Potential Economic Dynamo being Ignored

I am frustrated to the MAX! I've been promoting The FairTax ever since H.R. 25 was first introduced and immediately sent to committee to die. I've been writing articles explaining/promoting/defending or correcting mis-information about The FairTax on my own blog,* in letters to the newspapers, and in several Internet forums I post in for many months now. Since the advent of The Tea Party movement, I've posted in many of the individual Websites that have sprung up, associated with the conservative, Constitution-supporting groups who consider themselves part of the Tea Party Movement.

My frustration arises from the lack of interest I find among 'tea partyers' for The FairTax. As for me, I'm fully sold on the absolutely positive benefits to our economy, the political structure, personal standard of living, employment, business growth…you name it, enactment of The FairTax would be the single most marvelous, POSITIVE change that could be made to America. I know this, and have been trying to convince everyone I talk to how very desperately we NEED The FairTax. It kills me to hear national newscasters and commentators talking about changes in the tax code being considered, and they act as though they never heard of The FairTax! What's worse, is the relative silence about The FairTax coming from most of the Tea Party groups.

By this time–thanks to Mike Huckabee, Neil Boortz, John Linder and a handful of other significant personages, I think most Americans should have at least HEARD of The FairTax. What I don't understand is, WHY ISN'T THE ENTIRE COUNTRY ON FIRE FOR IT???! THEY CERTAINLY SHOULD BE! The Tea Party groups ought to be giving The FairTax their first priority after the selection and election of good candidates, but few of them are. WHY AREN'T THEY?!!! By now, there should be a groundswell demanding Congress at least seriously consider the merits of The FairTax. One so big that ALL the media could no longer ignore it. Demonstrations should be drawing thousands with signs and banners DEMANDING that Congress enact H.R. 25, The FairTax!!

It ought to be the MAIN topic of discussion in every home in America, and on all the “letters to the editor” columns across the land! The noise should be so LOUD that members of Congress would be compelled to hold substantive and serious debate about it. Mr Boortz and Mr. Linder and other articulate, knowledgeable spokespersons who are most familiar with The FairTax should be on all the TV and Cable Network talk shows, answering questions and de-bunking the false information opponents are propagating. Why isn't any of this happening????!!

It's driving me crazy! Wake up America!!! Time is a wastin, make some NOISE! The economy's in big trouble…people are out of work…and politicians are using the present tax code against America! There is no more important issue that you can get behind right now, so WHY AREN'T YOU??!!
At this point, I feel like throwing in a long line of curse words for emphasis, only, I don't curse…as a rule. As my wife would say, “Yeah! Right!”

Arthur Bruce Robertson
Lake Saint Louis, MO
* [link edited for length]

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