Serbs in the Service of Hitler’s Third Reich

Between 1935 and 1939, Serbian-led Yugoslavia moved closer to Nazi Germany under the leadership of Milan Stojadinovic — a Serb politician who adopted the title “Vodja” (Fuhrer). As premier, he negotiated treaties with Germany’s help. He resigned in early 1939 and was replaced by Dragisa Cvetkovic, who continued to maintain a strong Serbian pro-Axis foreign policy.(1)

Events outside Yugoslavia now threatened to plunge the country into conflict. In April 1939, Italy invaded and occupied Albania, and by October 1940, Mussolini invaded Greece but found himself surrounded and almost defeated. To help his ally, Hitler ordered his General Staff to prepare an invasion of Greece, but soon he realized he needed transit rights through Yugoslavia.(2)

Serbian pro-Nazi Prince Paul had been willing to discuss a three-way, non-aggression treaty with Rome and Berlin to maintain Yugoslavia’s territorial integrity. He signed the Tripartite Pact with Hitler.The agreement originally signed in Berlin on 27 September 1940 between Germany, Japan and Italy formalized the Axis powers’ collaboration.(3) On 25 March 1941, Serbian Prime Minister Cvetkovic and Foreign Minister Cincar Markovic also signed this pact. Two days later, Serb military generals Bora Mirkovic and Dusan Simovic, led a British-assisted coup in Belgrade against the Cvetkovic government and placed Peter in charge, but the coup was unsuccessful because many Serbs viewed Jews and inhuman and blamed them for being “ancient enemies” of the Serbian people.(4)

Following the coup, Serbian Air Force General Simovic was quick to assure Berlin that Yugoslavia was “devoted to the maintenance of good and friendly relations with its neighbours the German Reich and the Kingdom of Italy.” He believed that his close friendship with several top Nazis, especially Luftwaffe chief Gorin, would save the day. However, the Germans invaded Yugoslavia on 6 April and Serbs surrendered without fight — Serbian civilians cheered Nazi soldiers on the streets of Belgrade and showered them with the flowers, a tradition that would continue until 1944 (watch video).As Dr. Cohen noted in his research,

“Fully six months before the Nazi invasion of Yugoslavia, Serbia had issued legislation restricting Jewish participation in the economy and university enrolment. One year later on 22 October 1941, the rabidly antisemitic ‘Grand Anti-Masonic Exhibit’ opened in occupied Belgrade, funded by the city of Belgrade.The central theme was an alleged Jewish- Communist-Masonic plot for world domination. Newspapers such as Obnova (Renewal) and Nasa Borba (Our Struggle) praised this exhibit, proclaiming that Jews were the ancient enemies of the Serbian people and that Serbs should not wait for the Germans to begin the extermination of the Jews.

Serbia would soon become the first country in the entire Europe which experimented in poison gassing of Jews. In August 1942, following the virtual liquidation of Serbia’s Jews, Dr. Harald Turner; the chief of the Nazi civil administration of Serbia, boasted that Serbia was the only country in which the “Jewish question” was solved. Turner himself attributed this ‘success’ to Serbian help. Thus, 94 percent of Serbia’s 16,000 Jews were exterminated, with the considerable cooperation of the Serbian government, the Serbian Orthodox Church, the Serbian State Guard, the Serbian police and the Serbian public.”(5)

To complicate inter-ethnic relations, the Serb-led army cowardly withdrew from Slovenia and Croatia to defend Serbia leaving the Croats, Slovenes and Bosniaks without supplies or ammunition to defend themselves and causing particularly strong anger among Croats who vowed to revenge for — what they regarded as — an act of betrayal. The Serbian-led Army quickly disintegrated and 100 of 135 Serbian generals in the officer corps surrendered during the first week.(6)

Belgrade was shamefully taken by a single platoon of Waffen-SS troops led by an inexperienced second-level German lieutenant on 12 April. Serbs simply gave up and surrendered. General Simovic and his government fled the country; Yugoslavia was in the hands of Hitler by 17 April.

In Serbia, a new pro-Nazi and viciously anti-Jewish government was first established under the leadership of Milan Asimovic and later under General Milan Nedic. Nedic supported Hitler and met with him in 1943. This new government immediately established three concentration camps for Jews, gypsies (Roma), Bosnian Muslims and others.(7)

Nedic formed his own Serbian army — known as the State Guard — and placed it under the control of Hitler’s Third Reich. Nedic’s State Guard numbered20,000 well armed Serbian Nazis. The guard consisted of former members of the Chetniks, which had previously operated as an all-Serb paramilitary police force under Alexander and Paul to enforce loyalty from non-Serbian members of the armed forces.(8)

The Chetniks were essentially a Nazi-collaborationist Serb nationalist guerrilla force, named after the armed irregulars who had harassed the Turks in the nineteenth century. The most important group were those organized by Colonel Draza Mihailovic in the Ravna Gora district of western Serbia.(9)

When Yugoslavia disintegrated, one faction of Chetniks swore allegiance to the new Serbian Nazi Government. Another group remained under the pre-war leader Kosta Pecanac, who openly collaborated with the Germans. A third Chetnik faction followed the Serbian fascist Dimitrije Ljotic.(10)

Serbian Chetniks were primarily responsible for tracking down Jews, Bosnian Muslims, gypsies and (anti-fascist) partisans for execution or deportation to concentration camps. According to Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem:

“The Chetniks became [Nazi] collaborators and joined the forces fighting the partisans. After the occupation of Serbia by the partisans and the Red Army, the Chetniks were hunted down. Shortly after the end of the war, Mihajlovic and his men were captured and brought before a Yugoslav national tribunal. Most of them were hanged. At the initial stage, there were some Jews among the Chetniks, but when it turned out that the Chetniks were not fighting the invaders and their collaborators, and in fact were inclined to cooperate with them, the Jews switched to the ranks of the partisans. As the Chetniks increased their cooperation with the Germans, their attitude toward the Jews in the areas under their control deteriorated, and they identified the Jews with the hated Communists. There were many instances of Chetniks murdering Jews or handing them over to the Germans.”(11)

Most Chetniks rallied behind Mihailovic, a 48-year-old army officer and monarchist who had been court-martialled by Nedic and was known to have close ties to Britain. Early in the war, Mihailovic offered some tepid resistance to the German forces while at the same time collaborating with the Italians, Germans, and on someoccasionseven with Croatian Ustashas.

Although Mihailovic conducted a propaganda campaign to convince the Allies that his Chetniks were inflicting great damage on the Axis, he in fact collaborated with both the Germans and Italians while fighting the Ustase and (anti-fascist) partisans.(12)

Mihailovic was particularly brutal even toward the Serbs who refused to join his collaborationist forces. on 20 December 1943, Mihailovic’s Chetniks entered a Serbian village of Vranici and slaughtered at least 67 Serbian civilians — including babies and young children. Women were brutally raped, and then beheaded.(13)

At its peak, Mihailovic’s Chetniks claimed to have 300,000 troops, but in reality, they never exceeded 30,000. At first, the Allies considered Mihailovic the most important figure in the Yugoslav resistance because he offered some tepid — almost non-existent — resistance to Germans in 1941, but after learning that Mihailovic was openly collaborating with Axis powers, the Allies eventually shifted their support to the partisans led by Croat Josip Broz Tito.(14) Just a year later, Mihailovic’s Chetniks — in a single day — slaughtered 9,200 Bosnian Muslims in the Drina Valley of eastern Bosnia. By their own admission, 8,000 victims were “women, children and elderly.”(15)

The partisans represented the only real resistance to the Axis in Yugoslavia during World War II. They fought a tenacious campaign; and on 13 July 1943, a Democratic Republic of Croatia under the leadership of Andrija Hebrang was declared in those areas occupied by partisan forces. By the end of 1943, the partisans numbered 300,000.

No reliable data exists as to the precise ethnic make up of partisans. In World War II, majority of Bosniaks (then Bosnian Muslims) joined the ranks of Marshal Titos partisans, but they were mistakenly regarded to be ethnic “Serbs” or ethnic “Croats,” due to Yugoslav authorities’ refusal to recognize them as a distinct ethnic group. It is presently estimated that the ethnic makeup of partisans in the occuped Bosnia-Herzegovina, up until October 1944, consisted of 70 percent Bosniak-Muslims, 22 percent Serbs, 6 percent Croats and 2 percent ‘Others’ (Roma, Jews, etc).

It was only after the defeat of the Nazis in the occupied Yugoslavia and the overthrow of Nedic’s collaborationist regime in October 1944 that the Serbs in Serbia began to join the partisans in large numbers. They were responding to Marshal Titos promises of amnesty. Now former Nazi collaborators — the Serbs who supported Hitler and participated in the Holocaust of Jews and Bosnian Muslims — would form the majority of Tito’s anti-fascist fighters and enjoy the amnesty from war crimes prosecution.(16)



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The views expressed in this article belong to the author/contributor and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Nolan Chart or its ownership


  1. Maxov Max says

    We call it propaganda!!!
    The Serbs and the Russians liberated the world from Nazism.
    Muslims and Croats were the Nazi SS division.
    Over a million Serbs were killed by the Nazis!!!

  2. Aaeon Cohen Super Star Fraud says

    Aaaron Cohen is a complete fraud- who paid this joke of a journalist. This article is such a mediocre attempt at propaganda. It funny that there is no mention of the Bosnian Muslim Volunteer 13 Waffen SS Handzar Muslim Division or the Croatian Jasenovac concentration camp: the only extermination camp that was not operated by the Germans, and was among the largest camps in Europe. Aaaron Cohen is a hack who is attempting to rewrite history.

  3. ROHAS says

    The most objective article and these facts are well corroborated. Otherwise Serbs are obsessed by lies and always switch their guilt on others or at least want to share their guilt with their victims. It is absolutely known that they were Nazi’s collaborators during the WWII.

  4. Dragan Krsmanovic says

    Aaeon Cohen sold his soul to the devil. Don’t know how much you where paid for this BS but it must be a lot, Total rewrite of historic “fact”

  5. Dragan Krsmanovic says

    Aaeon Cohen sold his soul to the devil. Don’t know how much you where paid for this BS but it must be a lot, Total rewrite of historic “fact” .i can see why Bosnian Muslims and Croatian Ustashi think this is a objective article because they just can’t help them selfs, it’s in there genes there blood thirsty butchers.
    I’m going to spread this article around the Serbian and Jewish media, so they can see how pathetic you truly are?

    PS My town “Jamena ” was burned to the ground by Ustashi and the civilian population butchered at Jasenovac by Nazi Germans greatest ally on the Balkans the Ustashe.
    your claiming that Draza Mihajlovic Chetniks side with the Germans just doesn’t stack up to reality.

  6. William Dorich says

    Goebbels Lives, so do the lies!
    Aaeon Cohen must be a twin of Philip Cohen, M.D., a self-proclaimed “Balkan expert,” a medical doctor with no education or degree in Balkan history. In the June 22, 1994 issue of Zajednicar, a Croatian newspaper, this hate monger, writes: “Serbia Issued Anti-Masonic, Anti-Jewish Postage Stamps”—an attempt by these two racists bigots to insight more hatred in the Balkans by concocting a deliberate lie.

    Cohen claims that the Serbian monarchy commissioned these stamps before the Nazi attack on the “Kingdom of Yugoslavia.” There is simply no evidence to corroborate such an absurd accusation. The stamps were created for the Hrvatska Legija, the Hrvatska Legija Stalingrad (Kuna 350), the Borba Ubrozene Europe iz Istoku (4+2KN)—they clearly show the Croatian checkerboard insignia. The so-called “Serbian” stamps that Dr. Cohen refers to in his book were printed in Leipzig, Germany by the Nazis at the same time these Croatian stamps were printed. The art for those “Serbian” stamps was created by the same artists! None of these stamps were produced in Yugoslavia, nor were they distributed in Serbia! Therefore, they were never used by the Serbian people, a detail that Cohen failed to disclose. They were, however, distributed and used in the First Independent State of Croatia in 1941—just one week after the Nazi puppet state was formed.
    Cohen states that: “Although data on the Holocaust in Serbia was successfully suppressed until recently, it is now known that the Nazi-installed Serbian government maintained considerable internal autonomy and participated significantly in the destructionof Serbia’s Jews, including the direct operation of at least one concentration camp, Banjica.” His words “Nazi-installed” should be adequate enough to indicate the depth of Cohen’s deception now combined with Aaeon Cohen. All historical documents “recent and otherwise,” reveal that Banjica was a Gestapo prison in which Serbian nationalist fighters were taken for interrogation and executed, very few of these prisoners survived.

    One survivor is Mr. Gavra Meduric, a Serb, who resides in California. We suggest that the media talk with some of the hundreds of surviving Jews in Belgrade who
    do not share Cohen’s revision of history. Our organization can provide the names and telephone numbers of survivors who documented their testimonies in 1945, unlike the testimonies emanating out of the Croatian community that suddenly remember “facts” after a laps of 50 years.

    I remind the readers of the Cohen duplicity that the Nazis bombed Belgrade on April 6, 1941, (Palm Sunday) killing 17,000 Serbs. With the Serbian army defeated, of what value to the Germans would there be for Cohen’s alleged “Serbian autonomous government?” Gen. Draza Mihailovic’s resistance began because the Serbs were defeated, he was not a separate Serbian army! The Cohen twins fail to disclose that Jews also participated in the Ustashi and, they too, killed Serbs—or that many of Ante Pavelich’s military officers were married to Jews—a problem that had to be resolved before the genocide against Serbs and Jews began. These Cohen twins are trying to rewrite history in spite of the countless number of documents that reveal that the overwhelming slaughter of 60,000 Jews in Yugoslavia was at the hands of the very Croats that they now seem to support. Of course there is no mention of Jasenovac Concentration Camp in Croatia where more than 70,000 Roma and over 700,000 Serbs were liquidated in what most historians agree was the most grotesque crimes of the 20th century. These victims were not snuffed out with gas chambers…they were tortured by ears, fingers, toes cut off, they were dismembered with salt poured into the open wounds, they were castrated and bludgeoned to death to save bullets…

    The Cohen twins also suggest that the Orthodox Church offered “Theological justification for the persecution and extermination of the Jews,” as the claim was quoted in Obnova, December 1, 1941. That rag was organized and published by the occupying Nazi forces. Who also took over every printing press in Yugoslavia including those of the Serbian Orthodox church. The two Serbian newspapers at the time were Politika and Vreme, the same newspapers that function today in Serbia. Why are there no quotes by the Cohen twins from these newspapers? These Cohens’ must be a relative of Goebbels? At the time Cohen claims the Orthodox Church was making these anti-Jewish statements, 388 Serbian Orthodox priests were being murdered by the Ustashi. Serbs and Jews share common graves in the Balkans. The 47 Rabbis, who were exterminated in Yugoslavia in 1941, were exterminated by Dr. Cohen’s Ustashi friends. Cohen should put his racist proclivities aside for a moment and explain why the oldest, continuously performing Jewish choir in the modern world is in Belgrade, not Israel. It is 400 years old—a testimony to Serbian hospitality after Jews were exiled from Spain and the multi-cultural, multi-religious society of Serbia!

    Just think about it, the Nazis bombed Yugoslavia on Palm Sunday killing 17,000 Serbs in one day. The Yugoslav army was defeated in less than 10 days and the Serbian population imprisoned and occupied by Nazi forces, who then, magnanimously allowed these occupied Serbs the privilege of creating “anti-Semitic” and “anti-Masonic” stamps. And then, as though this was not benevolent enough, these same Nazis ‘allowed’ the Serbs to hold an “anti-Semitic and anti-Masonic” exhibit in Belgrade. Was there no end to German generosity?

    William Dorich is the author of 6 books on Balkan history. His latest book about the dismemberment wars in former Yugoslavia is entitled: Memoirs of a Serbian-American Dissident.

  7. William Dorich says

    For the public record. In 1941 in the Village of Vojnic, Croatia where my father was born…98 Serbs were called to their church to be converted to Catholicism. The doors were locked from the outside and the church was burned to the ground. 17 of those victims were my relatives. In 1995 President Franjo Tudjman bulldozed the remains of that church when he also destroyed the Jasenovac Concentration Camp museum. In a half page article in the Chicago Tribune they did a story about my family including pictures I took of these church ruins and the house of my relatives.

    In 1995 during “Operation Storm” that cleansed 250,000 Serbs from Croatia the last 5 relatives of my name were too old and too sick to flee. I was notified a month later by the Red Cross that they were found with their throats slit. As a double victim of Croatian genocide I am outraged that 15 retired American generals from MPRI in Alexandria, Virginia were mercenaries for hire who went to Croatia in 1991 and fomented this kind of violence and also trained and secretly armed the Croatian army. During Operation Storm they arranged for the AWACS radar to be turned off so that the Croats could violate the “No-Fly” zone to bomb and strafe these fleeing Serbian refugees, a war crime by every definition. Croats dragged Serbs off of their carts and wagons and beath them to death…11,000 Serbians were killed during this war crime yet not a single Croat or any of these American generals who planed Operation Storm are being held to pay for these war crimes.

  8. William Dorich says

    What follows is the review by Dr. Peter Maher, Linguistic professor in Chicago.

    “This book,” as we are told by the Series Editor, Stjepan (Stipe) Mestrovic, scion of the famed Yugoslav clan, is “… the second in a series on Eastern European Studies.(1) Dr. Cohen has, we are to believe, mastered in the brief span of a couple years, the skill of writing a reasonable facsimile of academic historians’ prose, and has metabolized reams of Balkan chronicles. Already in 1992 our dentist served as expert on the Clinton-Gore transition team. What talent scout deserves the credit? Dr. Cohen’s Balkanological achievements are the more remarkable for his inability to read Serbo-Croatian, not to speak of the Serbian, Croatian, and Bosnian languages. To overcome this handicap Dr. Cohen “headed,” one reviewer tells us, “a team of translators.”(2) — How, I ask, does one go about “heading” a team of translators, especially when one is not a translator? For those interested in consulting such a valuable research resource, there is no indication of the identity of the translators nor of the archive in which the translations have been deposited. Typographically, too, the Cohen book is anomalous. Its over-generous margins and spacing increase the bulk of the book by about a third over a normally produced book. School kids call it “padding.”

    There is a laudatory foreword from the pen of David Riesman, not a dentist, but Professor Emeritus of the Harvard University Department of Sociology and author of the best-seller, The Lonely Crowd. Like Dr. Cohen, Professor Riesman, is unfettered by a preparation in Balkan studies. He even, Mestrovic tells us, skipped sociology, for he “came to Sociology from Law.” Lawyer-sociologist Riesman writes of Serb backwardness: Serbia is a country in which “illiterates could rise to leadership and even to the monarchy.” Dr. Riesman may have had in mind the likes of Milos Obrenovic, but leaves the impression that his illiteracy was the fruit of autochthonous Serb culture, when it was really the necessary consequence of Islamic precept, the Turkish Kaun i Raya — “Law for the Slaves.” Muslim policy towards infidels was — and still is — take Sudan, for example — ­identical to the English Penal Laws in Ireland, but it seems to have slipped Mr. Riesman’s mind that 14th century Serbia’s Tsar Dusan Silni stood out among contemporary West European monarchs in that Dusan “the Mighty” knew how to read and write. In a wee oversight Dr. Riesman has omitted Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic, from whom Goethe learnt, unlike Dr. Cohen, to read Serbian. Eighteenth century Dubrovnik, Iying far from authentic Croatia, which was then a few counties in Great(er) Hungary, boasted the polymath Rudjer Boskovic, like Tesla, son of an Orthodox priest. Since then the Serbs have also produced the likes of Mihajlo Pupin, Nikola Tesla, Einstein’s wife Mileva Maric etc. etc.

    One theme of the book is Serb cruelty: Lawyer-sociologist, Professor Riesman, argues a strong variant of the environmentalist thesis that purported Bosnian Serb barbarity stems from their circumstances as “hill, or mountain Serbs,” unlike the “cosmopolitans of Belgrade” and the “cosmopolitans of Sarajevo.” The War Crimes investigator, funded by George Soros and Royal Dutch Petroleum, Professor Sharif (a.k.a. Cherif) Bassiouni has also “explained” this to me. In a talk at Spertus College of Jewish Studies in Chicago, he demonstrated his incompetence in things Bosnian by referring to the Sarajevo nighborhood of Kosevo as “Kosovo.” (I came near being thrown out of the hall by interjecting that the two places were a couple hundred kilometres apart.)

    The theme of Serbian cruelty is taken up again in note 89, page 187: “throat-slitting has a long tradition among Serbian guerrilla fighters in war.” Does one dare shock the reader with the secret that “Afghan” mujehadin in Bosnia, not to speak of U. S. Army Special Forces, U. S. Navy Seals, Britain’s Gurkhas, and indeed all such commando forces, use “cold” weapons to kill silently? In the Falklands/Malvinas British SAS men slit the throats of Argentinian POWs, after they had surrendered. America’s most highly decorated soldier is Col. David Hackworth (US Army Ret.): he told on national television how he has killed men with bayonet and by cutting their throats. Secrct WS’s author has only ethnic slander in mind in citing this as a Serbian trait. To boot, the number of Serb throats, of women, old men and children, apart from soldiers, slit in the three genocides against them in this century alone by Croats and Muslims indicates that the propensity is more characteristic of the other side. There is no mention of the culturally significant loanword from Turkish for a big knife, kama, nor any pictures of that fine piece of Solingen cutlery, called in Croatian the srbosjek, or ‘Serb-cutter,’ vintage 1941-45, a term that re-surfaced in 1991.

    Serbian cruelty includes several infamous “mortar attacks” against civilians. After the Bread Queue Massacre of May 24, 1992, which was blamed on the Serbs, President Bush railroaded the UN into sanctions against the Serbs. Washington insiders, sight readers of Mr. Bush’s lips, a couple score of them, know that: “George said the Serbs didn’t do it.” That the massacre and its sequels Markale I and Markale II, were perpetrated by the Muslim government of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been corroborated not only by the Russian Colonel Demurenko, but also by Canadian General Lewis MacKenzie, Indian General Satish Nambiar, by UN Secretary General Butros Butros Ghali, Asushi Akashi, by Lord Peter Owen, as it was in a veritable death-bed confession by French President Franquis Mitterand, not to speak of the un-PC reporter David Binder of The New York Times.

    Chapter 1 is entitled “The Roots of Serbian Fascism.” Role reversal is typical of Nazi and neo-Nazi historigoraphy. Remember how Hitler on 1 September 1939 went on radio to announce the Polish attack on Germany? Such is immediately evident in Cohen’s treatment of Ilija Garasanin (page 18), ideologue of the unification of the Serbs. Through Garasanin was on a par with Mazzini and Garibaldi, he is made the evil genius behind an ethnic-cleansing, genocidal Serb nation state. If Garasanin and Great(er) Serbia were such a horror, then what of Bismarck or Hitler, not to speak of Pavelic or Tudjman? The Serbs, however, were in the same predicament as the Poles, whose lands had been partitioned by Prussia, Austria, and Russia. To avoid either Austrian or Russian domination of the Balkans, not to speak of a Turkish resurgence — look what happened to the Armenians—Garasanin, under the very influence of Catholic Polish emigres who chose to live in an Orthodox Slavic state, rather than in Slav-hating Prussia and Austria, or in Poland-hostile Russia, developed a plan for unifying all Serb lands in one South (Yugo-) Slav state, with Serbia as its Piedmont. As for his plan on re-settling the Kosovo Albanians, Cohen fails to tell his readers of the generations of their Turkish- and Austrian-sponsored genocide against the Serbs of Kosovo and positively claims (page 116) that Kosovo had a peaceful Albanian majority for centuries. “Cohen” is wrong on both counts. As for majorities and minorities, the documents of Turkey and Austria show a Serb majority in Kosovo before the genocide of the past eighty years. As for “peaceful,” it was true enough of the small number of Orthodox Christian Albanians there before their conversion to Islam by the Ottoman Turks; but after that, as with the Kurds in Mesopotamia against Christian Assyrians, Albanians were used by the Turks to terrorize the Serbs, as the Koran prescribes for infidels. There is of course no mention of the unhappy Christians, Albanian, Serbian, or Greek, in modern Albania.

    Jihad, terrorizing and killing the infidel, is a believer’s duty and something to be proud of. Muslim Albanians, beginning in Ottoman and continuing in Austrian, Mussolinian and Titoist times, have been “ethnically cleansing” Kosovo of its founding people. This Koranic duty now has the diplomatic, financial, and military support of Washington and the “international community,” the New World Order.

    In “Cohen’s” Secret War Garasanin serves as bogeyman merely to distract from the genuine proto-fascists in the Balkans, the Croats Ante Starcevic and Josef Frank, direct antecedents of Artukovic and Pavelic. Dr. Cohen does not quote for his readers any of the hair-raising tirades of these two hate-steeped men. If Dr. Riesman was looking for complexes, he shouldn’t have missed the fact that Josef Frank, a Jew, was one of the wellsprings of inspiration for that butcher of Jews, Ante Pavelic; or that Starcevic had, if only Riesman were competent in the needed language, besides a Serb mother, an arch-Serbian name.

    It was not Serb Orthodoxy that forcibly converted and exterminated hundreds of thousands of Serb infidels, and stole their lands in the Balkans, but Islam and Catholicism. That policy continues. It was not Great Serbia that incorporated non-Croat territories, but Great Croatia that in 1941 and again in 1991 and 1995 grabbed Serb lands. In 1997, under UN and NATO auspices Croatia is girding to take more Serb lands in East Slavonia.

    The author avers that the first Yugoslavia was dominated by the Serbs. Well, on the one hand, they won the war that had as its battle cry genocide’s first pun, Serbien muss sterbien [sic]! “Serbia must die!” And the other nationalities had after all lost the war that was to annihilate the Serbs. Like shipwrecked sailors they clambered aboard the new state as a lifeboat, rather than sink with Austria-Hungary. (The South Tyrolers likewise voted in a League of Nations plebiscite to forgo their Habsburg heritage and become citizens of Italy, whose diplomats had astutely switched sides in the War.) Had a miracle occurred and the Habsburgs staged a come-back, imagine what would have happened to those who jumped ship.

  9. William Dorich says

    Dr. Peter Maher…Part Two of his review of Philip Cohen’s book…

    As master of ceremonies in a Catholic seminary, I heard and will never forget the chanting of the Good Friday Improperia ‘reproaches’ aimed at the Christ Killers. — Pope Paul VI some years ago came to New York City, home to the largest Jewish community in the world, and clumsily chose for his gospel reading the text of John XX.19:

    “Then the same day at evening, being the first day of the week, when the doors
    were shut where the disciples were assembled for fear of the Jews…”

    This pope, as Monsignor Montini, had been Secretary of State to Pope Pius XII during the real Balkan genocide, the Croatian one against the Jews, Gypsies, and Serbs. In that capacity he was the key man for Monsignor Krunoslav Draganovic, head of the underground railroad for escaping Ustasha criminals known as the “Ratlines.” Pope Pius XII, through Monsignors Montini and Draganovic arranged fake passports and travel accommodations for the escape of tens of thousands of Ustasha and Nazi criminals, via Austria, Switzerland, and Ireland (Artukovic), to Argentina, Australia, Canada, Spain, and the USA. Loftus and Aarons have documented the operation.(8) My former US Army unit, the 430th MI Bn., CIC (Military Intelligence Battalion, Counter-Intelligence Corps), in fact employed Draganovic. By smearing the Serb Orthodox Church, Cohen covers up the war guilt of Rome and Croatia.

    Chapter 4 is entitled “Collaboration and Resistance in Croatia and Bosnia­-Herzegovina.” Repetition is not only “mater studiorum’, but also the Mother of the Big Lie: the gem? of the chapter (page 93), and frequently repeated throughout, is this: “… the Ustashas were strongly opposed by a majority of Croats.” Few words are wasted on Jasenovac. The museum there was leveled in 1995 by Comrade General Tudjman’s new Ustashas, and Jasenovac is now to be the resting place of Ustasha killers, next to their Jewish, Gypsy, and Serb victims. Ronald Reagan raised a storm with his wreath-laying at the cemetery of Bitburg (on the Belgian border of Germany), where SS troops lie beside their victims, but most readers of the “free press” don’t even know about the Jasenovac stories from 1941-45 and 1995. In every respect, and not just in location, Jasenovac was a Croatian death camp. They called it a “Radni Logor” (‘labor camp’). And over its portals was the Croatian clone, “Rad Oslobadja, “ of “Arbeit Macht Frei.”

    Chetniks and “collaboration”: Of many hang-overs in post-Tito Croatianism one is the use of “chetnik” as an all-purpose slur against Serbs. This escapes the attention of the nouveaux Balkanologists who sprang up like weeds in 1991, but earlier hadn’t known the difference between Slovenia, Slavonia, and Slovakia. The charge (page 92) that Mihajlovic’s Chetniks were “largely Axis-collaborating” is refuted in several books, and most recently by a source you could hardly suspect of being pro-Serb, a German Professor of History, Jost Dullfer, of the University of Cologne, in the Catholic Rheinland

    Linguistic postscript. Dr. Cohen’s book is marked by incompetence in German, English, and Serbian. In the second paragraph on page 63 the text reads: “… the German authorities ordered the construction of Sajmiste, The Sajmiste is not called “Semlin in German.” Semlin is the Austro-Hungarian German name for Serbian Zemun, a city lying up the Danube from Belgrade, in Croatian-occupied territory during WW II. The Nazi concentration camp, at the old fairground(s), was indeed on the left bank of the Sava, but between Belgrade and Zemun. (A new, domed, fairground, sajmiste, has since been built on the right bank.)

    Cohen’s text here, on internal evidence, is the product of a non-English speaker (anonymous) of a language lacking the definite article, e.g Serbo-Croatian, since in translation Sajmiste should of course be translated “the Fair Ground(s)” or would be referred to as “the Sajmiste.” Excluding random error, any good linguist would suspect that a non-native writer of English also authored the line (page 61): “… much admired in Serbia and in emigration…” Real English would have “in the emigration,” as compared to Serbo­-croatian u emigraciji. Will the real Dr. Cohen and his amanuensis please stand up?

    Dr. Cohen, or whovever wrote “his” book, compounds the deceit by referring (page 92) to the concentration camps at Banjica and the Sajmiste as “Serbian concentration camp[s].” Now, if Auschwitz geographically lay in Poland, it was not “a Polish concentration camp.” Banjica and the Sajmiste were German concentration camps.

    The German singular noun, Einsatzgruppe, is incorrectly glossed by someone weak in German as a plural, probably by a Yugoslav hand misled by the feminine nominative plural ending -e of Serbo-Croatian. To boot, the Einsatzgruppen were not part of the SS, but the Sipo, or Sicherheitspolizei (“Security Police”). The name of the Danube Swabian newspaper Erwache “Awake!” is interpreted as if a feminine noun; Die Erwache [sic] ‘the Awakening’ (page 71). Such a feminine noun does not exist. The German form is a verb in the imperative. If we find Die Erwache, this is elliptical for “die [sc. Zeitung] Erwache! “the newspaper ‘Awake!’.”

    If Dr. Cohen does not know Serbian, someone else, then, someone who does, but has faulty English, inadequately interprets the genesis of the term Ustasa, plural Ustase (87; 192: note 6): “The name Ustasa was derived from ustatı ‘to stand up’.” Right lemma, wrong gloss. For standing up implies the context, from a sitting position, or, in the morning, we get up (from bed). For the correct English sense, viz. ‘rebellion,’ we need to say to rise up (against…). In addition, the term Ustasa was first used by Pavelic in 1931 in the phrasc Hrvatske Ustase ‘Croatian Ustashas.’ This would be wrongly read today as a pleonasm, but Pavelic was consciously adopting a generic Serbian word. The author apparently is puzzled that the term Ustase was applied to Serb rebels against the Turks in Herzegovina in 1875. (Note 6, page 192). This is not trivia, but goes to the heart of the matter, scholarly competence and honesty. The author musing here on Serbian derivational morphology and historical phraseology can hardly be Dr. Cohen, an English-speaking dentist who does not know the Serbian language. The true author here has to be someone with a good practical knowledge of the Serbian language, but who is unsophisticated in historical linguistics and philology. He must also be a historian of Yugoslavia. There is no disclosure either on the source of the pseudo-linguistics written on page 159 (note 5):

  10. DinaricTruths says

    William Dorich you’re a funny man and define Serbian Idiocracy – fantasy history. hilariously acting innocent while insidiously expanding your territory over historic Croatian land after WW1, with a Serbian King as the dictator since 1929 and later after his rightful assassination – the leading disgusting race and culture destroying Partisan movement. “History” about Yugoslavia is only biased, simply because it was a moronic multi-ethnic state created undemocratically in the first place after WW1. A ridiculous aftermath of the Treaty. Yes, it undeniably became insidious Serbian expansionism since 1929. I don’t want a fucking Serbian King, let alone as the ultimate ruler nor race and culture destroying communism. War was always going to happen. As you cannot force a distinct race that has know to exist for endless centuries to become something else.

    Serbian hypocrisy is best indeed described by Chetniks in this article. There is absolutely zero dignity in such nationalists/chauvinists or in any communistic piece of shit in general. Yes, this article has bias but that’s only because communistic/Partisan history about Yugoslavia is written by unscrupulous savages who killed everything standing in their way to achieve this new Yugoslav race/culture for decades after WW2. These savages own “the official narrative” as they won the war and in reality they define bias and beleaguer & insidious propaganda ironically called history,
    They/the Partisans also ethnically cleansed practically all the remaining Italians and Germans in the region & let’s not forget Bleiberg. Serbs were “forced” to convert yet you had these converted Serbs fighting for the Croatian state and Serbs were ethnically cleansed as well at Bleiberg – around 10 % was ethnically Serbian. Sounds like communistic propaganda at its finest and something only a child would believe in.

    In reality most Croats were pacifistic – moderately nationalistic and/or religious, simply fighting against culture and race destroying Partisans and epitome of braid-dead individuals and savages – Chetniks. Croats were after all raised democratic pre the world wars – thus we didn’t want anything to do with Fascist Italy, but we had no other realistic option at that time next to NS Germany.
    Don’t want people to kill you and start wars during WW2? Don’t forcefully change languages of autonomic regions of distinct peoples in an actual democratic Empire. Most people/Croats did not want “Yugoslavia” specifically after 1929. All the aggression was indeed instigated by A Serbian Dictator and later the leading totalitarian Partisan movement (which was diverse ethnically).
    Yes, the fact that a pacifistic race, the Croatian race which ended slavery in the 9th century fought wars for actual freedom is on you and all the totalitarian communistic race and culture destroying savages.

    So we killed over 700.000 (lmao- beyond insane) of you in cold-blood yet you still live on our historic lands and did so after the war on our HR-republic and on our BiH regions as well in large numbers– while acting at home. Makes sense indeed. Or maybe you’re the aggressors and expansionists. As there are little to no Croats on actual Serbian land. As we do not actually want to live with you – generally speaking. That moronic created shape of Croatia – had around 20 % Serbs living on it pre the last war in the 90’s, not even 1 % Croats lived on actual Serbian land and make no mistake you’re living on Croatian sole – BiH.
    Now of course the liberation movement also did some expansionism, also due to Italy taking parts of our land as well (Coast region mainly ). Now I’m generally strictly against that as I have a conscience unlike plenty of these moronic brain-dead Chauvinistic Serbs, but against Chetniks and commies who tried to slowly but surely kill our culture/people after WW1 & 2– I’m not going to lose sleep over it.
    Around 50.000 people died at was indeed nothing more than a labor camp, mostly from starvation down the years and specially at the end of the war as we were losing once the Reich fell as well to the totalitarian Partisan movement and you indeed Switched sides to that disgusting totalitarian closest communistic movement. In the civil wars during WW2 around 200.000 Serbs and 80.000 Croats. Why? Because we’re better fighters than you and to be frank we had the full support of the Germans – as we lived peacefully with them for centuries (Austrian-Germans).

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