Healthcare Reform or the Fleecing of Our Country by Special Interests


Healthcare Reform or the Fleecing of our country by Special Interests: The beneficiaries behind the curtain

History was unquestionably made Sunday night with the passage of HR 3590, the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.” Since the inception of FDR’s “New Deal” there have been promises of grandiose realities in which there will be free healthcare for all. However, like the New Deal, these were simply grants-in-aid planned ostensibly to reallocate the nation’s wealth for social justice, but intended in fact to reduce American citizens into submission.

It is a debatable issue whether or not socialized medicine can work. This article is not about that. I will, however, state my personal moral philosophy in a few sentences just to put the rest of this article into perspective. The short of the story is that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Healthcare is a service. It requires a human being’s labor to provide said service. This human being gets paid for his labor and, therefore, claiming that human being’s labor as a right or entitlement renders said human being a slave. Also, a monetary exchange is involved in these medical transactions. Therefore if one cannot afford his “right” of healthcare, then money must be stolen, by force, from others to finance this. The bottom line is that, ethically, the government should not use force to impose the wants of some men on the wallets of others. There are reasonable arguments for socialized medicine; however, none of those were made in the passage of this bill.

For starters, this bill would not be so deplorable if it actually was socialized medicine. You will hear the talking heads from the supposed right wing media calling this “socialized healthcare” or a “government takeover of healthcare.” They are lying. This bill does not contain any remnants of a public option or single payer option. It does NOT provide free care to all Americans. Despite what you will hear from the talking head proponents in the supposed left wing media, it is not and never was designed to benefit Joe Sixpack on Main Street. This bill is for a lot of things, but none of them are you. What this bill is for is the further depredation of our Constitution. It is for negating the very moral principles that this country was founded upon. It was the straw that broke our Republic’s back.

Some will call this “Obamacare” and point their fingers at the President, because that is who the people at FOX news told them was responsible. Rightfully so, some will blame the Democrats in the House because it was 219 of the so-called Democrats that voted this bill into law. However, if they were truly principled Democrats then they would have voted against this bill. Why? Because Democrats and Republicans alike are supposed to be opposed to giveaways to special interest groups and multinational corporations. These are the REAL beneficiaries of healthcare reform. Why else would former Louisiana Congressman turned Big Pharma lobbyist, Billy Tauzin, pledge $80 billion to sit in on the construction of such a bill? Well, because the giant drug lobby Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association doesn’t want you or the government importing any of those “extremely dangerous” (code for way cheaper) foreign drugs.

If Obama supporters and cynics alike could open their eyes wide enough to see that he ran on a campaign that was completely opposed to the drug companies’ influence over Washington, we would be in a much better situation. People would realize the real problems that we face, and this distraction of left and right bickering would be no more. But the people do not see this, which is why they believe Obama when he spouts off rhetoric of how insurance companies screw Joe Sixpack over and he is here to put a stop to that. Why then have the insurance companies taken an active role in helping pass this legislation? Why have they spent $133 million lobbying our representation in order to pass this healthcare reform? Why, since the beginning talks of this supposedly injurious legislation, have the shares of these multinational insurance companies’ stocks gone UP? If what Pelosi and Obama have been saying is true and this healthcare reform bill passes, then it would force the big insurance companies to halt their normal ominous ways and actually help out Main Street. Why would any industry in their right mind not only support, but lobby for, legislation that is detrimental to their own existence? They are either high on corporate crack or the establishment is lying to you. I’ll take “The Establishment is lying to you” for a thousand, Alex.

The lies are so thick in the media as well. There are propaganda pieces from Good Morning America to the Washington Post’s piece calling this bill the “Twilight of the interest groups” to NPR’s all things considered. Tuesday’s episode of All Things Considered, had Robert Seigel interviewing the current CEO of Cigna Corp. NPR played the fake left role and David Cordani, Cigna Corp’s CEO, played the fake right role. Cordani talked about how terrible it is that this bill passed and how they will have to pass the extra fees to their customers. Despite the White House saying this will drive down insurance premiums, Cordani said on the program that “premiums will probably go up.” It seemed as if Cordani was opposed to the passage of this bill at first and then, in some Orwellian double speaking manner, after playing victim he goes on to support it, saying that it “shows significant opportunity” and that “repealing [the bill] is not in anybody’s best interest.”

This bill, while having a few partially obliging fragments, is a giant giveaway to special interests. It is welfare for the rich. It is a version of corporate welfare unlike this country has ever seen. It turns 30 million more American citizens into their customers. In contrast to the bailout of Wall Street, where our government paid the money to the big banks, this now sets the precedent of taxes paid directly to corporations. Gone are the days in which the government dishes out subsidies to multinational corporations which they have taken from your paycheck. Now the corporations use the government to directly impose their own taxes on the people.  It is now the law that you purchase health insurance from one of these companies that helped to pass the very law that mandates you as one of their customers. It is a reverse catch 22. It is a direct tax on you and your family that you will be forced to pay to private companies that your government has been selected to represent.

Who will enforce this new law of the land and require that you purchase this potentially substandard, overpriced, and fascist product? Well none other than the good ole IR of S. That’s right, contained in this lovely package of corporatism and tyranny are 16,500 brand new IRS personnel whose sole purpose will be to “collect, examine and audit new tax information mandated on families and small businesses in the ‘reconciliation’ bill,” according to Congressman Kevin Brady of the 8th District of Texas. This will lead to your medical information being a matter of public property with the US Government. Goodbye privacy, hello despots.

All in all this is not a step in the right direction; in fact it is the complete opposite. It will lead to the reduction in pay for many Americans whose employers pay their health insurance because of rising costs of mandates. It will undoubtedly lead to many small businesses going bankrupt because of insurance premiums they are mandated to pay. It will also unfortunately lead to a very large number of people being laid off in order for companies to cover the cost of their “affordable” mandated insurance, some 5 million jobs according to Congressman Ron Paul. It will be a nail in the coffin of bankruptcy that this country will soon be buried in.

There is a bright side to this incursion of the Corporatocracy. It will make more people question their rulers. There are no checks and balances left within our government. I believe that society, when faced with a certain austerity and plight, will rise to the occasion as checkers and balancers and ask, “How the hell did we let it get this bad?” It will awaken this sleeping beast known as America, and from this deliberate bankruptcy of our nation will raise a tsunami of anger and contempt for the thieves and liars and complacency that got us into this mess. My only hope is that the people will rise to peaceful action and not stoop to the level of the establishment by glorifying violence and turning the overlords into martyrs. For, in essence, it is your fault, your neighbors fault, and my fault that we have gotten into this position in the first place because of our complacency and obsession with irrelevant issues. This entire dilemma can be solved by simply being aware. Call your Congressman, your Senator, and your President, hell, call your grandmother, and tell them, “I am mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” I will end with a quote from Andrew Jackson as he addressed Congress in 1829 about the situation of the special interests and banking cartels’ ever expanding grip on government, and why it is important to take interest in what your government does in the open and behind closed doors: “If the American people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system – there would be a revolution before morning.”


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