Ron Paul will not seek re-election to Congress

Ron Paul, the 75 year old, 24 year veteran libertarian Republican congressman from Texas announced that he will not be running for re-election in his Texas Congressional District.

According to “[H]e has had it–to name just a few items–with: twice weekly groping by the TSA (since he has metal knees and is selected for the full feel-up every time); dealing with the crooks and creeps in Congress, especially in the rotten Texas delegation; and the deadly new district the Republicans have placed him in.”

“I felt it was better that I concentrate on one election, Paul said. Its about that time when I should change tactics.” He said.

Known as Dr. No on the Hill, Paul has made two previous attempts at a run for the White House, as the Libertarian candidate in 1988 and also a primary bid in 2008, when he set campaign fundraising records with his signature money bomb internet fundraisers.

Brazoria County Republican Chair Yvonne Dewey expressed surprise at the decision. “He has won very handily in the last few elections. He’s hung in there all these years I think it will be treated as a wide-open seat,” she said. “You will have a lot of candidates on both sides.”

Throughout his political career, Pauls message of limited government, reduced federal spending, individual liberties and a non-interventionist foreign policy has resonated with a broad spectrum of the electorate, “We have a lot more support right now, he said. Things are doing well for us.” Archive here.

From Wikipedia: “Paul is the founder of the advocacy group Campaign for Liberty and his ideas have been expressed in numerous published articles and books, including Liberty Defined: 50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom (2011), End The Fed (2009), The Revolution: A Manifesto (2008), Pillars of Prosperity (2008), A Foreign Policy of Freedom: Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship (2007), and The Case for Gold (1982). According to University of Georgia political scientist Keith Poole, Paul had the most conservative voting record of any member of Congress since 1937.[2] His son Rand Paul was elected to the United States Senate for Kentucky in 2011, making the elder Paul the first Representative in history to serve concurrently with his son (or daughter) in the Senate.”

“He has been the greatest congressman in American history, by many leagues. But I predict that he will have even more and even more lasting influence as he uses his moral authority for teaching freedom, peace, and Austrian economics outside of politics.”  Lew Rockwell.

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