Governor Palin right again!

Governor Palin was ahead of the pack when she rejected the bill which passed the Senate yesterday.

Republicans in the Senate once again collapsed.  They could have stopped this bill, but they didn't.

Do we need an extension of the Bush tax rates? Yes, but permanently!  Why? For two reasons.  First, because a permanent extension of the Bush tax rates would help create a long term business friendly environment thus “stimulating” the economy.  Second, because permanently lower tax rates wouldcompletely change the direction of government growth.  Lower tax rates means a limit to spending to force cuts in government spending.

What else is wrong with the present bill? How bout billions in earmarks spending.  This is spending which is important to one member of Congress, and is added to larger legislation to get their vote.  Earmarks is a tool to get your representative to vote for legislation they would not otherwise support!

The last campaign was, in part, about the abuse of earmarks and the credit card mentiality of the Obama Administration and the Democrats.

What else is wrong? How 'bout the promotion of gay Rights by ending the policy against homosexuality in the Armed Services.  Isn't this issue important enough to be addressed on its own?

Republicans in the Senate had the power to kill this huge 1.1 trillion dollar bill. This bill is in effect the budget for 2012.  Do you see where the two parties don't really offer two different choices? Do you see where moderate Republicans are just Democrats?

There is still a chance to stop this bill.  Wait til January to address these very important issues.  Wait til the new Congress, representing the people's will today has taken their seats.

Sarah Palin had been almost alone when she opposed this bill. Now, most Americans reject this bill. A sign of a leader is knowing the mind of the nation, before even the nation knows…Sarah seems to be a leader with that skill.

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