Blue state Republicans should NOT be the Presidential nominee

I would offer as a premise the concept that social values are the core of the American government. One of the most important original motivations bringing pilgrims to America was freedom of Religion. People came to the new world to find a place to practice their faith in God. This motivation was so important that all colonies required potential candidates for public office to be a member of a church! In New England, the first property tax adopted to build a public school cited reading the Bible as the reason for the need for building a school! It was a faith in God which anchored all other decisions in the New World.

In 2012 our nation faces squarely a decision and that decision is slanted towards socialism. Obama care has already passed. Any successful repeal of Obama Care will require not only the election of Republican Presidential candidate committed to its repair, but an overwhelming win at the polls by conservatives.   We will need sixty plus Senators committed to repeal. And we will need an overwhelming majority in the House.  To get these kind of numbers, we will need an exceptional Republican candidate who is not only committed to repeal of Obama Care, but is in possession of a clear vision of a new America, one based on the original foundations of Christianity, constitutional government, and capitalism.  This new president must have a deep faith in God, and a understanding of the relationship between individual liberty, self-responsibility, and a domestic free market.  The federal government must lose responsibility for important segments of our lives including education and health care.

Blue state Republicans CANNOT be the national leader we need.  To be elected to an important position like governor or US senator, or mayor of New York City, in a blue state, a Republican had to forfeit many, if not all social values. In addition, the successful Republican candidate had to make an accommodation with unions, organized labor, and the media influencers within the blue state.  Almost by definition, the successful Republican in a blue state had to be a RINO (republican-in-name-only).  Blue state Republicans had to lean towards abortion, towards green environmental activists, pro–homosexual causes.  While Blue State Republicans might be slightly more conservative than their Democrat opponents in the Blue state, they are the left wing of teh Republican Party, One example would be former New York Governor George Pataki who defeated liberal icon Mario Cuomo!  Pataki did it, in part, by promising New York citizens a Death Penalty.  Once elected, Pataki, a former New York State Senator, crafted a Death Penalty which passed both Houses, and was signed into law. But it was a Death penalty which could NOT BE implemented.  The result of Pataki’s Death Penalty…not one murderer was executed! Not one.  And then it was repealed.  Pataki talked tough. But like Rick Perry, he was a wimp.

A blue state Republican might …and I say might, have a chance to carry his/her state, but if elected, he could not set a new direction. Instead, he would work to implement a less expensive Obama Care.

While social values must be the foundation of our new direction, money is the avenue to manifest the new direction. For this we need a balanced budget amendment.  The Republican House can help move our nation towards the new direction now, by refusing to raise the debt ceiling unless there are real, current cuts, and a defunding of the implementation of Obama Care.

As we go through the primary process, first check where the candidates come from.  If they come from the north east, the west coast, or other bastions of blue states, cross them off your potential candidate list.  Like Mitt Romney, the author of government health care in Massachusetts (the home state of the Kennedy’s) the blue state Republican politicians have already sold out. 


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