The American Restoration

Liberty is not a tangible thing. However, the American people would be at a loss without it. And that is where we are headed. America faces a series of challenges in the near and distant future, challenges that will affect not only you and I, but all Americans, Rich or Poor, Liberal or Conservative, Old or Young. Yet some Americans seem to not understand this, they do not understand that the impending end of freedom in America will be detrimental to all of its citizens. Unfortunately, most of these people run our government.

The American Revolution, a revolution that embodied the sentiments of the American public that has filled this glorious country it created for over two centuries, has faded from the minds of the politicians. Republican or Democrat, many politicians on both side of the aisle have failed to actively pursue the liberty provided to the American public, and have frequently allowed all that our founders did go to naught. However, the American people have had enough. We will take no more of their lies and deceit. We will not allow the politicians that we (sometimes foolishly) elected, to bargain away our nation, and subsequently, our children's future. The revolution is under way.

The Revolution of the 1700's was a revolution fought with guns and gun powder, soldiers and generals. That was necessary for the time and place. But the American Revolution of the 21st century is a revolution fought with words and rhetoric, voters and voter ballots. It is a revolution that will restore our nations to its rightful place as protector of liberties, not destroyer of freedom. The American Revolution was a violent one; the American Restoration will be a peaceful one.

The Restoration, a battle that must be fought, will restore personal liberty and freedom to the American public. These must be the tenets of a movement that has already begun to sweep the land, a movement embodied by the tea party, by the Republican Liberty Caucus, and by Sarah Palin. Built upon these core tenets and principles of the Restoration, must be a roof built out of detailed ideas, such as tax cuts, tradition, spending cuts, and accountability. Built into his roof must be the windows into the movement, the details of the details. To be truly successful, we must provide the American people with a plan, not just airy generalities. We must map out our tax cuts, we must explain why traditions such as marriage and life are important, we must lay out how we intend to protect our children’s future. In short, for this movement to survive, we must not rely just on politicians kissing babies, but instead, on concrete values and beliefs.

We cannot, and will not throw out the beliefs of our fore fathers. We must keep the passion for liberty alive in America, and we must fight to end the corruption and dishonesty of Washington. Unlike the statists, we cannot afford to be patient. We must act now, or our children will suffer. We must act now, or forever regret it.

Let the Restoration begin.

– Your Friend and Fellow Conservative in the Fight,                                      

Toby CL

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