911 First Responders Deserve Respect

In 2008 I posted an article from an email that I had received. It was a excerpt from Lee Iaccoca's book “Where Have All the Leaders Gone?” where he asks the American People where their outrage is with the way the government did or didn't handle 911. “You can't call yourself a patriot if you're not outraged” he says.

Even though I didn't write the excerpt and only conveyed what I had received in my email, the article worked it's way into many websites and was viewed by thousands of readers world wide.

However as one might expect “It” didn't really change anything.

Paraphrasing what George Bush said one night in an “off-color” joke… “Nope…No outrage here.”

And life goes on.

However…I myself, am not just still outraged, I am furious!

I am furious because I know deep in my heart after reading statements from the brave FDNY personnel that were on scene in the bottoms of the towers the day of 911 scrambling with every once of courage that they had to save as many lives as possible while dealing with people falling or jumping a thousand feet to their deaths and others being blown up or burned so bad their flesh was falling off in sheets.

I am furious because they, the ones who survived that nightmarish day have had to live with the fact that Americans are so into their own lives and whats going on around them, the they can't see the truth. The truth that they saw with their very own eyes and ears and painstakingly reported to the 911 commission in hopes that somehow the Government that they unselfishly served on 911, was completely ignored.

Out of hundreds of eyewitness testimonies from actual people that were there on the spot, experiencing the horrors around them, not one of there memories was ever mentioned in the 911 Commissions Report let alone have any effect on it's outcome.

And I'm Furious!

I'm furious that the MSM (main stream media), in their pathetic ways, pretend to be honest Americans helping other Americans to keep on top of the most valuable news in the world, so that they can be informed of the truth through the Right of Free Speech that many have given their lives to defend and knowingly substituted it with lies and deceitful propaganda and not reporting one word from any of the eyewitnesses, for no other reason than to make a buck.

I'm furious, that not only do they (MSM) and their blind followers try to deny those at “Ground 0” what they heard and saw and disgustingly twist their memories into perverted unpatriotic slandering that was methodically conspired by the medias corporate boards and their multi-billionaire CEOs.

How dare anyone hide behind the false face of truth and belittle anyone that was really there.

Who the Hell do they think they are?

More and more people are beginning to see “The Truth“. At least  those that aren't afraid to be ridiculed and stripped of their dignity by the “Protectors of the Nation” aka the Evidence Debunkers.

I say “debunk this!”

For some finding evidence that makes one question what they were told, encourages them to dig deeper and join in the search for justice.

Others hear the information and disregard it as plausible but not likely and continue on with their lives of listening to the MSM and their entertainment news to the likes of whose doing who or how bad health care is for the country.

None of that means squat if the what the survivors say is true.

So Where is the Outrage?

If you listen to them as I and countless others around the world have done…Nothing is more important than stopping what appears to be the worst mass murderers in history short of Hitler from having a green light to do it again. Where's the Outrage?

Doesn't anybody really care anything about their futures under the rule of these tyrants if this evidence is true.

Wake Up People….

Out of respect if nothing else, read the stories of our true 911 hero's…. those who were there and among other things lived so that they could bring justice for all those who didn't.

Take 10 minutes out of your busy lives and read their statements read the latest evidence or at the very least watch this video. Then you will have enough personal knowledge to cast a logical opinion and you can do as you see fit afterwards. But out of respect for the courageous first responders,  never listen to anyone or fall prey to anyone that belittles these brave Americans…. they deserve more than that.

This subject of what actually happened on that day is tearing apart the country and even blood-line families are being divided on the issue.

There are those that will never believe anything but the original conspiracy theory, about OBL amd his merry men plotting to kill thousands of innocent people from a cave in the desert and sneaking it in under the the tightest surveillance in the world, without any one in Washington or any of the countries intelligence branches knowing about it.

Others including some of those above are so afraid that there might be some fact to it but either don't care or don't what to no about it or hear about it because either they believe that negative energy attracts more negative energy or don't want to have to deal with the consequences of years of court battles and making changes with-in the government. Source: My family and friends.

Then are the millions of other people that have actually read the survivors statements and not only hear their cries for justice for the perpetrators and think that it is an immoral sin to let mass murderers go free and allow them to do it again if they want to.

I have always considered the people of the United States to be a people that stand proud against the forces of evil and injustice….. but lately I am beginning to think that a majority of Americans have been brainwashed into believing that their government that admits to Black-Ops and secret CIA killings and illegal torture would never kill an American.

Hello….In the news just this week alone Obama cleared the way for the military to kill Americans abroad that are “suspected” to be related to terrorists.

I don't know about you but that doesn't make me feel any safer with the track record of the US “Intelligence.”

I can only guess that most of our politicians are not so closed minded that most of them refuse to listen to any evidence.

So why aren't they coming forward is mind boggling unless you consider the state of many politicians and key witnesses of 911, who ended up being so distrait over what happened on that they dropped everything to either kill themselves or get on a plane that they knew was going to crash so they could end it all. Yes that  has happened.. [link edited for length] —  [ink edited for length].



I beg of you my fellow Americans, click on this site. and  read some of the survivors statements and especially the firefighters towards the end of the list.

If by the time you read a few of them and still think the World Trade Center buildings fell only because of the plane strikes and a few fires, i will not try to further convince you of anything different.

However if you think you were lied to like the rest of us, do what you can as I am doing here to spread the word as fast and as far as possible and if your worried about being a loony for looking…. Google “For 911 Truth”  and you will notice that we are not alone. There are 911 truth groups popping up all over the world.

You can show your support for the victims, the survivors and their grieving families with a thumbs up below.




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