interviews, Cain fires up the crowds because he speaks to the crowd, not above them. Some politicians have made statements lately implying that the voters are not as smart as their representatives are. Cain understands the relationship; he is applying for a job, hoping that the voters will hire him. (Live Leak)

Where does Cain stand on the issues? Cain believes in a limited federal government. To that end, he believes that the primary duty of the President is to protect people. In order to meet that requirement it is necessary to maintain a strong capable Military and Security Agency. Cain stresses on his website that at this point National Security is too politicized; our current leaders have been using the issue of national security to polarize the nation. Doing this puts our military at risk, and therefore Cain states he will approach will be different that his predecessors. He also speaks of the importance of diplomacy, cautioning that it should never compromise military strength. Diplomacy should be used in concert with our military. Cain has come out publicly to support Israel and reminds his constituency that Israel is a friend, warning us not to be fooled by our enemies. (Herman Cain)

Cain agrees with most Americans that political spending is grossly out of control and promises to handle that, getting the spending under control in his term. He feels very strongly that we should stand with Arizona on immigration and that the federal government has no place in suing a state for trying to protect its borders.

More of what Cain promises from his campaign and eventual Presidency can be found at his home page; Herman Cain for President.

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